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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 11 Review(s)
elliskaReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/18/2006
Hehehe--there is an advantage to the elves waiting so long between children. Their earlier children are built-in nannies. Poor Legolas. I loved the "and she managed a straight face, too, which is remarkable." Too funny. As was the reason why E2 never were made to mind Arwen. And I feel sorry for anyone those three are plotting against. I have said several times before, I believe, that I completely agree with them in this case though. :-) Great chapter Bodkin. Sorry I have been so out of it and was so long in reviewing it.

Author Reply: Thank you. It must be so confusing, though, to have such age gaps - you could have grandchildren old enough to be your children's grandparents. I think in the end you might just have to treat all adults as equals and all children as children. If that's not too confusing.

Elladan (especially) would have thought Arwen made a terrific flirting accessory! And they were only just over 100 - barely out of the nursery themselves. Yes - these make pretty skilled and very relentless plotters - Glorfindel had better watch out. However, I reckon Celebrian could stymie them fairly easily. Like Glorfindel, they are putty in the hands of family females!

I hope work is less manic - and it's good to hear from you. And from elfling Legolas and his friends!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/15/2006
The wait for the door to that other room to open must at times be a great trial. Love how they look at Legolas's sister and think of their own lost ones. And I think that at that moment Arwen and Aragorn both are looking over their shoulder at the infant, smiling gently.

Glad I've been able to get back online more properly and get caught up once again.

Author Reply: It probably seemed no separation at all on the other end - but the elves had the whole of Arda's ages to endure. Even with the time perception of an elf, it must have seemed a long, long time. And I suspect that, like Glorfindel, these three are very susceptible to the charms of infants - and putty in the hands of little girls.

Thank you. Good to see you back online. It leaves quite a hole in your time to be excluded from the web!

MaidenofValinorReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/15/2006
It would be so strange for me to have someone you think of as a brother in love with your sister. I am glad the twins accept it though, but I am sure the inital shock would be something like I would feel. It took a while for me to get around to it, but I enjoyed this installment. Great work! Keep it up!! ~M

Author Reply: And Aragorn must have been particularly disconcerting - I mean, he's mortal and nearly three thousand years younger than their sister! On the other hand, the family tendency towards foresight might have made them aware that Arwen would face a difficult choice - although they probably wouldn't have seen it in the face of the boy they had been helping to raise.

Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/12/2006
Oh dear! Elrond and Celebrian had better watch out! Goodness--a little sister, huh? Now *that* would be extremely interesting...

Author Reply: It would be interesting. Although the cast of infants is already far too extensive. But you can't help feeling that Elrond and Celebrian deserve to have a child who will grow up in the safety of the Blessed Realm and will never be confronted with the need to choose.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/12/2006
The way this conversation rambles from one subject to the next is absolutely charming. That and recognizing the fact that all their girls have turned out blonds. But, in no way near the stereotyped blond of our day, thank goodness. ;)

Elrond and Celebrian having another child? Surely, their situation is not the same as Laewen's and Thranduil's. Glorfindel - obsessively loyal?! *snerk!* Well, I would have it so. "...not since his return." lol! Did you mean from Mandos or Ennor, eh? You're just being nice to those that would have him pursuing the pleasures of ME. ;) Letting an elleth ride one's horse... you brought out the lascivious side of my humor with that phrasing. *g* Arwen playing the role of Emma would have been delightful!

"Life is too precious to waste." Now, that's true Wood-elf wisdom!

Another lovely chapter done with your unique style of humor and sensibilty. Just full of hints, this one. ;D

Author Reply: Thank you. I don't know that Elrond and Celebrian will have another child. Although I suppose they could be swayed into thinking about it. Glorfindel has his principles - and they include keeping faith beyond the expectation even of elves. (Oh dear. Lascivious sides. I do try to avoid suggestive wording - but it just creeps in.) I would have liked to see Arwen trying to match him up with a suitable elleth. Not that she would have stood any chance - he wouldn't admit it, but I think his heart is already claimed - although he might think his hankerings are hopeless.

And yes - all blonds. Elerrina is reddish fair - which probably came as a bit of a surprise to her father and Legolas is blond, so none of their offspring is likely to be dark. And then the twins have one dark haired gene and one very blond gene - so with Sirithiel being pale-haired, Elrohir's offspring have a three out of four chance of being blond. Elladan, on the other hand, has a dark-haired wife. He is the best option for a dark elleth if Elrond refuses to play.

I do enjoy it when E2L's conversations ramble like this. And I'm still trying to catch up with various ramblings from earlier conversations.

LevadeReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/12/2006
Nothing like seeing three strong warrior types go mushy over a baby girl. ;)

‘Arwen could have done it,’ Elladan said regretfully. ‘I would have relished watching Glorfindel squirm.’

Oh, come on! No guts, no glory! Unless of course one of their daughters inherits Arwen's talent and can make Glorfindel squirm. That would be fun to see!

‘It is the only way to see it.’ Legolas shrugged. ‘Nothing is lost merely because we cannot see it: Ilúvatar would not permit it. Life is too precious to waste.’

