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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin

The Paradise of Elves – Part 16: New Life

Elladan stretched and sprawled out on the grass, his mouth gaping wide in a comprehensive yawn. ‘I have not felt this tired in centuries,’ he said.

Legolas and Elrohir exchanged quick glances of unsympathetic hilarity.  ‘What is the problem?’ the blond elf enquired innocently.

‘I cannot believe,’ Elladan shook his head, ‘that a creature so small – one I can hold in one hand – can cause so much chaos.’  He allowed his eyes to half-close.  ‘Tell me, my brothers; are they too busy with him to notice us?’

Elrohir looked swiftly back at the wide verandah.  ‘I do not believe they would notice if we set off some of Mithrandir’s fireworks.  We are no longer of importance to them.’

‘Oh, believe me, my twin, if we were to wake him up, or make him cry, they would notice us – and we would wish they had not.  Do you think that if we moved with enormous stealth, we might be able to sneak away to the stables?  I would like to spend some time in the company of large creatures that are unlikely to break when I touch them.’

‘We could,’ Legolas replied simply, ‘but do you think it would be wise?  Miriwen seems a little – shall we say – overwrought. I do not believe she would be very impressed with us should we vanish – and that would displease my wife.’

‘And mine, too, Elladan,’ Elrohir admitted. ‘As long as they are so bound up in cooing over that tiny elfling, we might escape their attention – until they want us for something, but this is an occasion of considerable importance for them, and I, at least, am not foolhardy enough to spoil it.’

‘No matter,’ his brother sighed. ‘Just let me sleep, will you.’ 

‘What is it like?’ Legolas aimed a small pebble at him.

Elladan grunted, but rolled on his front and lifted himself up on his elbows.  ‘He is noisy and demanding and malodorous.  He remains awake when I need to sleep, then sleeps all day.  He exhausts his naneth and makes her bite my head off – and he is wonderful.’  His smile lit up his shadowed eyes. ‘From the moment I saw him, he filled a gap I had not known existed.’

‘That is a good thing,’ Elrohir considered. ‘I believe I could live with that.’

‘Are you saying,’ Legolas asked, ‘that you. . . ?’

‘No, not yet,’ he replied dryly.  ‘But look at them.  Do you believe we will escape from here without our wives having been thoroughly corrupted?  I blame you for this, Elladan.  I am not yet prepared to gratify adar and naneth by increasing their supply of daerelflings, but I doubt I will be given very much choice in the matter.’

‘But think, my friend,’ Legolas pointed out, ‘how much pleasure you will gain from Sirithiel’s attempts to convince you that it is a good idea – and from the subsequent practice of what is involved in their creation.’

‘How do you think adar felt,’ Elladan asked, eyes closed, ‘when naneth and he realised they were expecting twins?  Let me assure you both that one elfling is enough to disrupt an entire household.  Can you imagine what it must have been like with two?  I have never respected my parents enough.  I must remember to tell them so, if they can ever be bothered to take their eyes from his face long enough to talk to me again.’

‘It is as well that Thranduil is not here,’ Legolas reflected. ‘He is also likely to be inspired to demand little ones.’

‘Is he still dealing well with your marriage?’ enquired the wakeful twin.  ‘Has he completely reconciled himself to the presence of your Noldor wife?’

‘He has decided to disregard Elerrina’s origin completely and bestow on her the status of honorary Wood Elf,’ his friend said and shook his head. ‘He is putty in her hands.  All she has to do is look at him under her eyelashes and pout prettily and he will do anything she requests.  If only I had her skills, my life would have been so much easier.’

Elrohir laughed. ‘I am just picturing you with a pout, my friend.  It is a horrible vision – I cannot imagine it would impress Thranduil one iota.  It would be far more likely to make him question your sanity.  The techniques used by ellyth to such effect do not work in the hands of a son, I can assure you.  You have seen how proficiently Arwen could manipulate my adar, without him even noticing – we were never able to do that.  Sons are better at managing their naneths.’

‘Perhaps you should remember that, my friend.’  Legolas prodded the dozing elf with his toe.  ‘You have been superseded in your wife’s affections and all you can do is watch.’

‘I just hope he turns out to be somewhat better behaved than we were,’ yawned the proud adar. 

‘You should be some steps ahead of him, at any rate,’ his brother reflected.  ‘There can be few pranks and predicaments which we did not at least sample. It should be some time before he begins to outwit you.   Maybe not even until after he starts to walk.’


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