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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 9 Review(s)
elliskaReviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/21/2005
I was out of town for training and I couldn't access this site from the training center. I was so happy to come home this morning and read this. I absolutely love the idea of Thranduil having a child in Aman. Wonderful! And this was great dialogue. Even better for him that it is horrifying the more cultured Noldor. I hope Elrond and Celeborn follow his example. And how wonderful it will be for him to have a child that will never face orcs and spiders. Loved it!

Author Reply: I have been resisting the temptation to present late offspring to E/C and C/G - mainly because they then have to be incorporated into all future tales! Thranduil seems the most likely parent - partly because Laerwen - (how I hate typing that name. That and Goerfer. They knot your fingers up.) - is rehoused, which must, I would think, be somewhat rejuvenating. And, of course, he wouldn't give a tinker's cuss about upsetting the usual conventions of not having children once you have passed the torch on to your children. And why should he!!

A child born to live as a Wood Elf should, in peace and harmony with the living world. Bliss. Probably.

Another part soon! (And then I'm away for a bit. And will try to complete some of my half-finished chapters.)

I'm glad you're back - and looking forward to the next Interrupted Journey. No desperate rush. Mid-August suit you?

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/21/2005
Awww, is he going to be a big brother, or are they just getting back together? I hope so. Nice teasing Bod and a wonderful antidote to a very dark but wonderful story I was reading before. (The Grey at the End of the World - not for the faint hearted!)
I do like the way you do conversation.

Author Reply: (I skimmed the recent addition to The Grey. It was too uncomfortable to linger.)

Yes, Reflections will stay frothy! Well, some of their musings are more serious, but they are the musings of generally-contented people happily settled in a place of safety.

How do you fancy a 1300+ year age gap? Offspring are reluctant to imagine their parents doing it at the best of times!

Actually, E2L are mature enough to be happy for their parents - back together after long division - and know perfectly well the - er - excitements of renewing bonds. Legolas is quite happy at the idea - even if his own children are adolescents now. In fact, he's quite looking forward to seeing his adar deal with the stresses of caring for an infant.

Thank you. I find a lot of my stuff just comes as conversation most of the time. The trouble I have is with action! Not that that's a problem with these - they are supposed to be idle chat!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/20/2005
ROFLOL! Go Thranduil!

Author Reply: Good for him! Laerwen is delighted.

I long to do the same to Celeborn. (And Elrond.) But I'm trying to restrain myself.

E2L are filled with that feeling of expectation that delights tired parents when that childless friend knowitall suddenly finds out how lacking in control parents inevitably are. Not, of course, that Thranduil doesn't know - but now they can watch him flounder!

eliza61Reviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/20/2005
Ooohh, Legolas is going to be a big brother? Is that it. (can you give me a hint?) I know I was pretty scandalized to realize I was going to be a big sister when I was 15. (why is it teenagers always think they're the first to discover sex). Any way great story, I like how you have developed the friendship between the 3.

Update soon

Author Reply: If you think a 15 year age gap is bad, Legolas is facing one of somewhere in the region of 1300. And he is a married elf with two elflings of his own!

But I don't think he minds. I can imagine that Legolas and the twins will rather enjoy seeing Thranduil pacing the corridors with a sleepless infant, with a frazzled look about him and baby sick on his shoulder.

Thank you. More soon.

LOTR loverReviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/19/2005
Heh. So the Noldor will be scandalized, eh? I'd imagine that, if not the icing on the cupcake, is at least the jimmies on it for Thranduil. But part of it must be not having to raise a child to be a warrior, not having to watch for Shadow behind every bush as he or she is growing up. You did foreshadow this, so I guessed right away.

But Legolas is being a bit too smooth and close-mouthed about it. How does he really feel?

Author Reply: And if the Noldor to be scandalised are Legolas's in-laws, then that's even better! It will be strange - it's a long time since Thranduil has had to think about child-care, and this is a different world. E2L are already beginning to angst a bit about what there is in the Blessed Realm to offer their children a worthwhile future.

