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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 7 Review(s)
ShemyazaReviewed Chapter: 37 on 9/17/2004
I've followed your tales, although not always left reviews, because I find your stories interesting and very well written. I think yours is one of the more thoughtful premises about life on Valinor after the Elves have left ME. The three young men Elladan, Elrohir and Legolas interest me because they are a similar age, background and experiences. In spite of painting a relatively idyllic portrait of that life, every now and again you subtly hint at the fact that none of them really have a lot to motivate them, although in your parallel tale, now complete, you have them seeking new lands to develop. I think these subtle hints are excellent, because these three young men who have known excitement, danger and some wonderful people still on ME, would in fact find the idyllic life rather stagnant on occasion. Offspring and marriage would fill most of the 'holes' left in their lives, but I think your comment about the children not having much before them was for me a very telling one. You might not even have meant it like that, it may be just my perception, but I think that the three young fathers would occasionally find the lack of motivation and excitement very tedious indeed. None of them strike me as the kind to just settle in and enjoy stagnation, and in spite of the 'new lands' aspect, the virtual lack of any kind of real opposition or difficulties of any kind would be very irksome for them. They have totally different backgrounds to their wives and their parents are just happy to have set thousands of years of struggle and adversity behind them so they will be happy to settle. Elladan, Elrohir and Legolas still have a desire for adventure and excitement.

Just a few of my own thoughts on the subject! Of course you *were* instrumental in kicking them off!

Author Reply: I think that Elrohir, Elladan and Legolas were very much at a loose end to start with - they were quite lost, but as their lives have developed and they have acquired wives and children they have become much more content. I think people who have lived through war and dangerous times want their children to live in safety, but they then find it difficult to deal with the differences involved in growing up in a safe environment.

Developing new realms would be a challenge - and hard work - and would probably ease them through the transition from warrior to mature elf lords. After all - it's more or less what Elrond and Thranduil did after Dagorlad, until the return of Sauron altered the challenge a bit.

Elladan's wife is from Eryn Lasgalen - so she has a much clearer understanding of his life experience. Sirithiel's parents were from Lothlorien, so she knows some of it from hearsay, so Legolas's wife is the only one who has little connection to Middle Earth - although she is a redhead (well, chestnut) and ready for a little excitement herself.

Valinor could be an unstimulating environment if nothing changed there - and all they had to look forward to is millennia of the same. I don't think they will let that happen, though. There must be more for them to do and places for them to go.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 37 on 9/16/2004
I am pleased that the twins can speak about Arwen and Aragorn with such fond memories and acceptance of the choice that Arwen made.

And I liked the description of Arwen - it is much as I see her too (and how she is behaving as an elfling this chapter :D)

Author Reply: How she is behaving in this chapter????? Does that mean more History Lessons are imminent??? You're getting me excited!

Affection, acceptance - yet still grief, I would think. Time doesn't blur sorrow so much for elves, to my mind. But the twins, even more than Elrond, know that Arwen was happy, because they were there - and they know she would have faded without him, so maybe that helps.

Look forward to learning more about elfling Arwen!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 37 on 9/16/2004
I've had days where I wanted to lose certain members of my family in the forest... I loved this discussion and all of the comparisions to other relatives. Very insightful offerings!

Author Reply: Thank you. There are times when it would be rather pleasant to lose oneself in the forest, too. People often mention Legolas's pain from losing the mortals who became his close friends, but Estel was a brother to the twins - and Arwen a sister who should have shared their immortality. And I don't know that the passage of time would do much to heal the wounds for elves - although I hope it would.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 37 on 9/16/2004
Awww, Bodkin, can I have a nest of elflings? Then again, maybe not, if it involves tree climbing, etc. This was very effective...three adars watching over their little ones asleep in the forest...and deciding NOT to lose them *vbg*. I have often had the same thought in the mall with my three!

I teared up, tho', at the comparisons to Estel and Arwen. I miss those two...we need a dimensional door or something to reunite them with everyone else! *g...then sniff* That was a sad reminder of ME, when least expected. It must be comforting to see Estel and Arwen in their offspring, but haunting, also.

