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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 4 Review(s)
daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/14/2004
How sweet. I loved Legolas's comment about how in the twins alone he had all that mixed blood.

Valinor must have been quite a melting pot really.

Author Reply: I was drawing family trees and trying to work out percentages one day - the twins are pretty mixed. But then Galadriel herself is more non-Noldor than Noldor.

I can see the in-laws holding themselves aloof and saying the Valinor equivalent of 'We don't want Irish / Puerto Rican / Caribbean / Asian / French or whatever in this family, thank you very much. We can trace our ancestry back to Alexander the Great', as they looked down their noses at the rabble from Middle Earth.

They'll get over it. In time. Lots of time.

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/13/2004
AWWW, sniffs and dabs at her eye. I love a wedding. Thanks. Yummy. Rose

Author Reply: That's OK. It came out quite short, (well, they all do, that's part of the point, but this was even shorter), because flippancy just didn't seem to go with the look in their eyes.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/13/2004
Absolutely LOL at the comparisons to the Black Gate! Really, how odd must it be for the greatest of the elves who stood against evil to be looked at as lesser in the land where evil has only tainted it a few times? We think of L and E2 as princes beyond measure, and yet they must seem as cretins to the high princes of Valinor!

Yet, my opinion of Galadreil, who frankly I like, just rose further. I am tickled she stood with Legolas's side of the family. Go Galadriel! Woohoo!

The elflings are all married.

When will they have their own elflings?

Author Reply: Odd, isn't it. It has me thinking a lot about immigrants and setting up in a new land - going from ruling tracts of land and numerous people to not even knowing your way to the market; from having automatic respect, to being unknown and subject to alien leaders. I think they need to head off West, like the pioneers of old and establish their own lands independent of princes of Valinor - and, actually, Galadriel as the daughter of Finarfin is probably in the best position to facilitate that. Thranduil might have to be grateful to her yet.

I like Galadriel - she was playing politics in a man's (or elf's) world, and you have to be tougher than the tough to do that, but I still think she maintained her compassion and her love for her family. Plus, here - she had been away from Valinor for 7,000 years or so - deeply involved in the events of Middle Earth - wouldn't she have more respect for Thranduil, who held Lasgalen, and Legolas, who was one of the Nine Walkers, than for a bunch of Noldor who had nothing better to do than stick their noses in the air?

Elflings? Maybe. Who do think should go first? Any twins, do you reckon?

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 13 on 6/13/2004
All three are now safely wed, though Legolas's in-laws still don't seem thrilled by the 'upstart Moriquendi prince'. I loved that description! And the reference to the twins' rather mixed blood.

What's next? Elflings?


Author Reply: Well . . . Do you think they are mature enough to become fathers?

What am I saying - are men ever mature enough to become fathers! (Which, I acknowledge is a wicked generalisation perpetrated on a group of people who think sport is of vital importance in the world.)

I don't believe the sons of Elrons have Silvan Elf in the mix, do they? But they do have Maia. (I love the bit in History Lessons when they say they are related to everybody - it just about covers it!)

Any bets on twins?

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