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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 9 Review(s)
elliskaReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/18/2005
Gosh, I am so behind and you have been writing like crazy! Good for you! I love this little story arc with the dwarven 'curses.' The poor twins--so the full implications of this little situation are finally settling in here. I just laughed myself silly as they progressed from relative to relative realizing the extent to which they may have embarrassed themselves. And you have some great lines in here:

‘It is about as easy to keep a secret among elves as for a leaf to keep its movements quiet from the rest of the forest.’ -- so elfy!

‘May their beards have been plucked out by vultures,’ Elladan said spitefully. -- such a good curse. And I loved how they still were proud of their own similar trick.

This was great!

Author Reply: This whole language thing just caught hold and wouldn't let go. And, as each part is only allowed to be Reflection length - (two pages of Word) - it has built up remarkably quickly.

It's a good thing the twins are, under their frivolous exterior, really and truly mature elves. I think they will be able to deal with the long deception much better than they would have done in their youth.

I'm glad you enjoyed it - this has been great fun to do. (And it's still throwing out more!)

perellethReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/13/2005
:-)‘This,’ said Elrohir, ‘is something best forgotten. As completely as possible, as soon as possible. Snickers. Second stage of an embarrasing realization...after running out of crimson...:-) the problem is, you cannot just go out and tell everybody that it is forgotten, since you don't want them to remember on the first place... And LEgolas regretting that he ever brought up the subject.. and th twins not believeing that their mum would hve been wicked enough... LOL

DO you plan to let the twins read your Discretion series bodkin? They might die of shame! :-))

Author Reply: Poor twins. Even if they pretend ignorance, they aren't going to be too sure who has been party to this. But they have their suspicions, whatever they might say! And it's not so much believing as trying to convince themselves. They know which parent bequeathed them with their mischievous nature!

I'll bet Legolas won't be the only one wishing he had never brought the matter to the twins' attention!

I wonder whether the thoughts crossing their minds would be worse than the truth?

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/12/2005
They so delude themselves that no one in the family has been laughing secretly for ages? Oh, dear, dear innocents! Not to mention their sister and what she's picked up over the centuries, possibly passing that story on to her children as one of the family treasures! Bet the family of Telcontar is still having fun with such stories! Hehehehehe!

Author Reply: They have this hollow feeling deep inside that says 'everyone knew but us' - but they're trying to plaster over it and pretend that their family wouldn't find this funny.

I hope the thought never crosses their minds of the Tale of the Dwarven Curses becoming one of Middle Earth's most enduring legends. (Or they might feel impelled to spearhead another elven invasion of Arda!!)

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/12/2005
Oh, that was good! But this is me... I am your friend. *snicker*
I can just see Celebrian's face if the twins actually let loose with a really offensive phrase. ;)

She won't let that go by, will she? Not where anyone, especially the elfings, might overhear them. Or her naneth. It was distracting enough when what they said was generally humiliating and just deserts for their foolishness. Certainly, rather harmless. But explicitly humiliating? Well, they are worldly ladies who probably have heard it all any way.

And she would certainly know who added to her sons' impolite phrase book. It could not be anyone else. Legolas would be wise to simply teach them something that will indeed sound reasonable enough. Something like "Goodgollymissmolly" or "Lordluvaduck", perhaps? Then no one is the worse for it and very little blushing resulting for anyone.

Nevertheless, elflings do not need to learn arresting expressions. E2 should be curbed of this baaad Applecakewithwhippedcreamontop wicked habit. ;)

Author Reply: As soon as they did she'd know they knew - and they'd know she'd know they knew. Maybe the twins will give up using foreign tongues. Or maybe they will seek out Aule for real instruction - he'd probably be quite pleased to have three elves who wanted to be fluent in the tongue of his people.

I suspect it's the twitchy ears of the elflings that have made Legolas decide to point out to the twins that their words don't mean what they think. After all, if he'd told Galenthil / Elrin / Nimloth / Aewlin the reasons why they mustn't use certain expressions the truth would have been bound to get back to Elladan and Elrohir. Better to be upfront with it.

I wonder how well Celebrian knew Gimli? It might well be that she and Galadriel spent a lot of time with the only dwarf in the Blessed Realm. Talking about Arwen and her family. Aragorn. The twins. And Galadriel and her daughter are quite sharp enough to have picked up on Gimli's enjoyment. And he might have told them - once he realised that they would relish the joke.

The words of drinking songs are probably saucy - without being intentionally demeaning to those singing them, so they could use them . . . but really, they would be better to use some Nocussin' gum or go cold turkey - and just clean up their language. For the benefit of the young and innocent.

This is such fun. Thank you.

DotReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/12/2005
I was looking forward to this! Although, checking for it at quarter past seven this morning was probably a little too eager…

Poor Elladan! He does seem bothered by this. He’s also clever enough to realise that others must have known. I did chuckle gleefully as they dismissed Elrond, Glorfindel and Celebrían one by one, though! I wonder if they’ll ever realise that dear old grandma is probably the one most familiar with Khuzdul…

I think I agree with Elrohir that forgetting about it is the best option available. You know what’ll happen, though? They’ll start using the phrases Legolas teaches them, which will be far more appropriate, and someone will overhear them and realise that they must have found out… Celebrían will be disappointed. And I bet they’d have no trouble figuring out who ended the game too.

