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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 5 Review(s)
EllieReviewed Chapter: 43 on 11/29/2004
Too funny! I love the idea of passing difficult kids off onto the grandparents. I wonder if Finarfin ever tried it with Galadriel? Then again maybe he did and that's how she turned out the way she did. hmm... YOu know the twins could try pawning the kids off on the twins' great grandparents...another hmmm...look at that plot bunny go. Want to chase it?

Author Reply: So many of Galadriel's relatives are - shall we say - strong! Actually, come to think of it, so are Celeborn's and Elrond's. It's no wonder the kids are so forceful - their adult role models are pretty tough.

Talking of great grandparents - I wonder if Earendil and Elwing are available . . . and whether they might be interested in a 'Take the Grandkids to Work' day.

SharonBReviewed Chapter: 43 on 11/2/2004
Ah, great to have a nice light hearted addition to the story. Poor fathers from time eternal have had problems of how to cope with those wonderful daughters they are blessed with. And I think most of then end up like Elrohir, abdicating to his wife when it comes to dicipline. But it does seems a little danagerous to ship them off to Galadriel. Elladan is right, it seems less safe to let them learn from her and come back. ;-)

Nice seeing an update.

Author Reply: Poor Elrohir. I think he's just taking a holiday from the problem really - I don't think he would dump all the stress on Sirithiel. And they will outgrow it - it will just feel a very long time before all that patient elven teaching sinks in, especially with Nimloth. I imagine Galadriel as having been a rather DIFFICULT elfling - more perhaps like Aewlin than Nimloth, but they have definitely taken after their great grandmother. (Galadriel had four older brothers - itself an explanation for her rather . . . determined nature.) And Galadriel's teaching didn't do Celebrian or Arwen any harm.

I felt in need of some light-hearted - but they have to be serious sometimes, just because - well, that's life!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 43 on 11/2/2004
I was so happy to see this. I need the light hearted humor right now. Poor daughters. But I'm sure they'll cause their own stir. The conversations about being a twin was very well done. But my favorite part was:

‘Noldor mud-huggers,’ Legolas called.
‘Silvan tree-scamperer,’ Elladan returned the insult.

Very funny. :)

Author Reply: I felt like a bit of frivolity - I have been wallowing rather lately in less light moods.

Poor daughters indeed - but boys of a certain age really don't like being expected to talk to girls. I think Elrin would have been polite - but Galenthil is desperate for an all-ellyn activity.

Being the second-born, second-named of twins must be hard. He's always 'and Elrohir' - and since to my mind he is less . . . impetuous than his brother, I think he must have had moments of feeling overlooked. But he has come through it - and wouldn't be without Elladan. He will probably be very understanding of Aewlin. If only she were likely to be as understanding of him!

I liked the insults too. Only very good friends can be rude to each other with impunity.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 43 on 11/1/2004
An update! I've missed this tale. I love the description of Legolas as an 'over-sized squirrel friend' and the ensuing insults. I also liked Elrohir's admission that there were some disadvantages to being a twin - and Elladan's disbelief! Elrohir is at least in a good position to help Aewlin when she struggles with being the younger twin.

Elrohir's 'cunning plan' in dealing with his daughters was great, as was Elladan pointing out that they would return after having learned from Galadriel herself!


Author Reply: I felt the need of some frivolity! E2L have to trust each other totally to throw insults at each other - I don't think they would accept it from many people.

Being a twin must be harder on the second born - the one who always has 'and' in front of his name. It would require some introspection, I should think. Elrohir is well-qualified to help Aewlin - if she lets him, that is.

It is a good 'cunning plan' - but I think, whereas a Galadriel makes a terrific and very reassuring grandmother, I don't know that I would be so keen on having two of her as my daughters. On the other hand, at least she is in control of herself, which is more than you can say for Nimloth.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 43 on 11/1/2004
I like the musings on what it means to have a sibling, especially one who is a twin. I always felt sorry for friends who had to take their little brother or sister along with them. Elrohir is right, I think, that while companionship and understanding are valuable, there's also value in standing on your own.

Author Reply: I think it must be particularly difficult if you are the one who is always named second. You must wonder, at times, if you have any value as a person on your own. Elrohir probably had to put more thought into what it meant to be the second-born - and may actually be a more secure person because of it. It does make him uniquely qualified to parent Nimloth and Aewlin - if they ever let him, that is!

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