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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 5 Review(s)
Elena TirielReviewed Chapter: 21 on 6/26/2004
This story is great fun! I'm amused that your one-by-one vignettes turned into 21 chapters, and seem to still be going strong! (I'm so jealous... wish my muse were so prolific...)

Really enjoying reading this!

- Barbara

Author Reply: They just keep on talking! It's lovely to do and seems to come in great bursts - I'm usually about two or three ahead, so there are certainly more coming!

(It helps that they are seriously short!)

NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 21 on 6/25/2004
Ah, poor Legolas. I am sure Elrond recalls when he was less than useful, too. And let me tell you, as a single never been married no kids woman, you are entirely right about how your family, society and the world sees you. Sigh. Oh well.

Author Reply: Families are funny things. They're always very happy to shake their head over experiences you haven't yet had - parents of older children are particularly bad - 'Just you wait until he's walking', 'Just you wait until he's at school', 'Just wait until he's a teenager, and all he wants you for is the car', 'Wait until they're at college / courting / married / making you a grandparent'. Best ignored really. Everybody had their head in their own particular fishbowl.

Childbirth - a stressful time. And it takes so long! Especially if you are feeling guilty because you caused your wife to be going through this. Elrond probably recalls the feeling only too well. With a far greater knowledge of what could go wrong than Legolas.

Rose SaredReviewed Chapter: 21 on 6/25/2004
Ha! Attending to the sick is so much harder than being the one attended to. And how did those two finally get together, over one of Leggy's wounds I think. Nice one! Leggy grows up - doubt if it will make him any more careful tho', now he has three precious ones to protect from dangers real and imagined.
Lovely sustained tension, nice dialogue.

Author Reply: Legolas wouldn't / doesn't / hasn't made a good patient himself - but I think he is the sort who would hate to see anyone he loved in pain, especially when he is responsible for it!

He will make a good ada, I think - probably over-protective though. He will probably be damaged less often in the Blessed Realm - there are fewer things trying to have him for lunch.

Thank you for commenting!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 21 on 6/25/2004
Interesting speculations on what it might take to make an Elf accept his or her child as an adult. Taking the responsibilities of adulthood for yourself would seem like the key, as you say. And with children, the cycle starts all over again.

Author Reply: Immortality means such a long period of time, doesn't it? It would be impossible to slap people into categories by age as we tend to do. Plus, once they are grown-up, they are grown-up for ever. It would be tempting to keep your children young long after they reached physical adulthood. - So I thought it must have more to do with stages of life - like the Seven Ages of Man.

There would always be the seniority aspect to deal with, and the level of experience - and chains of authority. With no natural progression from one generation to the next, lordly elves would be perpetual heirs with no clear cut role. It would be tempting to remain juvenile for a very long time. Marriage and children would be a way of changing roles.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 21 on 6/25/2004
Poor Legolas - it must be hard for him to be kicked out and have to wait! I liked the way he was so fast to go and see what was happening.

So Elladan's elfling has a name? I'm glad he continues the 'El' tradition. But when will it be Elrohir's turn?


Author Reply: I'm not really sure elves would have been in on the birth anyway - arrow and sword societies don't tend to be big on new men. And twin deliveries can be difficult - Elrond probably wanted a bit more space.

I went with the El- prefix and, according to the dictionary I was looking at, Rin means remembrance, which seemed suitable. I'm not sure about the name yet, but it's growing on me. (I can remember the names of the wives now!)

It's terribly difficult naming people - it's actually far easier to write the stories (they're not very complex). Sometimes characters stay as a line of dots for ages!

Elrohir's turn? Well, I'm sure they will go for planned parenthood when they are ready.

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