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The world of J.R.R. Tolkien is owned by Tolkien Enterprises and/or New Line Cinema.  No money is made from these stories. The stories are the intellectual property of the author(s) and should not be reproduced without their permission.

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Then Aragorn took leave lovingly of Elrond; and the next day he said farewell to his mother, and to the house of Elrond, and to Arwen, and he went out into the wild. For nearly thirty years he laboured in the cause against Sauron; and he became a friend of Gandalf the Wise, from whom he gained much wisdom. With him he made many perilous journeys, but as the years wore on he went more often alone. His ways were hard and long, and he became somewhat grim to look upon, unless he chanced to smile; and yet he seemed to Men worthy of honour, as a king that is in exile, when he did not hide his true shape. For he went in many guises, and won renown under many names. He rode in the host of the Rohirrim, and fought for the Lord of Gondor by land and by sea; and then in the hour of victory he passed out of the knowledge of Men of the West, and went alone far into the East and deep into the South, exploring the hearts of Men, both evil and good, and uncovering the plots and devices of the servants of Sauron.

Tale of Aragorn and Arwen, Appendix A, LotR


Most recent additions or updates
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bullet The Lion and his Lady by Lialathuveril Last Updated: 8/20/2017
How did Éomer, King of Rohan, meet his wife? This is a series of oneshots describing different scenarios, some long some short, some serious some less so. No connection with each other or any of my other stories.
Number 8: Joust
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 8 Published: 10/22/2007
bullet Of Rangers and Caves by Mirach Last Updated: 8/16/2017
Summary: Aragorn and Arwen are trying to get a private moment.
Rating: R Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 8/16/2017
bullet Swan Song by Conquistadora Last Updated: 8/13/2017
King Elessar has planned an elaborate New Year's celebration to reunite the free peoples of Middle-earth and the heroes of the War of the Ring, but unrest in Gondor and an ambitious new enemy in the south threaten much more than the festivities. Prince Imrahil joins forces with Gondor's newest allies to protect their hard-won peace against enemies both within and without. ((An ongoing collaboration with my husband, the Imrahil fan.))
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 13 Published: 6/29/2014
bullet On the knife’s edge by Laikwalâssę Last Updated: 8/13/2017
One short moment may change the life of Elrond forever.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 14 Published: 4/22/2017
bullet The Tenth Walker by Lindelea Last Updated: 8/11/2017
Probably been done before, and perhaps better, but Bill the Pony gave my elbow a nudge this morning, causing me to spill my tea, and he licked up all the sugar from the bowl, and is likely to make a complete nuisance of himself if I don't write down his story. Hollin at last.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 89 Published: 6/15/2005
bullet The Honorary Hobbit by lovethosehobbits Last Updated: 8/6/2017
Prank prone hobbits are not a good mix at the Last Homely House so Aragorn is called upon to take the hobbits on a walking party. Disaster strikes as a storm moves in on the group.
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 27 Published: 9/10/2011
bullet The Eagle on the Ramparts by Canafinwe Last Updated: 7/30/2017
From Rohan he came, but he was not one of the Rohirrim. Thorongil he was called, the Eagle of the Star, and he was the son of no man. Strong was his sword arm, unfailing his courage. Yet not all welcomed the stranger to Minas Tirith...
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 25 Published: 10/24/2015
bullet Small Hands by shirebound Last Updated: 7/21/2017
Two late-comers to Cormallen are nervous about meeting the Ring-bearers. In the process of getting to know them, they learn a great deal about hobbits... and their new king. Characters include Aragorn, Pippin, Frodo, Merry, Sam, and Gimli.
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 2 Published: 7/9/2017
bullet Another Moment of your Time by Larner Last Updated: 7/20/2017
A second collection of Frodo-centric fics.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 88 Published: 1/19/2010
bullet Dreamflower's Mathoms III by Dreamflower Last Updated: 7/19/2017
My third anthology of shorter stories, ficlets and vignettes. NEW!#32: "Summer Love"-- Bungo Baggins and Belladonna Took and a romantic picnic. Recipe!Fic; (Written for LOTR Gfic Picnic Challenge).
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 32 Published: 9/17/2012
bullet From Wilderness to Cities White by Larner Last Updated: 6/22/2017
A new collection of stories involving the Fellowship and the world they knew.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 65 Published: 9/21/2010
bullet Sam's Coming-of-Age Gift by KathyG Last Updated: 6/21/2017
On Samwise Gamgee’s 33rd birthday, Frodo has a coming-of-age gift for him. This is my contribution to the LOTR Community Challenge’s “Graduation Gifts” challenge, and my prompt is a coin. Thank you, Dreamflower, for beta-reading my story!
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 6/21/2017
bullet Tempest: Modern Age by TolkienScribe Last Updated: 6/18/2017
Part 1 of "Tempest At War". Thranduil Oropherion lives his life as a Homicide Detective in NYC. Everything is going smoothly until unexpected visitors arrive on his doorstep and he is needed to play his role as Mirkwood King again. NOT AU. Dagor Dagorath.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 1 Published: 6/18/2017
bullet TolkienScribe's Scribblings by TolkienScribe Last Updated: 6/18/2017
Stories of varying lengths published together when they are not worthy to be published separately. All characters. All genres. Rating PG-13 just for safety. New chapters in order: Faramir, Frodo and Imrahil.
Rating: PG-13 Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 15 Published: 9/28/2015
bullet Poetic Arda by Mirach Last Updated: 5/26/2017
Inspired by Poetic Edda, a collection of my poems from Middle-earth. New: Orc and Spring - humorous poem
Rating: G Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 31 Published: 3/17/2012
bullet Gamgee Gifts by KathyG Last Updated: 5/12/2017
On the day after Bilbo’s departure from the Shire, Frodo gives Hamfast and Sam their gifts from their former master. Dreamflower, thank you so much for beta-reading my story, and for helping me out with the Gamgees’ speech!
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 5/12/2017
bullet That Which in the End Abides by quodamat Last Updated: 5/8/2017
Facing death in Sauron's dungeon, Finrod struggles to hope.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 5/7/2017
bullet Whose Service is Perfect Freedom by Linda Hoyland Last Updated: 5/6/2017
A young Easterling soldier is forced to swear an oath to Sauron.
Rating: R Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 2 Published: 1/17/2017
bullet The White Tree of Annúminas by shirebound Last Updated: 5/5/2017
On the anniversary of my 15th year writing LOTR fanfic, a wee mathom! In Annúminas, a special ceremony is held before dawn.
Rating: G Reviews Status: Complete Chapters: 1 Published: 4/29/2017
bullet This and That by Lindelea Last Updated: 5/1/2017
A place to collect dribs and drabbles, one-shot stories and one-chapter challenges. New story: Challenge piece: A fisherman out of water, at the battle before the Black Gate.
Rating: PG Reviews Status: In Progress Chapters: 36 Published: 12/2/2004
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