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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin

The Paradise of Elves – Part 4: The Opposite Sex


‘I must admit that I am quite partial to hair of a glossy chestnut,’ Legolas admitted.

‘What a Wood Elf,’ Elrohir teased.  ‘I expect you like them with hazel eyes, too, do you not?’

‘Apple-cheeked,’ Elladan added.


‘Oh, be quiet!’ Legolas snapped.

‘Wood Elf.’

‘It all sounds a bit precise to me.’  Elrohir lay back beside the stream and admired the pattern the leaves made against the sky.  ‘Are you sure you do not also have a name to which you are quite partial?’

‘I did not add most of those details,’ Legolas huffed. ‘You did.  I like chestnut hair, true – and green eyes – and curves.’ His eyes became slightly unfocused.

‘He has a name in mind,’ Elladan commented. ‘We just have to make him tell us.’

Elrohir smiled gently.  ‘He will tell us soon enough.  He has never been good at keeping secrets.’

‘I beg your pardon – I am excellent at keeping things hidden.  For instance, I know why it was that Estel told you both to leave Minas Tirith just after Eldarion was born.’  Legolas lifted his head and stared at his friends, his eyes as hard as blue steel. ‘Peredhil,’ he added.

Elladan blushed.  ‘He did not tell us to leave.  Arwen suggested that I needed some time to think about what I planned to do.’

‘And by the next time we visited the White City, the object of Elladan’s interest was middle aged, married and possessed of five children.’ Elrohir turned over to his side and glanced at his brother. ‘It is easy to forget how short a time Men have.’

‘Arwen was right,’ Elladan said sadly. ‘It was just a passing infatuation. I sometimes wonder if I will ever find someone to love.’

They remained silent for some time.

‘So what is your type, Elrohir?  Blondes, as I recall.  Leggy and with silly giggles.’

‘Oh, that was when I was scarcely grown,’ he replied. ‘I look for more in an elleth now.  Looks are not everything – I like them to have a few brains these days – and a personality. And I must say it is pleasant after all these years to be somewhere where there are ellyth to meet. And such a variety,’ he added appreciatively. ‘I have spotted one or two I would not mind getting to know better!’

Elladan turned his head to look at him piercingly. ‘You do not have to wait for me to find my perfect elleth, brother.  When you find someone to cherish, I will be happy for you.’

‘You will not have to be happy for me any time soon,’ Elrohir reassured him.  ‘We have hardly had time to get to know anyone since we arrived.  Legolas, on the other hand, has had centuries to make his mind up.’

‘We will find out, my friend,’ Elladan warned. ‘You would do better to tell us. Confess her name and we will not need to torture you.’

‘You need not, but that would not stop you – it never has before.  Not that it matters – I have no particular elleth in mind, understand?’

‘Of course you have not,’ Elrohir said amiably.  

They sat back, at ease in each other’s company, and watched the slices of sunlight move through the trees as the stream rippled past and the birds sang.

‘So what is her name, then?’ Elladan asked again.


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