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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 6 Review(s)
ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 45 on 5/14/2006
Oh my goodness...what WAS the gift? it had better be something costly, heheh...Well, imagine an elf forgetting his anniversary--Why IS it worth celebrating anyway? ;)

Author Reply: Why IS it worth celebrating anyway?

I don't know - anniversaries leave me cold, actually. I don't think I ever decided what the gift was. But I'm sure Elerrina loved it! And Legolas for providing it.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 45 on 12/3/2004
I firmly believe there is something in the male genetic code that renders them mindless where dates are concerned! My husband last April 26 sent this wonderful bouquet of flowers to my school...had it delivered to my room...everyone was so impressed because I told them he knew I was feeling bad and sent it to cheer me up. I walk in the house that afternoon and ask what the occasion is and he grins and gloats "you forgot our anniversary is today!" I almost died was the 26th of May, not April...still, I enjoyed the flowers! lol Legolas was SO lucky his naneth bailed him out of that little situation! This was very funny - but the conversations between the twins and Legolas are always hilarious, and the fact that the wives sent E2 to find Legolas made me almost choke laughing! :-) Just a funny, sweet story of 3 good friends bemoaning the mysterious and unfathomable minds of their better halves *vbg*! Great, Bodkin!


Author Reply: It's somehow even more entertaining when they try and get it wrong! Do they not have diaries? Can they not transcribe things from one year to the next? Or flag dates up on the computer?

Legolas was very lucky - although had he been there to reward Elerrina for her devotion in other ways, maybe she would have overlooked the forgetting of a gift! His naneth helped him out, but note she didn't explain to him - female solidarity rules.

Thank you! I love doing these - nothing ever has to be resolved and they can just moan and tease and throw out ideas. Such fun to do.

EllieReviewed Chapter: 45 on 12/3/2004
Too funny! I love the bantering back and forth and how "henpecked" the three guys are. One would not have expected that of warriors of their prowess. I'm so glad that it takes lovely females to make them helpless and put them in their places. I'm glad Legolas' mother rescued him from his ill fate.

Good job!

Author Reply: They are happy, though - they have found the ellyth they never discovered in Arda and they are perfectly prepared to let them have their fun. But they still manage their lads' trips away and do pretty much as they like. Their wives pander to them, too. (Big tough warriors often seem to be putty in the hands of their womenfolk.)

Legolas's mother put in a partial rescue. She made sure he wouldn't really upset Elerrina - but she didn't let him get away with it altogether, because it's the twins who let him know exactly what he's missing. The Freemasonry of Females versus Males can't be abandoned altogether!!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 45 on 12/3/2004
How nice to come back from a few days away to find some of my favourite stories waiting! I think forgetting special dates *is* a male gene - my husband is certainly guilty. (I overheard a conversation early one morning several years ago: Children: "Daddy, it's Mummy's birthday today." Husband: "No, I think it's next week." Children: "No, it's Mummy's birthday today." Husband: "Oh." He blamed me for nor reminding him! But it's not just men: even worse was the colleage who forgot her twin's birthday!

Enough rambling - I liked this, especially the twins' glee at Elerrina's likely reaction!


Author Reply: The twins probably wouldn't be gleeful if they didn't know that Legolas is quite capable of getting round Elerrina. I think all three of them are very happily married at the moment - and at the stage where all the manoeuvring is fun. (Except possibly some of the wilder elfling moments - the ones that, once survived, have Elrond and Celebrian rejoicing in payback time.)

Men and multi-tasking don't mix. (It's the reason secretaries were invented.) They haven't really grasped, I feel, that if you have to tell them it's your birthday/anniversary/etc, then it's not worth bothering. It's like expecting you to organise your own Christmas presents. . . . hang on a moment . . . ah!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 45 on 12/3/2004
Evil author! You didn't even tell us what the gift is! Of course little things left to the imagination like that are always more fun then knowing. But still, this almost qualifies as a cliff hanger--we don't know what the gift is and we don't know how Elerrina reacts. How cruel you are. :)

I just love these reflections. For example:

There are, I have discovered many reasons to be grateful for the presence of my naneth.


‘I know you are hinting at something,’ Legolas sighed, ‘that I am clearly too dense to understand. Take pity on me and simply tell me what I have done.’

and definitely:

Legolas grimaced. ‘I had better let her get her annoyance out of her system, then,’ he said, ‘before I tell her what delayed me.’

‘You have learned wisdom, my friend,’ Elrohir approved.

‘Is the excuse likely to worsen her wrath, then?’ Elladan asked curiously. ‘I can never decide,’ he continued, ‘whether it is better to present Miriwen with all the bad news in one go and endure her reaction, or to dole it out in smaller doses, each of which brings about a lesser explosion.’

Great lines. Too funny for the last two sets and the first one is, in a way sweet and in a way very sad. I just love these! Have I said that already? :)

Author Reply: Legolas wouldn't say what it was! He wants it to be a surprise for Elerrina.

It must be one of those reunions that makes you stop and marvel sometimes. Not a mother in the raising you sense - but in elven lifespans that would never take up more than a few years of a never-ending relationship and with the kind of spiritual union they seem to be capable of having - parent/child bonds, husband/wife bonds etc, they might be able to get over physical absence more easily than humans. It must be amazing, though, to look up and see, unchanged, one you remember only vaguely from childhood - and see your adar in a constant state of euphoric happiness.

I don't think Legolas - or Elladan and Elrohir are going to be any better at taking hints than any other males. They probably need hitting over the head with a wet fish before they realise that their wives are trying to tell them something. And Legolas quite likes winding Elerrina up - especially when he knows that he can take the wind out of her sails so easily. They are all enjoying their relationships. The only one that makes poor Elrohir feel a bit helpless is the intransigence of Nimloth - but she will grow up - his daughter is just rather too like his brother as an elfling. Fun to be with, but less fun to parent!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 45 on 12/3/2004
Now I want to know what the gift is! Bad Legolas!

For reasons that are probably troubling if you think about it, neither my husband nor I can remember our anniversary date. As a matter of fact, as I was typing this, it just dawned on me that it's either next Friday or next Sunday. I'll have to go and look at the sample my sister made for us. I will bless her a thousand times because she put the date there!

Author Reply: I don't know. He wouldn't say. But he's sure that it will make Elerrina very very happy - and putty in his hands! (He might not be right, of course. Males can make some Very Big Mistakes with gifts. Except that his naneth approved.)

I never think about our anniversary. I can remember the date if asked, but it would never occur to either of us to do anything about it. If it were not for the card that invariably arrives from my mother, I'm sure it could pass without any comment at all.

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