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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 8 Review(s)
lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/30/2004
GASP! They ARE in their new home!!!! How did I miss that??? WHERE did I miss it!?? *runs off yelling at RL and the injustice of it all*

sorry, can't imagine what came over me! :-(

Author Reply: You didn't really miss any definitive statement - they've sort of been there since about 33 I think, but they could just as easily have been anywhere else. The setting is sort of peripheral to the conversation in these. It's all more or less an excuse to get them together so they can rib each other, remember the past and bemoan the difficulties inherent in being husbands and adars.

Life! I suppose it's better than the alternative, though. Most of the time.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/30/2004
Finally, a minute to call my own and review...I hate it when RL grabs on and won't let go! And I must admit...a wet Legolas calls for a comment or two...or three! LOL This little snippet was so funny...trapped by the rain, sensing that something was "in the works", and only when Legolas surrendered did they figure it out! I loved the "only if you do not drip on the books" and the vision of Elrond's past vengeance on the son that did! There were just lots of little parts that made me smile or laugh...the idea of Legolas shaking the rain off like a dog and then "squelching" when he walked over to join his friends. Rain is NOT a respecter of persons, or princes *g*! Yes, it (Begetting Days and the parties that accompany them) only comes once a year, so enjoy the pampering and surprises, E2!

BTW, were they living in their new homes in the forest? It seemed as if they were checking on the construction of the building they were in...and they checked with "those who know" about such things as the weight of prolonged snowfall during the winter on rooftops, etc. Just wondering! Great addition, Bodkin! Thanks for an enjoyable way to spend my brief reprieve! :-)


Author Reply: I can't imagine Elrond snapping over much - I visualised the twins sitting in the library doing work for their tutors and Elladan being so bored that he started ornamenting the illustrations in the book - the picture in my head has him adding moustaches and spectacles, but being an elf he probably wouldn't know what they were. Maybe he's drawing speech bubbles. Glorfindel now has a cartoon speech bubble that says, 'I will get you, you evil Balrogg. You cannot conker me.' Elrond took one look and reacted. I expect he felt guilty afterwards.

(Legolas gets even wetter in the last one of these!!) I think the twins were relieved when they realised that their sense of danger was both justified and unnecessary here. I love making the twins talking sensibly about stuff like drainage and sewers - there is more to them than practical jokers. Mostly that's the side they show, because these catch them on their time off, but they can cope with all the grown up stuff now!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/30/2004
That was sweet! I think it's funny that they forgot their own begetting day! I"m glad they are finally settled in their new home. I like the way you so subtly and yet poignantly bring memories of the past into things wehn they are least expected.

Author Reply: Begetting days and birthdays - you know you are getting really grown up when they don't matter to you any more, and those around you, notably kids, are far more excited about the prospect than you are.

I think, with elven memory being what it is, the grief is always with them, and sharing it is important to them. They want to know that those whom they love are still in their hearts - and they must hope for an eventual reunion.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/29/2004
This one just made me smile. Happy birthday to the twins :) It was always fun to know that everyone is planning your 'surprise' party. And the line about Elrond spanking them for ruining books is too perfect. I can definitely see that as the thing that would push that particular elf over the edge. I love this story.

Author Reply: It is much better to know about the surprise party - most people hate surprises. Now they can sit back sipping on their wine and practise those surprised expressions when the elflings surprise them with jars decorated with pasta.

Everyone has their breaking point - I just see catching Elladan drawing moustaches on the elves illustrated in one of his books would be Elrond's. (I don't think Elrohir was spanked - he was almost as horrified as Elrond. He is definitely more his adar's son where the glories of literature are concerned)

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/29/2004
I would laugh at clueless males, but I forget my own birthday often enough.

Nice to have that little bit remembering Arwen :(

Now I am picturing Elrond turning Elladan over his knee for a library offense. I have Glorfindel manhandling the little bratling once, but he managed to get Adar riled....hmm....

Author Reply: When you realise that your birthday is of far more significance to someone else than it is to you, you notice that you are growing old(er). Mind you, it hit me when I was about fourteen, and my little sister was really excited.

Arwen must be in their thoughts a lot - especially as they watch the female offspring grow.

A library offence - made me laugh - I imagined him late getting back a book that was on restricted loan! I think he was drawing in it - nothing more likely to incense a bibliophile. Or - kids in maths, using their compasses to poke holes through all the o's in the textbook. I think Elrond could deal with most things calmly, but everyone has his breaking point!

Glorfindel manhandling him? Must reread - don't remember that.

Author Reply: I was thinking about breaking points as I drove and wondering what would make others snap. I pictured Celeborn if his daughter carved her name on a tree - yep, I think that would do it! ('But, Ada,' Celebrian said earnestly, 'the tree had no objection.')

I haven't decided what would tip Thranduil over the edge, though.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/29/2004
Happy begetting day, Elladan and Elrohir! Can I come to the party? I like the way the wives got the children safely out of the way - can you imagine Elrohir's girls helping?

We know now what really upsets calm, controlled, Elrond - someone spoiling his books. And he smacked Elladan? I think even elves would resort to the odd slap in extreme moments.

BTW, I think when Legolas shakes himself it would be more like a dog - I've watched both my dog and my cat when they come in from the rain. The dog shakes herself vigorously from head to tail, the cat just shakes each paw daintily and looks miserable.


Author Reply: The elflings are busy making cards with straw and macaroni and whatever the elven equivalent of glitter glue is.

Can't you just see the gift giving - with the children's excited eyes watching to see how the twins respond and their wives and parents watching them with that malicious delight that says 'just how are you going to look thrilled to receive a very escapable ant farm or a bottle of rose water made by letting petals rot in water.'

I can just see Elrond dealing calmly with almost any crisis created by his sons, but I felt that cartoons in the corner of his most precious books would make him snap. And although elves didn't beat their young, they did live in quite a violent militaristic culture with lots of weapons training and warfare.

You are right - dogs are more likely to shake themselves. Elves just strike me generally as being more cat-like.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/29/2004
Nice picture of their life in the new forest home. I like rain. Sitting inside and listening to it and watching it is nice, but I even like being out in it. How sad that they have missing ones, but their trust that they will see them again eventually is nice.

Author Reply: Being inside in pouring rain is lovely. Also snow - though that is very special here, because it's not even one day a year. Being out in rain is great once you get wet enough that it no longer matters.

Almost all elves must have missing ones, I suppose, because they live so very long, but they can't hope for Mandos to return Arwen and Aragorn. Or, come to that, Elros. So they must have hope that eventually they will be reunited. I think, anyway. With elven memory, it would be too painful otherwise.

SharonBReviewed Chapter: 40 on 9/29/2004
Ah, you mean they are getting the party ready for the twins and don't want the kids meddling and messing things up! But interesting they are occupying the boys and girls with separate tasks. ;-)

So nice, it does seem like they are in the new lands in this chapter. And the one missing is Arwen, well and Aragorn too since he has a special place in everyone's heart who is there.

Author Reply: Well, I have the kids off making the sorts of lovely presents with which children tend to gift their beloved adars and uncles . . . and cards with pasta stuck on the front . . . and baking cakes with green colouring and decorated with candied violets. I don't know that any of the elflings are exactly where they are said to be - they are supposed to be deceiving the twins.

They are sort of in the new lands - definitely here and sort of elsewhere, but it doesn't necessarily show, because the setting tends to be secondary to the conversation.

I suspect the pain of missing Arwen (and Estel) is always there - but you have to live with it, and you can't stop the children having fun because there are gaps where beloved people should be.

Thanks for reading.

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