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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 6 Review(s)
NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 35 on 9/6/2004
You know, fathers around the world have favored this approach for millenia. IT works well, children survive and at least their sons pick up the habit :-)

However,I must admit, the mothers are the ones who ensure the children can dance and behave properly, and that is simportant, especially if the naneths wish to be come daernaneths.

I think Elladan likely dances better than he lets on, too. :D

Author Reply: (Do you know, the next episode had absolutely nothing to do with this, but I just couldn't resist a little insertion - coming soon. . .)

I do think there is a lot to be said for the selective blind eye treatment or as my mother used to call it 'doing a Nelson'.

I like to picture Elrin dancing with his naneth. I can hear the voice Elladan used when he was asking her, too. That weary, resigned, slightly incredulous tone that lets you know that he will not be happy if taken up on the offer. I am sure he can dance perfectly well - his naneth will have seen to it!

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 35 on 9/4/2004
hehehehehe! Never, never, NEVER turn your back on elflings...or young sprouts of any kind!! What is it with Adas anyway? I learned early on in motherhood that my husband was totally oblivious to the "possibilities" of mischief our 3 kids could get just under 5 seconds! lol E2 and Legolas are going to be in SO much trouble if those little rascally elflings have more than just pastries under that table! ;-)

I loved the conversation between Elrohir and Elladan about dancing (or the lack of dancing skill!)...and the way the twins and Legolas interact with each other
is, as always, hilarious! Great stress reliever from other horizons, and a terrific little vignette to go with this whole collection!


Author Reply: Do you think it is partly the knowledge that if they do it badly, they might not have to look after them next time? Or is it the inability to multi-task?

I'm rather afraid that the elflings may have 'liberated' a quantity of wine - their adars will be in so much trouble if they have!

I will bet Elladan did the asking Miriwen to dance thing that really let her know that he didn't want to and would sulk if she made him. I can visualise him dancing in the woods - but not really enjoying the formal kind of ball.

I love writing these - all that is necessary is to put them somewhere and let them get started.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 35 on 9/3/2004
Much as I love the complexities of 'Far Horizons', I like the light-heartedness of this story just as much. The image of E2 worrying about what their children are up to is great.

But poor, sweet, innocent Elladan: ‘They really cannot get up to much while they are under a table,’ *VBG* Has he forgotten the sort of things he and Elrohir did? I bet there is at least a bottle of wine under there as well as the pastries!


Author Reply: Yes, I can just see them getting sozzled out of their tiny elven skulls on stolen wine. Their Adars will think they are just happy - right until the naneths come along and haul them out!

They think that, because the staff are handing them pastries, they cannot have any contraband down there - but naneths know better.

This is all so delightfully frivolous - with absolutely no need for plots. It has the potential to see them beyond grandparenthood really. (Though maybe not!)

EllieReviewed Chapter: 35 on 9/3/2004
Delightful! Poor El the poor dancer!

Author Reply: I could just see him making the offer in the kind of voice that makes it perfectly clear that he will dance, but he really doesn't want to and he will never let you forget how much he suffered for you.

Elrin would be a much better prospect.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 35 on 9/3/2004
Bad adas! LOL. I have to admit that I took refuge in ignorance a couple of times myself, and I was really glad when my son went away to college and I didn't have to know everything he got up to.

Author Reply: Very naughty - adas that is. The staff seem to know the elflings are there - so hopefully they are only feeding them cake, and they haven't got hold of the wine.

Yes, it's amazing how you relax when you don't know what time they are getting in and quite how much they are imbibing.

Reviewed Chapter: 35 on 9/3/2004
What a fun little light chapter. These poor elves undoubtedly need a little fun after all the intrigue they must suffer. I wonder what they have under the table. I'm sure that, given their parentage, they are up to no good. :)

Author Reply: It must be awfully stressful to be a character adored by fans! My strongest sympathies lie with Legolas who seems to go through A LOT, but the twins suffer too!

I just hope they haven't got hold of the Valinorean equivalent of the Dorwinion. I think the proud adars were reassured a bit when they saw the staff feeding them treats.

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