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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 11 Review(s)
Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/28/2005
Oh, nice pictures of woozy elves and celebrations. Pretty name too. Just hang onto those thoughts of blackmail E2, the blond elf will sober up soon.

Author Reply: He will get back at them - and they will retaliate - and they will continue to enjoy their special relationship. I do like the Wood Elfy celebrations - they are so free and light-hearted. (He's not very drunk - just too relaxed, expecially around the tongue!) I've had that name ready since July - some names just come together and feel right without any effort, just as others are a total struggle!)

How is the muse?

perellethReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/28/2005
I apparently missed last chapter, and I did not know that Thranduil was giving LEgolas a little sister! ( but then, you know I found out this series very recently and I fear I do not have time to catch up with all the background, until until christmas ! :-))

So it is good to see Thranduil settling down so thoroughly and it is amusing to see the wicked sense of humour with which the twins manage to try and dampen Legolas enthusiasm... onbly to be, once again, be threatened by their own past! I very much like the consistency of the relationship among these three, is so amusing!

Author Reply: I think the pregnancy started back in 68. (So many of them I get confused! But at least they are all short.) And then I got distracted.

Having a child will really help Thranduil make the mental transition, I think. After all, it worked with Legolas and the twins.

They do enjoy teasing each other - I don't see them as knowing each other very well until Aragorn became king, but they have so much in common now that they have developed the kind of friendship that is always there.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/27/2005

I had started this long ago, but it just grew faster than I could keep up with it, and so I left off early on. I took it up again this evening, and finally managed to get through it. I just love it all--the wonderful friendship between the twins and Legolas, and their ties to Middle-earth underneath it all. I especially enjoy it when you sprinkle in the references to those who are gone from them: Aragorn, Arwnen, the Fellowship--I'm wondering--in one chapter you have them planning a special celebration in memory of the hobbits. Did you ever write that story? Or is it just a bunny right now? If you've already written it, please point me in its direction.

Your OCs in the forms of the wives and children to these three are wonderful. I love all the discussions of how they "manage" their wives, or more often how their wives "manage" them, LOL!

I also have to say that I love the idea of Thranduil having another child this late in life--really, very neat idea. The generations and relationships of Elves must be very complex.

I suppose since Elves in the Blessed Realm live indefinitely, this story could conceivable go on forever. Won't hurt my feelings a bit if it does...

Author Reply: I will admit that I don't think I've ever read the whole thing through - it just grows in little increments, some of which are connected. But it does provide an assortment of ideas for other things! The celebration for hobbits saving the world has never been written, though.

The wives and children have just become people in my head now - and Legolas and the twins interact with them. I was worried about providing them at first - but surely families would be one of those things they would acquire in the Blessed Realm. And the wives are pretty skilled when it comes to elf-management. But then these three only need to do the puppy-dog eyes to wring their hearts in return!

I have been fiercely resisting providing babies for certain more mature elves - mainly because, once they're there, they have to do things - and the cast list gets even more extensive. And I already know I have lost track of the names of some of the extras! Relationships must be quite mad - elves of a dozen generations or more, all looking young and gorgeous, all fertile if they want to be. At least E2L have ancestors who waited until they were in their thousands plus before reproducing, which cuts the possible number of generations.

I think eventually the chapter numbers will run out - and we'll have to move on to Reflections 2. But the pieces keep coming! I'm glad you enjoyed them.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/27/2005
Wonderful! This is perfect. From the opening image of the fireflies (I miss those--we don't have them in Florida) to Elrin's high spirited, youthful celebration, to Legolas letting it slip! Oh that was wonderful! So funny when he not only threatened them with the ammunition Arwen had supplied--but proved he really had it too. And I loved the line: I believe an elf has a right to a daughter. I so agree. Daughters are special. And I love Celumíl. Perfect. She will indeed be a source of love. I am so happy for Thranduil! :-)

Author Reply: Thank you. I do like the images produced by Wood Elf celebrations - they are so vibrant and everybody is just plain enjoying themselves. Poor Legolas - he's not that intoxicated, but just forgot it was still secret. (I nearly typed it in a review last week!)

