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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 6 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 69 on 9/13/2005
How easily Elves can be amused! By throwing each other in pools, by realizing their fellows are making utter fools of themselves saying untoward things in Dwarvish, and by considering how they might lead their sisters in the future to drive their parents crazy....

Lovely as always.

Author Reply: Well - the twins and Legolas tend to be caught in holiday mood when they are together in these snippets. Most of the time they are mature, responsible elves, who work hard for the benefit of elvenkind . . . They are, really!! Happily married fathers of growing elflings organising large estates, negotiating trading contracts, working together with the various kings and lords to ensure the smooth operation of food supplies, and co-operating with others over justice and politics - and stuff.

But when they get the chance to party - they can party like it's 1999!!!

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 69 on 7/24/2005
Oh... It's a girl! How much fun! Bows and ribbons and shiny shoes that she can look in while she's walking. Hairdos and gowns, earrings and necklaces made of macaroni. What the king is in for. I love the mental image I get of Thranduil trying to find a favorite sash or very important stuffed puppy before she can get on with whatever is to be done. Um...m.m. Excuse me. Not having a girl of my own, I got a little carried away with girly things. But they're so cute!

E2L were quite smug and highly amused at the good king doting on his wife. Let's just hope that Thranduil is out of hearing range. Legolas might find out that he's not too big for a shake-down by dad.

I loved it when Laerwen removed the pillow that Thranduil had stuffed behind her back. Nothing like a 'helpful' husband.

Adorable chapter. I got all excited that we're having a girl!


Author Reply: I can imagine him standing back and looking totally bemused. Although, if he's sensible, he'll start paying a little more attention to how Eleniel manages to wangle her own way.

And, just as it's a grandfather's right to indulge his granddaughter and conspire with her - Legolas can play the big brother game with his little sister, but without the danger of being sent to his room. Oh, this could be so much fun!

I think it might lead to a lot of memories of a different time, though - here is a child who will not need to be protected from evil. The only dangers to confront her will be the normal dangers of growing up in a forest. No orcs, no spiders, no Nazgul, no men, no dwarves. It'll take some adjustment.

E2L are going through that 'been there, done that' part of watching other people tackle parenthood. Of course, Thranduil and Elrond can just step the other side of them and do the same to them! Elven timescales are just such fun! (I think they're all wary enough of Thranduil to keep their amusement to themselves. They have a strong instinct for self-preservation, after all!)

Laerwen is enjoying Thranduil's attentions. But she will have to get him calmed down before the bump really starts to make her feel uncomfortable.

I'm glad you enjoy the prospect of a girl! Thranduil sends his thanks.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 69 on 7/24/2005
Oh, I absolutely adored this. I was hoping it would be a daughter but I didn't want to push in reviews. But that is wonderful. Thranduil needs a daughter. I think he would be largely a reasonable parent with a daughter, but I think a daughter would get away with far more than Legolas ever did--she will wrap Thranduil around her little finger fairly easily, I think. Legolas may be a bit jealous. :-)

And I love seeing Thranduil caring for his wife (though I just cracked up when she moved the pillow--leave it to males to do more than what is required).

Naneth tells me he was even worse the first time,’ Legolas chimed in, ‘but I suppose he might have made more effort to hide it – for the sake of the dignity of the throne.’ Hilarious! I imagine Legolas is just amused as he can be watching this.

I have since realised,’ he added, ‘that Glorfindel put us up to it – and that it was another of his many ways of teasing Adar.’ Also absolutely priceless! I love Glorfindel more and more, but that is a great idea.

And the discussion on the "technicalities of sibling production" was great if a bit sad from Legolas's perspective.

This was a wonderful, wonderful chapter!

PS--Hint taken about Interrupted Journeys. :-) I have delayed beginning to post again far longer than I intended. I hope to be back at it this week, barring insanity or hurricanes. ;-)

And I hope you have a lovely holiday. :-)

Author Reply: I agree - a daughter will be able to manage him far better than Legolas ever could. Even though he's had training in the wiles of ellyth from Eleniel! I don't think he's quite prepared for the shift in focus. And then, of course, there are no orcs, no Ulairi, no giant poisonous spiders, no evil-intentioned men. Just normal things to protect her from. But, on the other hand, he's no pussycat. She might spend her adolescence complaining about how unnecessarily strict and old-fashioned he is and how none of her friends have to do whatever he insists on!

