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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 10 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 61 on 10/18/2005
Oh dear, the slide foretold in the last one had occurred, has it? And I understand about the changes in mood to cooperative being as indicative in some as horrible patient behavior in others. Glad both twins are healers and sufficiently close to home to call upon their father's aid.

Author Reply: This links in with one of the Elflings stories, although I can't actually remember which. The seventh one, I think.

And poor Elladan must be in a bad way if he is being co-operative!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/12/2005
Oh my! That was quite a spill. I loved how you gave us the sense of Elladan being groggy and sort of out of it from the fall. This had Elrohir worried.

‘The fall cannot have done him any good.’ Yes, well, thank you Dr. Understatement. I don't know why, but I always find the understated or obvious humor the funniest. Rather warped possibly. But I sure get a kick out of it.

Elladan has some wonderful one-liners. He was off in la-la land, cracking jokes and 'cooperating'! I don't blame Elrohir for wanting to get him home to Dr. Dad as quickly as possible.

I really enjoyed this look at how the poor father-to-be got laid up with a bum leg. As always, it was just a delight to read. The whole idea of these snippets in time is just great. Such fun to read and you tell us so much in so few words.

Looking forward to the next installment.


Author Reply: Poor Elladan. He'd probably tell you that he was a bit uncomfortable, but he'd be all right in a minute.

He and Elrohir are close enough that they know exactly when they need to be worried about each other - and this was a so worried that we've got to get him out of here and to Adar as quickly as elvenly possible.

I had to stick the poor elf with a bad injury if I wanted him still to be incapacitated by the time the infant was born. Elven healing can be darned inconveniently quick at times!

Thank you. Earendil next. Then probably an update on the state of the nation leg.

(How's Daeron? And his adorable family?)

ViresseReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/12/2005
After all these years being twins, if Elladan's reaction would frighten Elrohir, I think Elladan's wound was really serious...and may really have other injuries that Elrohir could not find out due to the nasty rain and mud.

Hope you'll post your next update soon.

Author Reply: Elrohir is enough of a healer himself - and close enough to his twin - that he knows serious when he sees it. Elladan is lucky that most of his body didn't end up under the horse, and that the mud slide was pretty fluid, without much in the way of rocks.

He's going to be mending by the next one. In case you were concerned about him!

He says not to worry - his Adar can fix pretty well anything he or Elrohir can throw at him. He's had plenty of practice. (Although Elrond raised his eyebrows and told him not to count on it.)

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/11/2005
Now this was a serious moment! I am assuming this happens right before the last entry to Elflings...when Elladan couldn't walk with Miriwen as she gave birth to their new little one. It was funny-scary that Elrohir saw the lack of complaints, as well as the poor jokes, as a measure for the severity of his brother's injury. Loved the new 'travois'...that was very clever, Legolas! And I presume we'll hear via Elrohir or Legolas what Elrond's prognosis is for Elladan's recovery. Even in the midst of difficulty, these friends work together like finely tuned cogs! Very effective, and the humor still shines through, Bodkin. :-):-)


Author Reply: It wasn't originally part of the set - being a bit too serious for a Reflection. Yes, it is what had Elladan splinted and on crutches when Ellanthir was born. It had to be a serious injury, so that elven healing didn't have him bounding around again too quickly.

Elrohir understands Elladan's reactions very well - and knows when the injury is serious. I expect Elrond was impressed by the whole body splint - he will probably introduce it into healer training.

The next Reflection jumps forward a bit. But I think the outcome will be OK. E2L are skilled and experienced to the point where they don't need to waste time in discussion - which is very helpful.

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/11/2005
Whoa, that was a scary accident... But, glad you told of it.

And 'whinge', goodie-goodie! a new word! - at least for me. :)

Author Reply: It was a very nasty accident. (It had to be, really, to have Elladan still hobbling around only partly healed when the new baby arrived. He was lucky that Elrond was near enough to bring all his skills to bear.)

Whingeing is a good word. Often associated by Australians with the word pom, in order to insult us Brits.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/11/2005
Me again--sorry, I couldn't resist.

So Elrond won't say he'll be OK. But he will. (Elrond can't be in a Reflection. He's barred. It's E2L only.)

