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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 4 Review(s)
ArmarielReviewed Chapter: 34 on 5/7/2006
OMG......I am in hysterics.......just had to stop for a breath! Such HUMAN elves and such REAL children...we loves it!! Oh yes...get her a kitten! LOL

Well, I'm not a huge Elf-fan on the whole, I'm more of a hobbit fancier if you've noticed (though not of the pervy sort;)) but THESE elves....I find it amazing that you can create such a series with only the same 3 characters in a place where nothing happens, and keep it going...really amazing. And the 3 are well individualized; there's no mistaking one for another--even when they're twins.

I've never been a parent, but yes.....this all rings so true somehow......


Author Reply: Oh, I don't know - I think you've got some lovely elves! Including one who is very good at managing the adults around her!

I love writing these little snippets - they are such fun and even now it doesn't seem to be difficult to confine them to the three of them - and the occasional unconscious bystander. Parenthood has proved a challenge for them, I think - and has certainly managed to dissipate any boredom they thought they might feel. By they time they are out of children, they might have found other entertainments!

And little girls tend to be very good at managing fathers and grandfathers. Why should elflings be any different!

Thank you - I'm glad you enjoyed it!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 34 on 8/20/2004
Now that I've started reading the gap fillers about Legolas and the twins, I'm hooked on them and this fic, too. I still think you write very well. Keep up the good work! I've about caught up on all of your delightful little fics.

Author Reply: This one started off as just a single thought about how bored the twins and Legolas would be with nothing to fight - and it has just grown and grown.

You want more to read? I must get writing! I'm focusing mainly on Far Horizons at the moment, because it's getting complicated, but I'll see what I can do.

ShemyazaReviewed Chapter: 34 on 8/17/2004
Heh! Oh I can sooooo relate to this chapter. I just had my rather beautiful five year old grandson to stay and he did exactly the same things to get his own way. Emotional blackmail! Not just elfling but kiddie power! I find it much harder to be strong with him than I did with his father! Grandmothers are obviously push-overs.

Author Reply: Children are so talented at making you feel an absolute heel for saying no to them. You can do it as a parent - you develop an element of immunity - but grandparents!! You can even watch cynically as they do it, and still fall victim.

I think daughters are particularly good at manipulating their fathers - (and some say mothers are suckers for their sons).

Good luck with your grandson!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 34 on 8/16/2004
Poor Elrohir! It's a good thing his wife is firm or his little hellions would be into more trouble that he can imagine. Legolas's idea is a good one. A cat would be excellent!

Author Reply: I searched my brain for something other than mice - Red-y, Green-y, Blue-y and Brown-y were spectres before my eyes. But although I can see mice in the Blessed Realm, I cannot picture hamsters, or lemmings, or gerbils or anything else small and furry.

I don't think Adars are very good at dealing with little daughters once they have begun to come into their Powers. (Of course, Daeradars are even worse!)

Cats would be better. Rather less trouble and longer lived.

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