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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 9 Review(s)
lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/7/2006
I love these little conversations between these friends! So many little tidbits of many insights into their many insults....;-) I had to laugh at the descriptions of change and patience, according to the Blessed Realm (inertia? Hehehehehehe!) And I loved Elladan's excuse for his learning (or lack thereof) - he was doing it at his own rate, while rescuing his brother from translating all those treatises into Quenya...and of course, now he's "adjusting" his pace to suit the Blessed Realm! And the picture of entish elves, complete with moss, was priceless! A wonderful addition to the reflections, Bodkin! I just hope somewhere in these stories Legolas and his father-in-law come to some sort of peaceful coexistence (for Legolas' sake, bless his heart!) Eagerly awaiting more!:-)


Author Reply: They just love talking - and don't mind having their words recorded! And male friends wouldn't know what to talk about if they couldn't insult each other. I do think that the slowness of change among the elves of Aman must have driven their more energetic kin to the edge - and the twins are definitely used to action. (They might have been exaggerating a little though - don't you think?) I rather liked the image of entish elves.

And, sooner or later Legolas and Taryatur will have to come to some accommodation. After all, they can't rely on time to remove the problem. I think I'm beginning to sense a solution - not yet, though. I've currently got Taryatur working his socks off to keep Legolas as far as possible from his cherished daughter. I don't think he'll succeed though!

Good to hear from you. Thank you, Linda.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/6/2006
Sorry about the empty review--I'm having a technologically challenged day. (*rolls eyes*) Sadly, I think I have done the exact same thing to you several times.

Thankfully, I had this to help me avoid work today or imagine what I would have done to the network. I know I say it every chapter but I love these Reflections. This one cracked me up from the very first line and never stopped. E2L were in rare form in this one. And what really amused me is that they seem to have come full circle again: ‘It takes an age for anything to change here. There are still elves following the same routines they did when the Trees lit the land. I would not want anything to give me that kind of patience.’

If they are complaining that things move slowly, that must surely be a sign of impending doom. ;-)

Great chapter as usual. :-)

Author Reply: Thank you, elliska. I'm always glad to help people avoid work - although a Reflection isn't going to distract anyone for too long!

Sometimes these three are just full of beans and can't stop digging at each other - it's a good thing they know each other pretty well! I think the difference with their protests about the slowness of the Blessed Realm is that they are now doing something - so find it frustrating, whereas, in their early days, they wanted to be entertained and found it boring. They have matured quite a bit! (Must be the wives and elflings!)

There's always the potential for chaos. No orcs though. No other monsters nor Dark Lords nor wars nor earthquakes, nor volcanoes. Just domestic disasters! Involving other elves - which is enough really!

perellethReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/6/2006
You are right. There was a time when I felt that I would be stuck for yeni negotiating over haulage rates and grain supplies... WHAT!! Legolas had to negotiate with the Chinese! I'd love to read that! ( sorry, I got carried away! ;-) )

These two last chapters are nicely linked... Patience indeed... Now I'm beginnning to pity Oropher, and to wonder if he ever really knew what he was geting into.... :-)

Author Reply: Yes - Legolas works for UNICEF. He can give his dad a hand in his attempts to save the jaguar!

Oropher is going to find it very difficult to adjust, I think. Likes things to go his way too much - and hasn't the patience for the mills of God stuff - that grind slowly, but exceeding small.

E2 can do it - if they must - and I reckon Legolas has a more natural, tree-like patience. Probably inherited it from his naneth.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/5/2006
their kings since the First Ages have been Oropher and Thranduil! Would you argue? ...they rarely engage overmuch in debate. LOL! So, you really do understand an old bowman's reasoning!

Maybe you have just been lucky in your Noldor... LOL again! Love the segue back to Legolas' problem.

...mountains to grind down to sand. Not to say that this is beyond a truly patient elf!

You always bring us such excellent tidbits. :D Thanks!

Author Reply: It must be infuriating - particularly to Oropher - to try to command people who have understood the power of water. They must simply have slipped through his fingers when not wanting to co-operate. I wonder if I've been influenced by Hrassa?

Maybe it makes the more Noldor characteristic of staying to argue you down seem preferable in those you rule ... or maybe not!

Poor Legolas. I think he and Taryatur will have to come to some accommodation. Perhaps now Oropher and Taryatur can slug it out, they will get over their long-held resentments. Perhaps. Legolas doesn't deserve to suffer as an inadequate-son-in-law for quite long enough for mountains to turn to sand. Something Must Be Done!

Thank you - these are such fun tidbits to write.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/5/2006
Ah, our beloved Elven trio at its best, analyzing the new world around them. Lovely as usual!

Author Reply: I love it when they settle down for a good rambling chat - especially when they start teasing each other.

Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/5/2006
Wood elf lover that I am, my favorite part of this was the cracks about Oropher and Thranduil and how the wood elves just wander away when they want to be defiant! LOLOL

Author Reply: I can imagine that Wood elves have perfected the art of passive resistance. If you're just not there, you can't be ordered to do what you don't want to do! It must have driven Oropher wild - and I can't imagine it did much for Thranduil's blood pressure.

Not to mention having made Lasgalen very difficult to run at times!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/5/2006
I've missed these conversations between the three. I love the insults the twins hurl at each other, and the image of Elrohir as a geek and Elladan illiterate! :>)

Then Elrohir sums up the advantages of being a twin: ‘We made a good team – together we covered most possibilities. We saved each other a lot of work.’

I feel rather sorry for Legolas though, facing the constant disapproval of Elerrina's father. Reminds me of my late mother-in-law!


Author Reply: Thank you. These three are so easy in each other's company that they can let the barriers down and say pretty much anything. Although the twins have the advantage - they just know each other without having to say anything - but sharing is fun!

Legolas and his father-in-law ... peace will have to be declared sooner or later. Once Taryatur recognises the cause of the problem possibly. (He is currently experiencing great difficulty with recognising the spark of interest flaring between his precious daughter and this former warrior with blood on his hands. I'll have to see how that goes.)

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/5/2006
Oh dear! We are almost back to the very theme that started this whole story--how, er, *slow* the pace of life is in the Blessed Realm...

I loved this line: ‘I would not want to develop that level of inactivity!’ Elladan declared. ‘There are those here who could have moss growing on them. It is almost ent-like.’ He paused and reflected on the image for a moment. ‘Well, maybe not,’ he conceded.

It was the "maybe not" that really got me! (That and imagining Elves with moss growing on them...)

Author Reply: It is quite a picture. Especially the moss!

The difference here, I think, is that at the beginning E2 particularly were 'being-done-to' - they were weary and far from home and had no purpose. Now they have a purpose - they are working hard towards a certain goal - and their objections to the slowness of the pace of life is more because it takes so long to tease out the conclusions they want.

I love the way these three just talk at me - it really is a case of get the first line and just cling on as they ramble. In some ways these are my favourites to write.

I went back and read a collection of the earlier ones yesterday - and it's interesting to note how my perception of the world has developed. And changed, in places! And it's also the case that these little chats have sparked off so many other tales!

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 81 on 3/5/2006
"Half the time I think that the only purpose of lordship is to provide everyone with someone to dislike."

If you substitute "government" (or maybe "lawyers") for "lordship" here, it's just as applicable to us as to the Elves of Valinor.

Great line!

Author Reply: About the only time a whole society agrees on anything is when they're all against the government. It's much more difficult to find anything that has everybody joining together in its favour!

E2L have been lords for a long time - I think they're inured to bouts of unpopularity. They know that it comes with the job.

Thank you - good to hear from you.

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