Ahhh, that's true! Too bad. I still say this is a cliffhanger then. :)

But as you said, we know what happens since we saw him, frustrated as he could be (but still whole)in Elflings. It was clear to me that this was the incident that left him laid up for his son's birth but I did forget that you never let anyone else speak in Reflections though. That is fun. Must be fun to write.

Author Reply: It is fun. The other qualification is that it must never go over two pages of Word. The word count varies from about 750 to 950, depending on the amount of conversation. (The more conversation, the smaller the number of words.) But it is the only thing I write where I have to keep going over it and pruning bits to make it stay within a certain length. But the only time other people are actually there, they tend to be asleep or else E2L are observing from a distance.

This was a bit more dramatic than most Reflections. It's a good thing that they can whip him back to Elrond quickly - he needs a super-healer to piece this leg together. (It had to be badly broken, otherwise elven healing + Elrond would get him back on his feet too quickly, and he's still hobbling for a while. I think he will end up with a weather ache.)

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/11/2005
I am so glad to know that these three can still find trouble in Elvenhome. And I await Lord Elrond as well!

Author Reply: Sorry. A certain elf lord will not be appearing. Lord Elrond is barred from Reflections! It's an E2L only zone. However, this actually happens before the latest Elflings, in response to Jay's wish to know how Elladan got injured. So he survives and is soon joking again.

Elrond is next due to feature with his adar.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/11/2005
Good heavens, Bodkin. I think that might count as a cliff hanger!

It's hard to realize that even in Valinor Elves can be injured and die, but obviously they can (Finwe, for example).

Author Reply: I think there must have been elves other than Finwe who died from injury. I mean - if you fall off a cliff, or your boat sinks way off shore, or a horse lands on your head, even elves must be too badly injured to live. Although it must be a terrific shock to those around them. It's actually quite difficult to imagine a bunch of millennia-old adults who have never experienced death - but Valinor probably contains lots.

It's only a cliff hanger in a way, since this happens after E2L come back from taking the in-laws to Galadriel, but before they get home - so before Ellanthir is born. It would be a bit cruel to give him another broken leg just after recovering from that one!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/11/2005
Oh my goodness, the twins are having a very bad time of it, aren't they. I feel for poor Elladan. I broke my leg like that playing with an Earth Ball (it's a three or four foot ball painted like a globe and kids try to roll on top of it and be 'king of the world' but you're not supposed to do it on a hill--I learned that lesson firmly.) It is a very unpleasant experience. It was 30 years ago and I distinctly remember the doctor setting it. Poor Elladan. And poor Elrohir. I can see where the lack of smart-cracks would be a sign of serious trouble. :) Although Elladan did get in a good one with his first line. :) I don't think Aman is going to look like Paradise for him for a while. Don't leave this one too long to post the next chapter. I too want to hear Elrond say he'll be ok. :)

Author Reply: That sounds nasty.

Elladan does tend to respond to crises with attempts at humour. (Though some would say he fails.) For him to feel bad enough to take - willingly - a nasty potion, he must be feeling BAD.

You know he recovers though. This chapter actually comes in time scale between the return in the rain (last Reflection) and Elflings 7 - when he is unable to walk with Miriwen. I wasn't going to put this one in and just leave the accident to the imagination, but Jay wanted to know how Elladan managed to damage himself.

So Elrond won't say he'll be OK. But he will. (Elrond can't be in a Reflection. He's barred. It's E2L only.)

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 61 on 5/11/2005
Thank you for adding this to your collection, Bodkin! Poor Elladan - the fall, and his broken leg, sounds very bad. Poor Elrohir, too - I can imagine what he must have thought when Elladan and the horse went sliding off down that slope! I like the way he's most concerned about Elladan's lack of complaining.

And I'm glad the horse is all right - eating contentedly. Typical!


Author Reply: When mentioned, it seemed, of course, a natural addition! And the ground gets very unstable when it has been raining that hard! Lack of complaint is a serious worry with injured males. Although, with elves, you wouldn't have to worry about them making a terrible fuss about a cold.

It is a very bad break - but you know that he recovers!

Typical horse. Animals and elflings: they are good at landing on their feet. Tulog (I think that's what I called him) has bad bruising and shallow cuts on his side, but he's not even limping.

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