I imagine that if Thranduil decides to care for you, you stay cared for! Laerwen might have to have words!

It must be hilarious for E2L to be watching from that slightly patronising 'we've been there, we've done that, we've got the T-shirt' point of view. (Parents of older children are always saying, 'you don't know what trouble is yet, just you wait until . . .) Of course, Thranduil - and Elrond - can turn round and reciprocate. Could make all the mingled relationships rather fun!

Shame Glorfindel didn't persist - Elrond could have done with another daughter - one whose fate wasn't bound up with that of mankind - but never mind. Elrond is happy now.

Interesting to think about elves and the birds and the bees.

I'm glad you enjoyed it - it was fun to do and queue-jumped the next one.

Posting this week? Aargghhh - I shall miss it. But I will be back to reading as soon as I can! (Don't let insanity or hurricanes stop you - they're minor inconveniences!) Thank you - I shall try to enjoy my break as much as is possible in the absence of the internet.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 69 on 7/24/2005
I like the idea of the mighty elvenking fussing over his wife like this - though she may not altogether appreciate it! I loved the little aside about her moving the cushion out of the way.

So Glorfindel was behind the twins' request for a little sister? Somehow, that doesn't surprise me ;)

Have a great holiday! Going anywhere nice?


Author Reply: Up near the Lake District. Never been there before!

Glorfindel should have kept them teasing for siblings. And got Arwen in on the act. Elrond could have done with another couple of children, I think, to help him through the trauma of the dark years!

Thranduil could be a bit - tiring, perhaps - as a nervous, concerned and caring husband. But Laerwen is tougher than she looks and she can cope with the fussing. At least at the moment.

Thanks for the good wishes! Hopefully I'll come back with lots of new words written, as well as an appreciation of the scenery.

MaidenofValinorReviewed Chapter: 69 on 7/24/2005
this is great. I am laughing aloud again, and my sister is wondering what is wrong with me, as usual. Poor poor Thranduil...but Legolas is getting a sister! How lovely! Now it's Celebrian's turn! *giggles* I am surprised it hadn't happened before.

Author Reply: Thranduil is pleased as punch - he doesn't realise he's become a spectator sport! And E2L are certainly not going to let him know that they find his plight a little on the entertaining side.

I don't think Celebrian and Elrond could have brought themselves to enlarge their family before the twins arrived - it would have been like admitting they had lost hope. And they would have felt as if it showed that a new child could replace one lost. But now - they have E2, healed and happy with families of their own. Maybe this new arrival will encourage them to add to their family.

A sister - some 1300 odd years younger than him and some 40 years younger than his own children. But elves must be used to all sorts of odd age gaps. After all, Elrond is more than 1500 years older than Celebrian - and Elladan is over 2000 years older than Miriwen.

Thank you for commenting!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 69 on 7/24/2005
Thranduil would slap these upstart puppies into a more respectful attitude if he knew what they were saying! I love the idea of him with a daughter. But I doubt if he'll be a pushover. Being a father is different than being a grandfather. If my son ever gives me a grandchild, I intend to spoil him or her rotten. I will always buy gum and junk from the machines at the mall.

Author Reply: Being indulgent is a prerogative of grandparenthood! That and handing them back as soon as they get sick or petulant.

I think Thranduil will find it a bit harder to deal with the eyelashes of a daughter than of a son, but he is only too well aware of the responsibilities of bringing a child up right! This child will have a naneth, though, and will be safe from the dangers of orcs and Ulairi. He might find it takes him a while to adjust to the difference.

And the generations are pretty mixed up - the child will have a niece and nephew on the verge of adulthood by the time she is sitting up and taking notice - and Legolas and Elerrina are certainly more up-to-date with the trials of parenthood.

I reckon E2L would still be far more careful and respectful in Thranduil's hearing. No matter how old they are! Some habits are very hard to overcome.

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