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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 3 Review(s)
lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 32 on 8/7/2004
Every one of these little vignettes are so informative, as well as entertaining. They show so much about the little everyday conversations/events in the lives of Elrohir, Elladan, and Legolas, while we get the more complicated, action/political problems from that other extremely good story you are working on. But these little insights into life in Valinor are priceless, and this chapter was no exception - I have thoroughly enjoyed watching these three develop from the nervous new adas to the "somewhat" more confidant adas of this entry. So we have a swap-an-elfling deal going, do we? Sounds often listen to and behave better for those not of the parent persuasion!!!! (LOL at least mine always did!) I do so look forward to updates on BOTH of your stories...and you do them in such a timely fashion!!! :-) Thank you for all these enjoyable reads (and I have made myself promise to review more often...should be easier with school starting...I'll have access to a computer every day!) Well done, as usual! :-):-):-)


Author Reply: I am glad you are enjoying the tales!

Poor E2L - their lives seem to be becoming overcome by banality. When they start to discuss the weather, we will know they have really reached the point of no return!

I think Elrohir needs a bit of a break when it comes to dealing with Nimloth - she seems to have a good bit of her great-grandmother in her!

It will be rather good if the elflings can grow up as close as their adars.

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 32 on 8/7/2004
Well I had to go and look it up! LOL. One would have thought it was only toxic to those on the receiving end - who thinks up these ph names?
Swop a child day, huh? Since I am hosting someone else's problem child for six months I can well understand the impulse. I wonder what the word is for fools rush in ... etc.
Nice tale continues

Author Reply: It's a lovely word. Like trisdecaphobia. If that's how you spell it.

There's a lot to be said for exchanging children - it's probably one of the reasons grandparents cope with them (that and the indulgence). You sound very brave - six months can seem a long time.

Thank you for reading.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 32 on 8/7/2004
These three are remarkably good fathers, although I suppose that is not surprising, given that their own fathers were good. I like the way they each see the strengths and weaknesses of their children and are willing to let them be. Elrohir is still amusing me with his wild child girls.

Author Reply: Parenting skills tend to reflect what you have learned from experience. I would think these three are very happy to know that their sons will not have to face the duties that they did as they grew to adulthood.

Poor Elrohir - he really doesn't deserve his twins. Although, on reflection, perhaps this is all that twin mischief coming home to roost. And with his grandmother, perhaps he shouldn't be too surprised.

I think Legolas is saved from quite so much hassle because his twins are opposite genders - Galenthil is probably keener to spend time with the ellyn.

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