I keep wondering how you keep the kidlings straight...I'm going to make family trees for E2 and L! I finally got the ladies matched up for the babelets! Great addition...and just what I needed this morning before I got involved with my own version of "slavery"! (Keep repeating, Bodkin, I am not alone...I am not alone...)! :-):-):-)


Author Reply: Certainly you can have a nest of elflings! All you have to do is find an elf or two and set up a breeding programme. (I think the tree climbing might be more useful in getting away from a nest of elflings.) Children are exceptionally adorable when bathed and asleep.

Missing Estel and, particularly for the twins, Arwen must be awful. They knew that Estel was a Man, but their sister they would have expected to have with them always. It must catch up with them every now and then.

I'm failing in the kidling area! I forgot that I had made Nimloth and Aewlin blondes! (After all, it's only fair for Celebrian, Galadriel and Celeborn to have some blonde grandchildren.)

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 37 on 9/16/2004
So many gems. There is just so much humorous potential in Legolas, Elrohir and Elladan as fathers. Some of my favorites:

They look so innocent while they sleep,’ he said wonderingly. ‘Even though we know better,’ his brother concluded.

Wel at least they have learned something. Now if only they can keep it in their heads at the next party :)

‘Elerrina’s brother was telling us tales of things she did as an elfling,’ Legolas said idly. ‘It destroys her theory that all their bad behaviour is down to my influence. Adar was moved to say that he was thankful that he had not had the rearing of her.’

Can you imagine Thranduil saying that?! Too funny!

and along the same lines:

Thranduil says the same thing,’ Legolas agreed ruefully. ‘He said he is looking forward to my having to deal with the trials of adolescence – and he has warned me that he will do nothing to aid me in my suffering. I think he looks on the prospect as a reward for all the trouble I gave him as I was growing up.’

I have said many times that parents have the right to take pleasure in the suffering of their children when they have their own parents. I laughed so hard when I read these lines.

I love this story but I think the chapters I like the best are ones like this one when these three are 'reflecting' on such things. Great chapter!

Author Reply: Thank you! Even if they've learnt that elflings are not safe, there is still that moment when you think, 'shall I turn a blind eye and just hope'. I can see them doing that a lot. And hoping no-one finds out until naneth gets home!

I would like to see Thranduil with a daughter - now why didn't Tolkien provide him with one! I like it when they are sitting around chatting about nothing in particular - but they are elves of action! They can't be idling all the time.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 37 on 9/16/2004
I like this moment with adas and elflings camping out in the woods - even if E2L can't relax and have to keep guard.

I'm puzzled - you say here that Nimloth's hair is dark, yet I'm sure I read in a previous chapter that Elrohir had golden-haired elflings. Which of us is wrong?


Author Reply: You're quite right, you know. Nimloth and Aewlin are supposed to be blondes. (I've changed it!) It just seemed fair to give blondes a chance - and Sirithiel and Celebrian and Galadriel and Celeborn are all fair, so it seemed to be logically possible.

I think adas in the woods with elflings would, if sensible keep careful watch, even if they weren't accustomed to woods with orcs and spiders - but I don't see E2L becoming careless even after centuries in perfect safety.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 37 on 9/16/2004
What these three say about being parents was my own experience too. I couldn't imagine how I ever managed not to notice the giant hole in my experience before my son came along. But then there were days when I also couldn't imagine how I would last until he went to bed.

I like the observations on how the children resemble various people. The mentions of Arwen, Estel, and Eldarion were touching. I actually had to stop and think for a minute when I realized you were referring to Eldarion in the past tense.

Author Reply: Children perform an instant life-change on you - and you think it will last for ever - and then you suddenly realise that they are adults and they don't need you to get up in the night, or run them to swimming club, or help them with their maths - or pick them up from night clubs.

In this version the twins didn't sail for some hundreds of years, which puts their departure after Eldarion's death - possibly even after his son's. They must miss them - Arwen and Estel particularly. Every now and then it must just get up and kick them in the teeth.

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