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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 8 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 58 on 10/18/2005
Alack and alas--having to deal with in-laws! And in-laws that think the moon sank when their daughter went off to join the wood elves! And of course the twins are full of plans for distractions--distractions likely to drive Legolas more to distraction while amusing themselves! Heh!

Author Reply: I don't think Legolas's in-laws would actively dislike him - if he would only live next door, so that Elerrina and the elflings would be permanently on tap. Only elven society seems to be established as a patriarchy - and brides join their husband's family. (I think Elerrina is quite happy with that too!)

The twins will tease - but they're there when they're needed!

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 58 on 4/18/2005
A whole year! Imagine that! I sincerely hope you mean that Reflections will go on forever, tho'. I love the interaction and conversations between these three friends!

Poor Legolas! In-laws! Ain't nothin' like 'em to turn yer stomick inside out and upside down! (See? The mere thought brings out the hick Texas accent in me! :-) ) And Legolas was so intent on his reunion with his wife and elflings, he missed the impending arrival of doom! I certainly hope Laerwen will have some ideas up her sleeve (make'em love the forest - OR make 'em leave!) for Legolas' protection...else he may be one unhappy elf Prince for some time to come!

As usual, E2 were SO supportive! LOL And the comment about all elflings being savages made me choke! Truer words were never spoken! :-)

Wonderful job, Bodkin...may your muse never desert you...and may Reflections really go on - and on - and on...!!!!


Author Reply: Well - they are immortal. And in the Undying Lands. And I nearly always have one or two ahead of those here. They are just such a pleasure to write. Really, these three only have to be put in a situation somewhere and they just start talking.

Poor in-laws. They do get a bad name. Unfortunately often merited! They want to be assured that Elerrina is being treated properly - and that her formerly unknown naneth-in-law is not making her miserable. But you're right - Legolas is going to be grinding his teeth in an attempt to keep his tongue still and a smile on his face.

Elflings are natural savages, refined (eventually) by years of careful nurturing. And of course some are just a little more savage than others. And you are in the ideal position to know that!

Thank you. This is too much fun to stop. And I can see these Reflections seeing E2L through becoming in-laws and grandparents themselves!

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 58 on 4/17/2005
Poor Legolas has really missed his wife and children. I wonder if he'll be quite so enthusiastic about greeting his in-laws? And what will they make of the forest?

The picture of Aewlin and Nimloth as big cousins is intriguing - they won't be the youngest any more. Either they will utterly corrupt him, or will thrive on the responsibility.


Author Reply: I'm sure he'll be really happy to see them. Or maybe not! I hope Taryatur and Linevende have arrived intending to be broad-minded and tolerant guests who look for the best in their surroundings. . . But somehow, I can't see the smiles lasting too long.

I wonder how Aewlin and Nimloth will respond. Well, I think. But it will take the infant's arrival to let us find out!

(And it'll probably take me as long to think of a name for him as it has for Miriwen to carry him.)

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 58 on 4/17/2005
Congratulations on a year of Reflections and I am very glad there is no end in sight!

I loved poor Legolas's youthful impatience and his shock and threats upon hearing the rumor that more are returning than expected. The idea of Elerrina's very civilized parents in the forest is quite amusing. These three are the perfect friends and you capture it so well in their teasing. I love these. :)

Author Reply: Thank you!

I think Elerrina's parents could make very annoying company. They will either attempt to fit it - and make everybody really uncomfortable, or turn their noses up at everything and drive the locals mad. Although, they know Thranduil and Legolas (who are too well-mannered to say exactly what they think), but they don't know Laerwen - and I suspect that she could be tougher than Linevende thinks.

I love writing these - E2L are just so comfortable together that they only need to be put together for the talk to flow. I am sure there will be plenty more.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 58 on 4/17/2005
Oh no! The in-laws are coming! Cute scene. Legolas is so impatient and distracted that he's only half paying attention to what E2 are saying. Of course, they can't help but be amused by the Thranduilion. I suppose it won't be long before the new elfling arrives and 'someone else' will want a new one too. Often works like that. Maybe being elves the guys can forestall any more babies for a while. Fun chapter. Delighted smile on my face.


Author Reply: New elfling alert imminent. Legolas and Elrohir are convinced that the possession of twins will save them - but you know what babies do to all females of child-bearing age and inclination.

I think just at the moment Legolas will accept the in-laws as the price of having Elerrina home. Whether he will feel the same way by the end of a week is an entirely different matter!

Thank you for reading!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 58 on 4/17/2005
Bodkin, this is true torture! Poor Legolas has been missing his family for four months...and just at the height of his excitement to have them home, they return with the dreaded in-laws....who will probably decide the forest is so wonderful they should stay for a good long while! LOL! Oh well, Legolas knew married life could not be all bliss.

Author Reply: Or, more infuriatingly, will decide the forest is horrible and they should stay for a good long while, complaining all the time! The pain will make its absence enhance forest life after the parents-in-law go home, though.

I'm sure E2 will do their best to help. Although maybe not everyone will find them helpful.

Thank you for commenting.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 58 on 4/17/2005
Are you serious? The in-laws? Oh my. Poor Legolas. Do elves have that saying about how fish and relatives begin to smell after three days?

Author Reply: They're elves. Three days is far too short a time. Three months, maybe. And wouldn't you want to see where your daughter was living? And make the acquaintance of her new mother-in-law? (Perhaps Legolas will be able to persuade them to go and visit Galadriel. And perhaps not.)

Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 58 on 4/17/2005
‘They are elflings,’ Elladan said easily. ‘Savagery is a natural state of affairs.’

*splorfle* That needed a beverage alert, Bodkin!

Well, it's been a great year! I always enjoy seeing whatever you come up with next... it's always creative... and often hilarious, to boot!

- Barbara

Author Reply: Thank you! I find this all so enjoyable I have to force myself to do boring work stuff! I currently have four stories going (- I must be mad, but they just start themselves) - so I suppose I should try to finish three of them before beginning anything else.

Reflections, of course, will just keep going for ever. I'm glad you're still enjoying it.

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