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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin

The Paradise of Elves – Part 19:  Where None Has Gone


‘Are you sure you do not wish to run, my friend?’ Elladan asked, a somewhat malicious glint in his eye as he viewed Legolas’s pallor and shocked expression.

‘Even adar says it is exceptional,’ Elrohir added.  ‘It is almost unknown among elves.’

Even the rill rippling past their feet and the leaves rustling in the breeze seemed to be expressing their amusement and chuckling at the news borne by the elf before them.

‘Twins,’ Legolas said numbly.

‘In fact, they may be the only pair of known elven twins who do not have the blood of Men in their veins,’ Elladan continued.  ‘Elerrina’s family have never left Valinor – are you certain there is no history of mixed marriage in your family?’

‘Twins,’ Legolas repeated.

Elrohir laughed.  ‘You cannot keep saying that, my friend.  Twins, yes – accept the news and be joyful.’ 

‘But twins!’

‘Oh, hit him, Elrohir!  He needs something to bring him out of shock.’

‘Console yourself, Legolas, with the knowledge that they will not be identical.  At least they will not be able to torment all those around them by pretending to be each other.’

‘How is Elerrina reacting to the news?’  Elladan looked at him sharply.

‘Twins,’ Legolas said again.  ‘She said we would be having twins.’

‘You are being monotonous, Thranduilion!  Have you told your adar yet?  What did he have to say about it – and do not say ‘twins’ or I will be forced to punish you!’

‘You have known long enough to recover the power of speech, Legolas,’ Elrohir said with slightly more sympathy.  ‘Part with some information, my friend.  We wish to know more details.’

Legolas drew a deep breath. ‘Elerrina is thrilled,’ he forced himself to say. ‘Adar is delighted.  Your adar is grinning in much the same way that Elladan is.  Your naneth is dancing with joy.  Miriwen has a ‘just you wait’ expression pinned to her face. Lady Galadriel is amused.  Lord Celeborn is bemused.  Sirithiel – ,’ he frowned, ‘seems to be in two minds. She is smiling, but there is a look in her eyes.’

Elrohir shrugged apologetically.  ‘I think she would like to have been next to offer news of a new arrival, my friend.’

His brother put a consoling hand on his shoulder.  ‘Do not worry, Elrohir.  It will happen when the time is right for you.  Sirithiel is ready, but I sense a shadow of doubt in you.  You need to talk to each other.’

‘So what do the midwives say, Legolas?’ Elrohir said, returning to the interrogation.

‘They say, ‘Twins’,’ Legolas replied.  ‘They say, ‘It does not happen’. They say, ‘We do not know what to expect’.  Why do you think they sent us to Elrond?  He is the only healer in the Blessed Realm with experience of a twin pregnancy in an elf.’

‘And what did adar say?’

‘He said not to worry and he sent Elerrina to your naneth – and she settled most of her anxieties easily.  Strange as it might seem, Celebrian enjoyed expecting you two.  Even stranger, she managed to convince my wife that looking after two growing babies at the same time enhanced the pleasure of being a nana and that it was wonderful for elflings to grow up with close siblings.’

‘Is it?’ enquired Elladan.  ‘I do not recall.  I remember it made it much easier to create complete mayhem – although perhaps I should not be telling you that.’

‘Twins,’ Legolas moaned, reminded of his problem.

‘But mixed,’ encouraged Elrohir.  ‘Adar says an ellon and an elleth.  That is unique.’

‘I do not want my family to be unique,’ his friend protested. ‘And can you imagine what Elerrina’s parents will say when they hear?’

‘Unfortunately,’ said Elladan, ‘I can imagine exactly what they will say.’  He paused and glanced at his brother and, together they howled with laughter as they announced a single word. 



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