I think Arwen might have talked to Legolas quite a lot about her family - she wouldn't have revealed as much to Aragorn, probably, for fear of increasing his feelings of guilt. And Elrond would probably agree about an elf and his daughter - I'm sure that one of the things that has prevented Elrond and Celebrian from producing more children is that feeling of loyalty to a daughter who can no longer be with them.

And you either looked up the name or are very good at Elvish! I can spend hours trying to come up with good names, but this one just jumped out. Thranduil thanks you for your congratulations!

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/27/2005
Legolas is that deeply into his cups, is he? Alas and alack! But so lovely!

Author Reply: He's just a little light-headed, really. Enough to take the edge off his caution. And it is so difficult not to say something that is right on the tip of your tongue! I'm glad you liked it.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/27/2005
Ha! Tipsy Legolas spilled more than his wine!

"small, pink and indisputably innocent" a sweet little temptress already! Her Ada will have suitors hanging from the trees. No, I didn't mean like that! They will bring her more than candy and ribbons.

These are such wonderful little episodes. When shall Celumil appear in Eflings?

Author Reply: Legolas is just feeling relaxed - and in the company of friends. And the name just popped out. He's been letting it roll round his head as he got used to it and the trouble is, he has! But they need only keep it to themselves for another hour or so.

There is nothing like a baby for infecting all around her with the desire to follow suit. The suitors might have to wait a while - I don't think she'll notice them just yet. And I am sure Ada will want to have them hanging from the trees! (He gets to watch Legolas suffering with Eleniel's admirers first, though. Maybe he will pick up some tips.)

Celumil makes a brief appearance in the next Elflings. Which I nearly posted today, but then remembered that this needed to be first! Probably at the weekend.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/27/2005
Perhaps the key to paternal satisfaction is to have *a* daughter. (Or at least, one at a time.)

Tried that, doesn't work. One daughter can be far more trouble than one son. (Much father/daughter strife in our family!)

Author Reply: Oh well. Father/daughter strife is the other face of the special relationship.

I wonder if Celumil will turn out to be bolshie, like Nimloth. It's a bit hard to tell when all they do is rest in people's arms, looking cute. Thranduil will be a tougher cookie as a father than as a grandfather, that's for sure - and that sets up potential for trouble.

EllieReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/27/2005
Poor druck Legolas. I think it's funny he slipped up. I do hope that others will follow suit with more little ones of their own.

Author Reply: Only tipsy Legolas - he's a bit light-headed and not being careful enough. But the Name is in the forefront of his mind, and it just slipped out. Babies are very addictive - there might be others to follow. Although it does make story-telling more complicated as the cast list grows and grows!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/27/2005
The difference for Legolas is that his little sister knows him only as an adult, not as a young elf who doesn't always exercise the best judgment!

So what's the deal with Elrin? Is he just celebrating?

Author Reply: It's not the same, is it, being more than a millennium older than your little sister! And complicated by the fact that your own children are older than she is, and at a better age to be her siblings. I'm sure she will use them as substitute siblings - and see them make mistakes and get in trouble and suffer the angst of youthful attractions - but that could come with a tang of sadness for her brother. And, come to that, their parents. Autre temps, autres moeurs, as I seem to recall the saying.

Elrin is just enjoying himself. And, because he's at Thranduil's place, he can let himself go a bit more without all that adolescent worry about losing face. And maybe he is finding in himself a taste for the less inhibited Wood Elf way of doing things - after all, his naneth is a Wood Elf.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 75 on 10/27/2005
‘Daughters are special,’ Legolas pronounced. ‘You should have one, Elladan.’ He raised his glass in an airy salute. ‘I believe an elf has a right to a daughter.’

He declares this profound statement in front of Elrohir? With his spawn of Morgoth daughters? No wonder he thinks Legolas is drunk! He must be, though, to let slip his new sister's name so carelessly. Celumíl. I like it.

Author Reply: Aaww. Elrohir's twins aren't that bad!! They're beginning to grow into quite reasonable ellyth. Determined. Intelligent. Sharp-eyed. But not heartless.

And talking of letting the cat out of the bag - I nearly put her name in a review of the last chapter! And then nearly put up an Elflings that refers to her before this!

Perhaps the key to paternal satisfaction is to have a daughter. (Or at least, one at a time.) Maybe the problem is with multiples. E2 were probably harder to raise than single elflings would have been.

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