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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin

The Paradise of Elves – Part 6:  Heart’s Desire

‘How is he?’ Legolas jerked his head to indicate the older twin as he stood cleaning out his horse’s hooves.

Elrohir rolled his eyes in amused exasperation. ‘Besotted,’ he replied.

‘Only Elladan could go from being resignedly unattached to madly in love in the space of an hour.’ Legolas shook his head in amazement.

‘An hour!’ Elrohir pushed back his hair and grinned. ‘Do not under-estimate his impetuousness, my friend. Seconds – that was all it took.  He saw her and fell.’

‘What is she like? I confess I cannot place her at all, even though I am sure we must have met.’

‘She is – a perfectly normal elleth.  Pretty: dark hair, grey eyes – infectious giggle. She has trained as a healer – that is why she was visiting adar.  Bright.  I like her, although I feel no urge to turn into a creature with the intelligence of a troll at the sight of her. You do know her – her parents came from Lasgalen, and she is about your age, so you probably grew up together.’

‘Does she care for him?’

Elrohir laughed.  ‘Need you ask?  You should see them gazing into each other’s eyes. They barely remember to breathe.  It grows tiresome, Legolas.  The sooner they wed and return to a form of normality the better.’

Legolas tensed slightly and turned to his friend, an anxious question clear on his face. He opened his mouth to speak, but Elrohir shook his head, smiling.  ‘I do not mind, my friend.  We are more closely connected than most brothers, but we do not wish to live each other’s lives.’  He paused.  ‘In many ways, I am relieved.’

Raised eyebrows encouraged him to continue, but instead, Elrohir turned the attack. ‘And what of you?’

Legolas reddened. ‘I told you both you were making something of nothing.’

‘You did.’  His friend continued to groom his horse, and there was only the soothing sound of even brush strokes to be heard until his head appeared over its back. ‘I did not believe you then, either.’  He kept watching Legolas’s face.  ‘Chestnut hair and green eyes are a most unusual combination.  She was not difficult to track down – although I must admit it took us some time to realise what we were seeing – and where.   I know her name – I know all about her.’ He laughed softly. ‘You do not like to take an easy path, do you, my friend?  What does your adar think about your choice?’

Legolas shrugged and offered a rueful grin. ‘He says that he is not one to hold grudges.’

The two stared at each other, before breaking into wild laughter.  ‘Stop,’ Legolas insisted. ‘At least he is making an effort.’

‘An effort I will enjoy watching,’ Elrohir admitted. He added wickedly. ‘Still, I suppose he would have found it more difficult had you fallen in love with a dwarf.’

‘I think he feared I had for a while,’ Legolas admitted. ‘Not that he said anything.  At any rate, he was a great deal less hostile to Gimli once certain that he was male. At least he is now contemplating me making a liaison with a beautiful elleth.  He will come round.  In time.’

‘Optimist.’ Elrohir considered his friend and shook his head.  ‘I confess I am surprised that you did not choose to marry before your adar sailed, so that he was too late to object. A sweet little elfling might have helped reconcile him to your choice.’

Legolas looked uncomfortable. ‘It did not seem right.’

‘Typical of your twisted nobility, my friend.  Nothing like having to fight for your heart’s desire, is there?’ Elrohir stopped. ‘All this romance has had an effect on you though, my friend. You are slightly better able to hold a conversation than Elladan, but you, too, are now to be counted among the fallen.’

‘What are you talking about?’ Elladan joined them, as they tossed the brushes on the shelf and prepared to leave the stable.

‘Ellyth,’ Legolas answered simply.

‘Ahh,’ he sighed in response, his normal alert expression giving way immediately to one of soft bedazzlement.

‘See – I told you,’ Elrohir said smugly. ‘The brains of a cave troll.’


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