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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin
The collected ramblings of Legolas, Elladan and Elrohir as their lives continue to change and develop. Part 88. Peace. Reflections has extended to 89 episodes over the past three years. It is now long enough! Although it has now concluded, it is not the end, as I daresay More Reflections will be along soon.
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Reunion0
Chapter  1: First Impressions9
Chapter  2: New Dangers6
Chapter  3: Maturity6
Chapter  4: The Opposite Sex4
Chapter  5: What if. . .?12
Chapter  6: Heart's Desire7
Chapter  7: In Vino Veritas5
Chapter  8: Changes6
Chapter  9: Adjustments4
Chapter 10: Time Off3
Chapter 11: Taking Advantage5
Chapter 12: Making Whoopee7
Chapter 13: Uneasy Alliance4
Chapter 14: Arboriculture5
Chapter 15: Signs7
Chapter 16: New Life5
Chapter 17: New Civilisations9
Chapter 18: To Boldly Go3
Chapter 19: Where None Has Gone9
Chapter 20: Arachnophobia4
Chapter 21: Come out to Play5
Chapter 22: Enthusiasm2
Chapter 23: Moving on2
Chapter 24: Come with your Playfellows5
Chapter 25: Completing the Set2
Chapter 26: Reflections3
Chapter 27: Leading Strings4
Chapter 28: Mid-life Crises6
Chapter 29: Grass Widower3
Chapter 30: Safety First5
Chapter 31: Holiday2
Chapter 32: Toxophilia3
Chapter 33: Hanging Around5
Chapter 34: Elfling Power4
Chapter 35: Having a Ball6
Chapter 36: After the Ball was Over5
Chapter 37: Keeping Vigil7
Chapter 38: Management5
Chapter 39: Getting Physical8
Chapter 40: Schemes8
Chapter 41: Escort Duty6
Chapter 42: Losses6
Chapter 43: By the Water5
Chapter 44: Parents and Children7
Chapter 45: Dates6
Chapter 46: Into the Darkness6
Chapter 47: From Dark to Light9
Chapter 48: Climbing High5
Chapter 49: Above the World6
Chapter 50: Fishing for Compliments6
Chapter 51: Growing Pains5
Chapter 52: Making an Effort6
Chapter 53: Night Sight5
Chapter 54: Playing the Master4
Chapter 55: Surprise5
Chapter 56: Absence and the Loving Heart6
Chapter 57: The New Year6
Chapter 58: Wanting8
Chapter 59: Frustration9
Chapter 60: Rain11
Chapter 61: Fallen10
Chapter 62: Brothers7
Chapter 63: Finding your Feet8
Chapter 64: Splashing Around6
Chapter 65: Curiosity9
Chapter 66: Music of the Heart7
Chapter 67: Gathering6
Chapter 68: Reward9
Chapter 69: Hope over Experience6
Chapter 70: Harmony6
Chapter 71: The Secret Tongue of the Dwarves13
Chapter 72: Betrayal9
Chapter 73: Like Adar, Like Son8
Chapter 74: Well Met by Moonlight8
Chapter 75: A Noble Child11
Chapter 76: Serendipity12
Chapter 77: Display9
Chapter 78: Standing In9
Chapter 79: Feeling your Years9
Chapter 80: Sisters11
Chapter 81: Patience9
Chapter 82: Long Shadows9
Chapter 83: Cousins6
Chapter 84: In Loco Parentis9
Chapter 85: Lost9
Chapter 86: Found10
Chapter 87: Broad Shoulders8
Chapter 88: Peace9

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