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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 8 Review(s)
LarnerReviewed Chapter: 74 on 10/27/2005
Seems to me the Elves, like the Hobbits, tend to think with their stomachs a good deal of the time--not as often, perhaps, but as predictably. And the determination NOT to tease the girls is a good one, I predict.

Author Reply: More fruit, fewer mushroom, perhaps - but hey, they're males! Of course they think with their stomachs.

I think Elrohir putting his foot down over the teasing definitely gets marked as a Good Thing. His wife would have been very cross with him had they wound up Nimloth and Aewlin at the moment. Although they are nearly old enough to learned eye-rolling as a response to paternal teasing!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 74 on 10/23/2005
Taurevron! Call out the musicians and let us dance under the green-leaved trees! The realm has a new princess and a new name!

Author Reply: I decided in the end (referring back to FH) that the whole of the forest was originally given the name Taurevron - because it is a forest that will endure until the end of days. Eventually, Laerwen happily conceded areas of the vast expanse to Elrond's people and to Celeborn/Galadriel's - and they were given other names. I just haven't decided what they're called yet!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 74 on 10/23/2005
Oh! the birth of Thranduil's daughter! Wonderful. I sooo think he needs a daughter. He would be the perfect father of daughters, althought the daughters may not think so when they grow old enough to notice boys (and be noticed). What a lovely scene with Legolas holding her. And of course wood elves would take this as a perfect excuse to make merry--likely from the day of the birth to the day she is presented without stopping. I am dying to find out her name.

Author Reply: I think he recognises his weakness! He knows he indulges Eleniel - but so what, he can pass the difficult jobs over to Legolas. ** on the other hand (do you know, I came so close to typing her name there) is his responsibility and he will not turn his back on that.

I can see this party lasting a month or two. ** is a promise - they have a new home and new hope in a land at peace - and this is guaranteed to last.

Her name - I decided on it before I went away in the summer, just in case I got round to writing that bit, and then got so distracted by Discretion that I've only just got round to it!

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 74 on 10/23/2005
Oh bother might have to do this twice, if so forgive me - Lovely image of Legolas cradling his baby sister - but he never learns, does he? Now E will spend his time tormenting him for his sisters name - although at least it will prevent the tormenting of the next generation to everyone's disadvantage.
Lovely stuff as ever bod

Author Reply: Well - Legolas only has to keep his mouth firmly closed until Thranduil has announced it. Not too long.

I think Elrohir has put his foot down about teasing the elflings - he has no desire to set Aewlin and Nimloth off on a rampage.

Thank you. There's nothing like a baby. Although you then have to spend the rest of eternity thinking of things for said child to do!

ellieReviewed Chapter: 74 on 10/23/2005
How sweet!

Author Reply: Thank you. She's a very pretty little baby - and quite happy in her big brother's arms.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 74 on 10/23/2005
Oh so lovely! A fair princess is born by the light of the moon and stars.
Woe to any who dares to speak ill or do harm with this family watching over her.

Ah, she did not cry while being held. Feeling quiet safe and content, I'm sure. ;) Can't wait for her presentation!

And Legolas won this round of who's-the-elf.

Congratulations to the Elven-king and his Silvan-queen!!

Author Reply: Thranduil, formerly King of Lasgalen and Laerwen his Queen thank you for your congratulations on the birth of their daughter, the first of their House to be born in Taurevron.

And E2L would agree that she is a very fair princess. Although Legolas is remaining close-mouthed about her name - and Thranduil says you will have to wait.

She was content in her brother's arms - and admired the beauty of the night. (As much as any newborn has any thought for anything other than food and comfort.)

I like the idea of who's-the-elf.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 74 on 10/23/2005
Titania? Not a bad name for a princess of the woodland elves (oh, wait, that was ill met by moonlight ...)

How nice to see Legolas with his new sister - and the twins' approval of the new arrival, of course. I'm a little worried about his mother, though - why does she still need the attentions of Thranduil, Elrond andMiriwen?

Author Reply: Pure protectiveness. Laerwen wants Miriwen to attend her, but Thranduil is convinced that Elrond, whatever his ancestry is the greatest healer since. . . since Aesculapius and he is just going to be there - just in case. But Laerwen is a perfectly healthy rehoused elf and there really is little reason to worry about her health!

The name escapes in the next Reflection. I was looking for a Midsummer Night Dream quote for the title, but couldn't find anything appropriate. But it's not too much of a revelation to say that her name won't be Titania!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 74 on 10/23/2005
It seems appropriate for a wood elf to be in the moonlight as soon as possible. And I like the way Legolas assumes they will feast and lessons will be suspended. What a great parent! Elrohir is right that teasing the youngsters would be unfair. Bad!!!

Author Reply: Of course they will feast! And party the night away. There are some things that are more important than lessons.

Good thing Elrohir is there to rein in Elladan's desire to tease. But then, he knows only too well how Aewlin and Nimloth would react. And it wouldn't be good!

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