I like that.

Fun chapter, as always. It's lovely, funny and touching by turns to see these elves live in Aman after all they went through.

Author Reply: Our big brave Balrog-slayer is putty in the hands of the females in his life! Arwen could twist him round her little finger - having picked up the skill from Celebrian! But it's a voluntary servitude - and a courtly love.

The twins, on the other hand, he likes to tweak - and he has trained them as youths and young warriors to do as he bids them! The habits of youth are very hard to overcome.

Legolas has doubtless given a lot of thought to the fate of men, dwarves and hobbits - and had made his own mind up.

Thank you. Poor E2L are leading very sedate lives at the moment - I think they need an adventure!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/12/2006
I think it's about time Elrond and Celebran had another child - and it would do the twins good to be big brothers again. She wouldn't replace Arwen, of course - but she might ease the pain a little.

Lovely to see Legolas with his little sister!


Author Reply: Elrond and Celebrian should have another child. I'm not sure I could cope with more elflings, but they should. The twins would be more like uncles than brothers really - since they have getting-on-for-adolescent children themselves.

I think psychologically E and C are probably better able to deal with having another child now - it wouldn't be like trying to replace Arwen. They have the twins and their grandchildren - and Celebrian, at any rate, would love it. Don't know that Elrond will be willing and she wouldn't push him. (I think Elrond needs an Elflings centred on him.)

Thank you - I loved picturing Legolas cuddling Celumil, too!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/12/2006
re: the last bit in your comment to Daw--the same had crossed my mind, about the hobbits and dwarves.

Forgot to mention, and perhaps you've already addressed it here... I'm a little confused. I don't think you meant to imply that Glorfindel fell in love with Arwen as she was growing up, though for a moment (until I re-read that bit with its reference to golden hair) I flashed to a parallel of that plot dimly remembered from some classic or other, but I didn't catch the reference. Glorfindel was enamoured of an elleth with golden hair? Or did I get that wrong?

Pardon me, my head is very thick this morning. We stayed up into the wee hours to watch the Olympics and I haven't yet had my early tea.

Author Reply: Hard divisions - Legolas has to have developed a philosophy that can encompass all those he has loved.

Glorfindel loved Arwen as a daughter, not in any other way - her beloved uncle and occasional father substitute. In Discretion there is a passing mention of the elleth-who-rode-his-horse - and there is no more than a suggestion that he might have someone to whom he is (perhaps) committed - even if he has never told her.

Early tea. Very important. Two cups.

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/12/2006
Do you know, I started out with my lips quirking, for I kept hearing that song from "White Christmas" by the same title as this chapter, and then as I began to read I realised that it was *brothers* talking about sisters, rather than a chapter about sisters talking about each other.

And then I nearly lost it, remembering Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye doing the song, and suddenly... but you don't want to know.

Anyhow, very deftly done, starting so light and humorous and ending with I-forget-the-word, but you brought a tear to my eye. Good for Legolas!

I particularly liked this bit:
I have let many ellyth ride my horse, my twin. It is not a promise of eternal devotion.

But you are not Glorfindel. Elrohir stretched. Our favourite son of Gondolin is very possessive about his long line of Asfaloths.
(and I like the fact that Glorfindel kept the horse's name the same for each successor, but was devoted to each. Somehow it reminds me of my late brother, when we were little, and his succession of turtles named "Clark".)

Author Reply: You could see them in drag, with their pretty elven hair, performing that .... No. I think I'd rather not!!

I love the turtles named 'Clark'. Such a good idea. Mice. Hamsters. They should be interchangeable.

Maybe Glorfindel is trying to pretend that time doesn't pass. Or that he builds a similar close relationship with each passing horse. As a constant in his life.

I can (well, did) picture Elladan as being happy to flirt with lots of ellyth - but feel that maybe Glorfindel has a hankering for someone from whom he has long been parted.

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 80 on 2/12/2006
It's so different being an elf. We humans, if we want a child to fuss over but not to raise, can only hope for grandchildren. Elves can also hope for centuries-younger siblings. Weird.

Legolas's view of those who are no longer living makes sense (especially for him), but I can't help but wonder what Iluvatar was thinking when he gave the Firstborn and Secondborn separate fates. Didn't he anticipate situations like this one?

Great chapter, even though our guys are getting a bit tame.

Author Reply: The age gaps can be - staggering. I think they might just have to work in stages rather than ages! The twins took a long time to reach married-with-children, but now they are properly adult. And Elrond and Celebrian might be ready to have another child - but, on the other hand, they might not. I think Elrond, at any rate, would have his doubts.

The different fates of elves compared to men/dwarves/hobbits doesn't seem too bad on first casual thought - but the more you consider it, the tougher it gets. Maybe Iluvatar decided it wasn't such a hot idea - once it was too late to do anything about it. If all the elves had been transported west in their early innocence and remained ignorant of what went on east of the sea, it might have worked - but the Valar didn't sheepdog them together quickly enough.

They are going through a bit of a domesticated phase, aren't they? I think they need an adventure.

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