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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 9 Review(s)
perellethReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/30/2005
Elladan arranged himself so that his shimmering silk robes in dark Imladris blue draped themselves elegantly around his feet Great detail! Who would have guessed that life in Valinor held such unpleasant duties! And the irrepresible two are now competing in exaggeration, only to make poor Legolass feel the weight of his task.

Yet the wooden spoon was kind of overstepping the line! LOL!I would like to see that! :-)

Author Reply: The more I think about Valinor, the more it seems that almost every difficulty that an elf could face in Middle-Earth would be there - only more so. Except orcs, of course. And the warriors among the arrivals must begin to look back wistfully at the days when life was a simple matter of slaying the baddies.

Do you know Monty Python? They did a sketch where they all competed in exaggerating the hardships of their youth - 'We lived in a cardboard box!' 'You were lucky.' - and this reminds me of that! I wonder who could up the stakes on Elrohir's last statement!

I don't actually picture E2 and L having been friends before the twins sailed. Getting on fine, yes. Meeting in Minas Tirith and sharing a love for Aragorn and Arwen, sure. But it was in the Blessed Realm that they grew like brothers. And, like brothers, E2 will offer Legolas support in his less-than-comfortable relationship with his in-laws. Shoulder to shoulder. Steel grey eyes threatening. And behind them, the power of their rather intimidating family. Taryature and Linevende will get the message. Eventually.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/29/2005
Hilarious--one of the advantages of having children is the ability to foist duties like this off on them, or at least make them share the load. But I doubt Thranduil would wish such a thing on Legolas, so it is good that the twins are there to lend him support as he exercises his diplomatic skills. The whole description of who needed to be spoken to, danced with, and generally courted made me cringe. My last teaching job required much of the same political games and I am much poorer at them than Legolas or the twins.

As usual, lots of great dialogue in this. ‘A reminder to Taryatur that Galadriel would be very annoyed if her favourite Wood Elf happened to fall off a tall cliff while he was visiting.’ *Snort*

Poor Legolas. :-)

Author Reply: Foisting distasteful duties off on the kids! Good one. I can just see Elrond smiling blandly as he points out that their relationship to Finarfin would be very useful in whatever diplomatic visit he wants them to make! Legolas spent several centuries as his adar's representative before Thranduil joined him - so undoubtedly grew inured to some of this diplomatic dance. His main problem is that the difficulties with Elerrina's parents are personal. But at least the twins are offering support.

The whole speak to the right people / dance with X before Y business - makes my blood run cold. Not my thing - but E2L can do it like professionals if they need to. They can just think of so many better things to do!

(Sounds a good job to have left. Pressing the right flesh ON TOP of actually doing the job well. Bad as being a politician.)

Poor Legolas. But at least he lives a long, long way away from his in-laws.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/28/2005
LOL! That was a absolutly great! I love these guys' repartee! Girding as if for a battle! :D So, the New Realms advance upon the Old using their own brand of cunning etiquette against them! Hah!

Author Reply: E2 are well-trained in managing events like these. Not that they like them - although I have a sneaking suspicion that they don't mind the admiring glances too much! And Legolas had less experience of this level of fencing in his youth - but he ruled Ithilien and spent several centuries as his adar's representative in the Blessed Realm. And then, of course, Elerrina's parents have given him a crash course in dealing effectively with difficult Noldor.

E2L must be rather like a cleansing wind rushing through the staid courts of a world that changed very slowly - and knocking them off-balance to the benefit of the New Realms. (Although I don't know if they would find it easy to get the better of Finarfin. He's as sharp as his daughter!)

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/28/2005
I really doubt that was the primary reason for Arwen binding herself to Aragorn. These are peacocks indeed--or perhaps merely very finely disguised turkeys, describing their brother/brother-in-law so?

Author Reply: One of Elladan and Elrohir's ways of dealing with serious matters is to treat them lightly. They are not 'dissing' either their sister or their brother - they joke because that way they can continue to talk about them and keep them in the forefront of their minds without constantly dwelling on their loss.

