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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 8 Review(s)
elliskaReviewed Chapter: 73 on 10/22/2005
Catching up on my reading is so much fun! I love these conversations--so the poor ellon was trying to birdwatch and came upon some ellyth instead. I can tell you, you see strange things while birdwatching sometimes, so I can imagine this, poor thing. :-) But Legolas speaking in captial letters and the twins joking about blondes getting away with more and provoking Legolas with memories of past foolishness--all great stuff. I am so glad to see an update on these. I love them.

Author Reply: Thank you. I can imagine E2 spying on ellyth when then were 'teenage'. They would encourage each other, I think. But Galenthil hasn't really got to that stage yet. He truly is more interested in birds than in girls! And Legolas would have happened on them by chance, too - he might have misbehaved with his friends in Mirkwood, but there would be no way he would intentionally Disgrace His House in Imladris. But miffed parents don't always see it that way!

Legolas does very well when dealing with E2 - he doesn't generally let them provoke him. But there's really no venom in any of their exchanges - and they know each other well enough to say the kinds of things that no-one else could.

I hope Elladan doesn't bleach his hair, though. I can't imagine him with a long mop of Marilyn Monroe platinum.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 73 on 10/18/2005
... intimidation is so much less serious than using force... Well, yes in a way!

...learning to speack in capital letters... LOL! I loved that!

"Position and positioning are socially conditioning" you say?

And more blonde jokes, hah!

Very fun and funny as always! These conversations are wonderful.

Author Reply: Poor Elrohir. He really doesn't know whether Nimloth is making progress by confining herself to threats - or what he can do to improve matters. The next stage, I suppose, is that it will only take a sweet smile for her opponents to realise they are overstepping the line. By which time she will be well on her way to turning into a younger Galadriel.

Sons of lords and princes - at least they have parents who insisted on the idea of noblesse oblige, and let them know that with privilege came added responsibility. I don't think Nimloth has quite grasped that yet.

Thank you. Poor Legolas. Still, the blond jokes seem to be water off a duck's back - and he can give as good as he gets. It's just that it's always two to one.

perellethReviewed Chapter: 73 on 10/17/2005
LOL! I was laughing all along! Such an amusing entertaining conversation! truly, this three must have found out their hidden role in life as official anchors for "visit Valinor" campaigns! Such a great amount of spare time to enjoy polishing the fine art of friendly bantering! Great, bodkin, how they (they?) manage to stretch the smallest issue to hilarious conclusions! LEd by their own art, the twins are able to turn every situation against themselves! Bleaching his hair! Now, thanks Eru that's not something Elladan thought of as an elfling, or are you planning on surpirsing us with a shameful tale?

Author Reply: They do work. Really! But they are elves - and they have plenty of time to spend with friends. And they have trained for years in the art of turning molehills into mountains!

Jay has Arwen cutting Elrohir's hair to make a difference between him and his brother - that's bad enough. I don't think E2 really have any intention of seeking out the bleach. Well, not at the moment, anyway.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 73 on 10/17/2005
Elladan dying his hair? Well, it would be one way of telling the twins apart. I cannot imagine E2 as blond, though. Is there a Middle-Earth equivalent of blonde jokes, or 'blondes have more fun'? (I'm brunette, so couldn't possibly comment!)

So what's Galenthil been up to? And just what did his father do, so long ago in Imladris? Knowing Galenthil, he was looking at the kingfishers - though I can understand why some doubted that when the ellyth were so near.

Great to see an update on this, Bodkin. And congratulations on the MEFAs!


Author Reply: I doubt they can imagine themselves as blonds, either. (I wouldn't risk blonde jokes around Galadriel. Or Celeborn come to that. And Celebrian would get her own back. And then there's Thranduil. You'd have to be very careful with your audience!)

Galenthil - wrong place, wrong time. Same with Legolas. Peeking at ellyth when they shouldn't! They would both have been far more successful had they been doing it on purpose!

Thank you - congratulations to you on your MEFAs too! Well deserved, I must say!

LindeleaReviewed Chapter: 73 on 10/17/2005
Do you think we would have got away with more had we been blond? Elrohir asked.


You have such a way with conversation...

Author Reply: Poor Legolas - they do gang up to tease him. But he is comfortable in their company and can give as good as he gets.

And conversation is such fun!

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 73 on 10/17/2005
Loved the 'all pink and confused'young elf, and the suggestion that blond was a 'more attractrive shade' Hah!
An eternity of needling by ones friends - enough to make the woodelf sail back to M-e just to get some peace!
Great fun, well done

Author Reply: E2 are just throwing around the rumour that blonds have more fun. And look more innocent.

Poor Galenthil. He was probably squirming even more when he discovered that Nimloth was threatening her fellow ellyth with implied violence. Who wants to be protected by a girl - especially if she's younger than you!

These three enjoy tormenting each other - they are comfortable enough in their shared experience that it's water off a duck's back. And they get enough being grown up and sensible - they revert to their 'teenage' behaviour when they get together.

Glad you liked it!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 73 on 10/17/2005
Ah, parents being embarrassed by their children's actions and enjoying the discomfort of their friends when the same thing happens to them, especially if the friend's child is usually better behaved. I remember once taking great delight when another child (not mine) threw a glass of juice.

I don't the twins had bad reps because they were dark haired. They might want to reconsider that theory.

Author Reply: Parents enjoying the embarrassment of other parents - and children cringeing at their parents' activities. A friend of mine was once very pleased with her daughter for throwing up in her hands rather than over someone's sofa. What we descend to.

You think it wasn't the twins' hair colour that caused their reputation for trouble-making? But the golden Glorfindel was perfect - wasn't he? Or so he tried to convince the twins.

Perhaps they'll have to settle for staying dark-haired. I don't think the bleached blonde beach-babe look would go down too well in the Blessed Realm.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 73 on 10/17/2005
Well, if he were to do it, at least the two of them could be more easily told apart--until the hair grew out again, of course. How slowly does Elven hair grow, do you think?

I'll have to share this with my Scandihoovian blonde daughter.

Author Reply: I don't like to think how long it would take to replace a head of elven hair. (Jay had Arwen chop Elrohir's hair short because he was tired of being confused with Elladan - she might know!)

Elladan is only joking. He wouldn't really bleach his hair. Elrond would raise his eyebrow at him. And Celebrian would laugh. And his sons would be embarrassed in that intense way that children are when their parents try to pretend that they have a life of their own.

(And it wouldn't suit him.)

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