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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 6 Review(s)
RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/13/2005
I really like Elladan's lively honesty and humility. He may look foolish about women to his buddies, but he seems to be the one who is the least manipulated by the women in his life. ;) Darn, you make me like all three as regular guys!

Beyond this one chapter, I truly enjoy everything you write because it is written so beautifully.

Author Reply: Thank you - I am so flattered!

I like Elladan - and Miriwen is the perfect match for him. There's no pretence to her and she has a well developed sense of humour about males and their idiosyncrasies. And Elladan has no daughter to pout at him and get her own way. (The other two say that they are quite happy, thank you, as well. Although Elrohir is looking forward to his daughters becoming a little less stressful.)

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/13/2005
Trust the twins to make Legolas see there is a positive side to Elerrina's departure! Will we see the three of them off in the woods?


Author Reply: Well - we weren't. But I suppose we could. If I can think of something slightly different for them to do while they're there. I'll let the idea fester!

Yes, Elrohir has managed to make Legolas see his family's absence in a much more positive light.

KarriReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/13/2005
‘You could accompany her,’ Elrohir offered. ‘I am sure she would not object to taking her husband along with her.’

They strolled in silence for a few moments.

‘On the other hand,’ Legolas said thoughtfully...

Argh! Poor Legolas! It is ever so horrible when someone points out a solution instead of letting one enjoying a perfectly good whine. An amusing and highly entertaining chapter, Bodkin.

Author Reply: Thank you. Well - you can't expect E2 to put up with him moaning for too long!

I think they're lucky to have less difficult parents-in-law - but then they have enough connections to make them acceptable to Miriwen and Sirithiel's parents. Elerrina's parents are, I am afraid, Noldor snobs! They would be more accepting of E2 - because they would be terrified of offending Galadriel and her illustrious papa. Whereas Legolas is, I am afraid (pause for looking down the nose) a Wood-Elf.

I expect they will have fun in the woods while Elerrina's away.

The KarenatorReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/13/2005
This my favorite line:‘Anyone who grew up with Galadriel and Celeborn as parents would have to develop an above average level of talent in getting her own way,’ Legolas allowed. ‘Your naneth not only gets everyone to do as she wishes, she also makes them grateful for the opportunity to please her.’

I get this wonderful visual of Celebrian smiling sweetly as she manipulates the males of her life like toy soldiers. But I also see her as kind-hearted. And it's reasonable to think that her husband and sons would be willing to do her bidding after all the years they were without her. Seems somewhat like gratitude on their part; they have her back! I wonder if she tutors? I could use some help in getting the husband and sons in my life to do anything around this disheveled castle.

I laughed when Legolas reviewed his options. He could stay home and be alone or he could accompany his family to the in-laws. Things immediately started looking up. This was his chance to do 'guy' stuff. And his friends are so willing to 'protect' him while he was doing it. Very funny.

Wonderful snippet of life in Valinor for three former warriors who are never quite sure how to navigate peace and families. These three also drop a little wisdom every now and then that you slip in so effortlessly. Delightful as always.

I look forward to the next 'day in the life' of these friends.


Author Reply: 'She manipulated the males of her life like toy soldiers.' What an EXCELLENT description. And they would all be ecstatic to have her back in top finagling form, wouldn't they?

No choice for Legolas, really, is it? Spend weeks forcing a smile for your adar-in-law or stay at home and do 'guy' stuff. I think Elerrina is being kind to him really. Miriwen might have made him come along for the ride, so that NEXT time he would know better than to complain.

I think these three would insist that wives and children are far more difficult than orcs and wargs.

More soon!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/13/2005
Why is it that I can sooo see Legolas as a mule-like personality!? That conversation was great! The way you phrase things in these conversations just never ceases to amuse me. I giggle like a child all through these. And I love the comparisons of the families--I definitely think Celebrian would have been particularly skilled in many areas after being raised by Galadriel and Celeborn and married to Elrond. I never thought of that but what a life for her! And naturally our elves are going to go appreciate a little male-bonding time. Loved it. :)

Author Reply: He's beautiful, blond, apparently compliant, likes to please. That's prime mule-like personality!

Ahh - Celebrian could wrap her adar round her little finger. And then she perfected her skills on Elrond. Galadriel attempted to keep her in line - but everyone conspired against her to please the enchanting, silver-haired princess with the winning smile. Talking of learning from your parents - there were times when Galadriel picked up a few things from her daughter on the art of managing males whilst looking as if you were giving in to them.

Visit to in-laws / male-bonding. Not much of a decision for them to make, really!

Thank you.

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 56 on 3/13/2005
LOL. I agree with Legolas's conclusion. I send my husband off to visit his parents by himself quite regularly. "I'm so sorry but I have all this work to do and can't go with you, Sweetie!"

Author Reply: Very wise. In-laws prefer to see their beloved offspring unencumbered by unnecessary spouses anyway.

There was much more about flirting in this to start with, but it just didn't seem quite right, so there was a last minute change of emphasis.

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