Of course, Arwen's experience in realm-running and diplomat-management would undoubtedly have been very useful to a king who had spent a lot of his life in the Wild and alone. But no. Not their primary motivation!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/28/2005

.... the thought of the twins on a charm offensive ....

Sorry, where was I? Ah yes, reviewing your latest chapter.

I have the feeling that E2 would be rather better at the whole diplomacy thing than Legolas - they have the experience of mixing with many races, and have some *very* illustrious relatives. There are some elves who would regard that as far superior to battling spiders, orcs and wargs for millennia - though the twins did that as well.

I love the snobbery of Elerrina's parents and their friends :)

Author Reply: Mmmmm. Who wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of an E2L charm offensive?

E2 have had many more centuries to practise. Although, of course, for much of the time they didn't bother. Orcs, you know. Don't require much in the way of courtly manners. But I reckon there would be enough snobs and social climbers around (even among elves) to be impressed by the general splendour of the Elrondionnath's family tree.

Legolas is somewhat less illustrious in their eyes - but he is a fully-certified Prince - and one of Olorin's companions on a quest even the Valar must acknowledge as world-saving. And then, of course, he is very pretty - sorry - attractive. And with powerful friends.

Elerrina's parents would much rather she had taken up with one of E2.

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/28/2005
I love this picture of the mighty warriors girding themselves for battle.. but instead of armor they have silk robes, in place of swords they have charm, and words are used instead of blows. Ah, how at times they must wish for the good old does that song go: the good old days weren't always good and tomorrow ain't as bad as it seems?

Author Reply: I think they find swords easier. Especially when confronted with an elleth who is determined to manipulate them - I can't help but feel they are likely to be a soft touch when it comes to the fairer sex! And then their wives, mother and grandmother will have to come and rout them and send them off in disarray.

They will be good at it, though. Elladan will go for the full-on approach, while Elrohir will be a bit more subtle and pick up the nuances.

Doing battle by dancing.

What an image.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/28/2005
‘This is such a tedious way to spend an evening.’ Legolas viewed the brightly clad groups of Noldor with a jaded eye. He sighed. ‘I would rather be home.’

‘I would rather be fighting orcs,’ Elladan raised the bar.

‘I would prefer to be dancing barefoot on hot coals while fighting dragons with a wooden spoon,’ Elrohir declared.

‘He lies,’ Legolas told Elladan.

Now this exchange should have come with a beverage warning!

Amazing, how well I think I know Elladan and Elrohir, just from your little stories, when you consider how little there is about them in canon.

Author Reply: I hear echoes of the Monty Python sketch - 'We lived in a cardboard box.' 'You were lucky'. . .

If the Elladan and Elrohir you know are the ones I imagine, I am really pleased because they are a very appealing pair - with a lot of excellent qualities to go with their undeniable good looks!

Glad you liked this!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/28/2005
My sympathies are with these guys. This kind of thing is very wearing for anyone, but for those who represent their realms it must be awful.

Author Reply: I can't see Elladan and Elrohir enjoying this kind of activity much - although I reckon Elrohir would be quite good at it. But they have had plenty of practice over the years. Legolas is less experienced, but he spent several hundred years as his adar's representative in the BR - his main problem is that Elerrina's parents like to make him feel the country cousin. But he has E2 there in support!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 77 on 11/28/2005
Sparkling conversation, displays of wit...these are not just "lookers" but "thinkers" as well.

Elladan raising the bar and his brother topping him was a hoot. "Fighting dragons with a wooden spoon" indeed!

And "orc brain"--what an insult! After all the orcs they've fought...


Author Reply: Thank you. It brought me a recollection of the 'we lived in a cardboard box' sketch from Monty Python. These three can play at so many levels - and turn round and be lords and diplomats.

They can insult each other - but no-one else had better think he can come in on the game!

Glad you liked it.

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