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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 6 Review(s)
NilmandraReviewed Chapter: 64 on 6/9/2005
Ah, it moved me heartily to see Elladan in his current condition one up his twin and Legolas. I think Elrohir was too easily moved to pity, otherwise he would not have been caught thusly.

I have visions of Elrond just smiling serenely down upon them, regardless of the noise and disturbance. His perspective is too long to be concerned about any perceived impropriety considering that he likely wondered many times if they would end up in Namo's halls (sorry, I think I am projecting my own story on you...:/)

Author Reply: I reckon a) he was worried that Elladan had hurt himself, b) he didn't want to attempt to evade his brother for fear of hurting his leg, and c) he was really happy to see Elladan getting some playfulness back, so that he was d) prepared to be suckered. And, of course, the two of them couldn't possibly let Legolas get away unscathed. They are Team Elrond, after all.

Yes - Elrond is very good at priorities and having E2L back to full working order is much more important than a bit of splashing around and noise. This has been a worrying time - even in the peace of the Blessed Realm. And, unlike when they were elflings, he knows that they know which rules can be broken and when without doing more than outrage a few pointless conventions.

I'm smiling with satisfaction at the thought of a happy Elrond - surrounded by wife, sons and grandchildren. (Not to mention parents and grandparents. And significant others.)

History Lessons . . . need History Lessons . . . lots of History Lessons.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 64 on 6/9/2005
Ah, unexpected swim sessions! Elrohir must be slipping indeed to fall for that old trick...or maybe he was still so focused on his injured brother he forgot to look for the signs of an impending dunk! As for Legolas, hey - what's good for E2 is good for the L of the equation! :-)

In the midst of the hilarity and hydrotherapy, you still manage to insert little bits of solemnity. It's so sad to think that the elves Legolas grew up with are still in Mandos. It must be hard for him to look for those familiar faces and not see them right away. Still, he has his buddies to keep his spirits up and his lovely wife and elflings to occupy his time (not to mention settling a new forest...and they will turn up - eventually.)

I loved the shocked elleth and the hint of squealing ellyth (at the invasion of their pool) and the delegation coming to take E2L to task for their rowdiness (Elerrina trying to be severe with her damp, smiling husband - *sigh* well, I know what I'd do with that miscreant!) ;-) I do love these little stories, Bodkin!

(So, Oropher's reunion with his family has been placed by another in your capable hands, has it? :-))))))))))) *those are giggles*)

Author Reply: Anxious enough to lay himself open to a very predictable action on Elladan's part, maybe - and anxious enough not to resist too much if it might put a strain on the healing leg. And he probably wouldn't mind anyway - not if it proved that his twin was recovering from a nasty injury. And the sons of Elrond couldn't let Legolas stay dry on the bank laughing at them, now could they?

The who is reborn and when thing is very interesting - and difficult to sort out. Part of me thinks you would spend longer with Namo if your death was very traumatic. And that your life might be instrumental in your need for healing there - so that Feanor's sons, for instance, might never balance guilt and repentance. But, on the other hand, would those - murdered elflings, perhaps, be returned quickly? And to whom? And with what memories? And, (I know I've yakked on about this somewhere before), what about guilt and culpability? Some people feel tremendous guilt for things that they couldn't possibly have done anything to change - whereas rather a lot of insensitive people - Curufin, comes to mind - would feel perfectly justified in what they did. Anyway, it does mean that a lot of those who defended Mirkwood with Legolas are still in the Halls of Mandos - although they could just be somewhere else in the forests of the Blessed Realm.

E2L must have set a fair few ellyth squealing - one way or another - over their long careers. They wouldn't know what to do with themselves if they had to be sober and mature all the time.

Oropher's reunion . . . It would have to be good, to live up to Redheredh's brilliant start!! Now Earendil has finished - (I'll miss him!) - that will probably become the next project. All I need is some coherent thought! (Could be the main problem.)

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 64 on 6/8/2005

Oh, too funny! And no-one evades the sons of Elrond No one expects the Spanish Inquisition...or the comfy chair... :D

Poor Legolas, sad circustances that may only change at the End.

So, fatherhood is better the second time around?

Very nice episode. Please keep them coming.

Author Reply: The Spanish Inquisition line was definitely in my mind!

I can imagine Mirkwood pleasures being grabbed with both hands and celebrated somewhat manically - in compensation for the amount of pain and tragedy they had to face.

And I can't speak for fatherhood (except by association) by motherhood is most certainly easier the second time around. Dealing with two is more than compensated for by the knowledge that no awful phases last too long - and that they will survive your mistakes without any damage.

Keep them coming? I will!!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 64 on 6/7/2005
I really enjoy these little moments with these elves, Bodking. They're playful and happy, and I like seeing that. But there are also occasional reminders of what they've gone through to become the people they are. So Legolas had few elfling friends and most of them are in the Halls of Waiting.

And you do such a nice job of suggesting full-blown relationships (sons to father, husbands to wives) with very few words.

Author Reply: I like them being able to have fun together and be playful - but they have experienced tragedy and it has marked them. And, I think, made them more playful on the surface. So that those who aren't insightful might think them frivolous and shallow. Which, of course, they aren't in the slightest.

Not many elflings by the time Legolas was born. And a dangerous environment. (Plus it accounts for why his best friends seem to be the twins. Shared experience and shared loved ones leading to a friendship that probably did not exist pre-Ring-war.)

Thank you. Sometimes very few words make it a lot easier.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 64 on 6/7/2005
I was so glad to see this chapter this morning. I was really up for something light and fun like these Reflections. So Elladan got a little revenge? *Grin* Good for him. I have to say I was amused by the scandalized elleth, the idea of the twins sneaking to the ladies pool (boys would think something just like that, wouldn't they?) and especially this line: It is no wonder that elves of your age are wary of you. That made me giggle. I can definitely see that. Poor things--at least they will not have to suffer this time for their silliness since they are there for legitimate reasons. Mostly. Thanks for the 'pick-me-up' this morning, Bodkin. :-)

Author Reply: Elladan must be feeling better. I daresay Elrohir and Legolas were happy (-ish) to humour him. Although maybe, from choice, they would have taken their boots off first!

Poor E2. The whole problem with being twins must have made them ten times more difficult than your average elfling - most of whom were surrounded by adult carers and siblings. I could just see them wondering why they should be excluded from that particular pool. And trying it out only to find it was rather more dull than the one they usually used.

And this is hydrotherapy! Sanctioned by Elrond. Except, of course, for Elrohir and Legolas being pulled in fully clothed.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 64 on 6/7/2005
I love the image of the 'rowdy adolescents' in the elflings' pool. And more wet elves! Yum.

Either Elrohir is still more worried about his brother than he lets on, or he *let* Elladan pull him in - he'd never normally fall for a trick like that. He recovered quickly, though, if he managed to get Legolas as he went.

And amongst all the fun and laughter, you hit us with Legolas's regret that there were few elflings when he was a child, and that so many of them died. How do you do it, Bodkin?

Great to see an update - I love this series.


Author Reply: Two wet, clothed elves - and one minimally dressed!

Elrohir is still worried enough to fall for something that he would usually evade without any difficulty at all. Plus, possibly, prepared to go along with it in the pure joie de vivre of having his brother well on the road to recovery.

I'm just pleased Elrohir and Legolas didn't fall and bang their heads!

Legolas was noted as young for an elf, wasn't he? And, for all the immortality of elves, he must have seen more die in Mirkwood than most - short of survivors of the Big Battles, I suppose.

(I don't really do anything - except take dictation. These just flow.)

More soon. Ish.

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