I don't think Legolas minds. If he were a few hundred years younger, perhaps, but he is a married elf and an adar himself: he's secure. I suppose he might fret about his relationship with his naneth - after all, he hasn't really had a child/mother relationship with her. I'm rather wondering if the example might lead to some other unexpected arrivals. (And trying to resist the temptation.)

Mum's the WordReviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/19/2005
Am I misreading the evidence or is Legolas about to become a big brother?

In your chapter "Brothers" is this exchange:

"‘Elrohir watched thoughtfully as Legolas bore the baby away. ‘How long do you think it will be before the House of Oropher produces another heir? Legolas seems fairly smitten and Elerrina can barely keep her hands off your son.’
"‘I am wondering,’ Elladan grinned, ‘whether our prince might not find himself with a sibling rather than a child of his own. Lady Laerwen is at least as enthralled as Elerrina – and Thranduil is putty in her hands.’
"His twin laughed. ‘It is good to see that everyone has their breaking point, is it not? Thranduil has intimidated many into submission – but his wife only has to glance in his direction and he will do anything to please her. It is much like watching you and Miriwen when you first discovered the joys of love.’
"Elladan raised an eyebrow. ‘You were little different.’
"‘In fact, the euphoria of reunion being what it is, in many ways I was somewhat surprised that we did not arrive in the Blessed Realm to find that we were, once again, older brothers to an elfling or two.’"

It would indeed be an interesting development to have a whole new generation of elflings wreaking havoc in Aman. Hmm, I wonder what the Quenya is for "baby boomers."

I'm enjoying your reflections.

Author Reply: It's quite a large age gap, though! Some 1300 years. Thranduil and his wife are, I think, the most likely to go in for adding to their family. Laerwen is rehoused and they are reunited - I think the strength of the renewed bond might be close to the - er - passion of early marriage.

I long to gift Elrond and Celebrian with offspring, but my fingers itch to present Celebrian with a sibling or two. I'm fighting the temptation, because once written these whizzy ideas stick with me - and the cast grows ever huger. But it would be fun!

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/19/2005
I had a hard time figuring out what they were talking about, too. Is Jay right? Is Legolas about to become a really big brother? That would be a great idea.

Author Reply: They were being rather deliberately obscure. Yes, there is going to be the patter of tiny Wood Elf toes, and Legolas, aged somewhere in the region of 1300, is going to be a brother. Of course, he is already a father of two 'teenagers', so he'll be more of an uncle really. But the new arrival certainly puts a seal on the reunions in the Blessed Realm.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/19/2005
Well, well. A little sib for Legolas? That's a wonderful idea. I look forward to seeing Thranduil as ada to a toddler.

I had to laugh at the "uncontrolled" ways of Wood Elves.

Author Reply: Wood Elves. So inconsiderate. How could they embarrass Legolas's in-laws like that!

I think - with the rehousing of Thranduil's wife and the joy of reunion - not to mention the uncontrolled ways of Wood Elves - that they are the most likely older couple to add to their family.

Thranduil and a toddler. Of course, I will have to do that, won't I? I don't know - E2L just talk their way into all sorts of situations! But that could be quite a fun thing to write while I'm away next week.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 68 on 7/19/2005
I spent the whole of this chapter trying to work out what they were talking about! Thranduil and his wife are having another child? It will be odd for Legolas to have a brother or sister after so very long as an only child. At least it was only 111 years for the twins before Arwen came along.

I shall go back and read the chapter properly now, and take in all the wonderful insults they're hurling.


Author Reply: Nothing like a bit of deliberate obscurity!

Yes, the joy of reunion seems to have - hmm - brought about a rather belated excursion into the delights of parenthood. Do you think 1300 years or so is a bit of a bit age gap? You could be right. And this kid'll have a older niece and nephew - but that must happen all the time among elves.

Now if Galadriel gets broody, that'll be some age gap! 5000 or more years. But she wouldn't do that. Would she?

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