Oh, how I would love to be there to witness Legolas teaching Elladan and Elrohir a dwarven drinking song!! They better make sure there are no elflings around :-)

Author Reply: A quarter past seven - about an hour too early for this one, I'm afraid. I hope the wait didn't feel too long!!!!!

Poor Elladan indeed. His dignity has been affronted. I don't think he and Elrohir really want to believe their family knew. In which case they would be much wiser not to poke into the matter. Dear old grandma, indeed! (Aren't you scared she'll arrange some bolt of lightning to descend on you for that description?) The twins must suspect their nearest and dearest. They're not stupid!

You're right - if they start using proper Khuzdul cussing, it won't take their kin long to realise they've been rumbled. And it'll be pretty clear who done it. (I wonder why he revealed all. I've got a picture of certain elflings getting their mouths round tongue twisting phrases in the secret language.)

Perhaps they should reveal their skill in dwarven drinking ditties at the next delicately ethereal elven feast to celebrate the beauty of the stars. Or do you think it might not go down well?

Thank you. This has been a fun thread . . . and it might just insist on a few last kicks.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/12/2005
Elladan seems to have taken this harder than his brother. I think Elrohir's right in wanting to forget - it's best *not* to enquire too closely about who knew, or might have known.

Learning a few 'safe' phrases from Legolas is a good compromise - though it shows a remarkable degree of trust. He'd better take Elrohir's warning seriously!

I'm behind on reviewing the spin-offs from this, but will catch up.

Author Reply: Elladan is a bit more miffed. I think Elrohir suspects it might be better not to dig too deeply into the matter. At the moment. Once they've had time to adjust to the idea, they might think differently.

They could trust Legolas, I think - but I don't know that they will willingly use any Khuzdul for a while. It would just remind them of all the embarrassing things they have said over the years.

I've now been made to wonder why Legolas decided to reveal the secret now - and is he setting them up? Or perhaps have some of the elflings have been discovered assiduously practising some of Elladan's very favourite expressions.

Thank you for reviewing. I'm not sure this has reached its end yet - though surely there can't be many more twists!

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/12/2005
‘You do not think for a minute that we are about to trust anyone to teach us to use words we do not understand,’ Elrohir objected. ‘We have been fooled once!’

‘But this is me,’ Legolas said, wounded. ‘I am your friend. And Gimli was as my brother. He would never have taught me to sing anything that would be insulting to me as an elf, now would he?’

Uh, oh. I hope that this lapse of trust isn't going to threaten the friendship that is the whole basis of this series. :(

Author Reply: No - Legolas is putting on the agony. He's not bothered - he can understand their reluctance. After all (not that they know it) look at who the twins can't trust to reveal all!

And Gimli wouldn't have taught him anything insulting to elves - would he? Not like the phrases he allowed the twins to learn from him. I wonder if they'll find out about those? (Although I expect his affection for his elf curbed his imagination a little.)

Thank you. I can't swear this isn't going to run a little further. It's just too tempting!

TithenFeredirReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/12/2005
OK, I'm outed. I've been lurking, and your Khuzdul affair has flushed me from the bushes.

"A ghost of a grin twitched the corners of Elladan’s mouth."

Audible chuckle there. Apparently. even being victimized himself can't subdue Elladan's wicked side. Overall, though, the twins are being pretty calm and sensible about the whole thing.

Why do I get the feeling Legolas is setting them up?


Author Reply: Legolas, bless his little blond head? Setting his friends up? Would he do a thing like that?

The Khuzdul affair. I can picture it snapping at your heels and growling!

The twins are being fairly calm - but I've a feeling it could be the kind of discovery that might fester a little. Especially once they realise just who were really the most likely people to be aware of their little game.

I'm trying to put the lid on this - but it keeps swelling up and nudging. Thank you for being outed!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 72 on 9/12/2005
‘It is about as easy to keep a secret among elves as for a leaf to keep its movements quiet from the rest of the forest.’ ‘May their beards have been plucked out by vultures,’

Great elfy sayings! And I think I trust Legolas to teach them drinking songs only. So they suspect Celbrian, but they don't think she'd be so cruel. And they've convinced themselves that Elrond and Glorfindel couldn't possibly have known enough to understand. Teehee.

Author Reply: They might have been more suspicious of Celebrian in their youth - but too much has happened since then and they don't want to feel she has deceived them over x thousand years. (They will adjust. And maybe see the joke.) I'm not sure that they are convinced about Glorfindel and Elrond though. Or that they will let them get away with it. No Elrondion in his right mind would seek revenge against his daernaneth - even if certain of her guilt. Not if he valued his continued health.

Thank you for liking the elfy sayings. Elladan wasn't feeling so much elfy as orcish when he wished for the opportunity to torture the dwarves, but he's flattered. And says he would not have plucked out the whole beard.

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