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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 9 Review(s)
perellethReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/15/2005
I'm sorry I'm this late, but you see, life´s been quite busy... and out of internet connections!

Legolas must think that his life would have been even more exciting had he known the twins in Middle-earth...or not! It would be fun to have a look inside his head and learn what he thinks of his half-mad friends! Very amusing, bodkin!

Author Reply: No internet connections! How can you cope?

I wonder if Legolas ever looks back to the days of orc-and-spider fighting and thinks that things were simpler then! Of course, elven memory being what it is, such wistful thoughts wouldn't last long.

The twins are a lot older than him (not that age difference matters after a few millennia) and - for all their families tend to look on them as enfants terribles - experienced and wily. They can do subtle just like that - if they want to - and they have the confidence that comes with being of the most aristocratic families of elves going. What I suspect Legolas envies them for is the fact that they have each other. Legolas (here) has a sibling now - but she's thousands of years younger than him and female and he will never have the closeness that Elladan and Elrohir share.

I'm glad you found their antics amusing!

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/10/2005
Prince Philip aka the Duke of Edinburgh once complained, I believe, that he only ever got fed fancy food when he and EII were off being royal - I could imagine you could crave a simple meal of soup and a roll. Or something. Sitting down to eat with this lot would compensate for the constant haute cuisine, though.

ROFL! There's that good'ol cultural gap again! In the US, Thanksgiving Dinner has the reputation of being a family angst fest. Relatives come together with all their arguments, crimes, and irritating ticks along with opinions, philosophies, and unsupervised brats to make the attempt to eat all at one table. (usually the grandparents') Turkey being the traditional meal - except for those who insist on a vegan meal. And those who insist on non-alchoholic/no-caffine/no-sodium beverages. If you make it through that, there are the low-fat,no-carb,sugarless deserts to sort through.

Lends a little more meanting to the phrase "talking turkey", doesn't it. My bud was comparing royal court proceedings to Thanksgiving Day proceedings, is all. What I meant to say was that I would sit down with the E2L's family anytime compared to my own some of the time. ;)

Yikes, I actually left a second review! Your excellent example must be sinking in. :D

Author Reply: We just move the Thanksgiving Day proceedings - in exact same frustrating detail - to Christmas. And combine them with the emotional angst of present giving and receiving. And a day or two of providing endless quantities of food, drink and festive jollity whilst acting as a buffer between assorted family members makes Aman seem a Blessed Realm indeed.

Second reviews? Good things!

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/9/2005
You would think,’ a voice observed, ‘that his tutors would have managed to teach him to work without getting ink all over his face.


We have no need of court jesters – and orc-slaying is quite out of fashion!

*Snort!* I love this dialogue--you are sooo good at it. And I was quite amused by their task to be messengers and their solution for making three go into two. I rather like the idea of Elrin growing up enough to take on such responsibilities.

And all the family! Ugh! Can you imagine keeping up with all those relatives? Sorry, random thoughts of one operating at little slower than normal...:-)

Wonderful chapter--keep these reflections coming.

Author Reply: Elladan and Elrohir get underestimated by their kin. They are more capable than they let on! Elrin as a representative of the High King of the Noldor is interesting in an additional way as his naneth is an elleth of Mirkwood. Another twist on a remarkably complex family tree! (And the problem with elves in Valinor is that most of those family members are alive and kicking.)

These reflections just keep me going when I'm bogged down with more complex things and life in general - so they will doubtless continue until I run out of chapter numbers. When they might turn into Son of Reflections

It sound ridiculous, but I, too, love some of the comments they come out with - they truly just come. E2L just get in the same room and the mouths start producing sly digs at each other. Such fun.

Hope you are feeling a bit more yourself. And at least you don't have the snow to cope with.

RedheredhReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/9/2005
*g* I love this sort of political playfulness, friendly gamesmanship. How fortunate for them it can be rather lighthearted and not fraught with intrigue. One of the advantages of Aman to Ennor. ;) And this is a examplar display of the vital role princes perform for their rulers.

Elrin and Eleniel are growing up fast! But, that may seem so only because they are the older offspring and must take on greater responsibilites than their younger siblings, not just now but always.

Heh, a friend once supposed that a royal court had to be like Thanksgiving dinner every day. Depends on the family, I told him. I sit down for turkey anyday with this one. :D

Author Reply: And, on the whole, I think the twins would include playfulness with the political wherever possible. It's just part of their way of dealing with things. But it doesn't mean that they are naive - or childish. They can put aside the joking, light-hearted retired warrior in a heartbeat to assume their roles as princes - and heirs of practically every line of elves and men.

Elrin has always been a naturally sensible ellon, and Eleniel is a practical, observant elleth. They get on very well, but they are just friends - possibly too responsible for their own good.

Prince Philip aka the Duke of Edinburgh once complained, I believe, that he only ever got fed fancy food when he and EII were off being royal - I could imagine you could crave a simple meal of soup and a roll. Or something. Sitting down to eat with this lot would compensate for the constant haute cuisine, though.

LarnerReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/8/2005
Elves are such DEVIOUS souls! Heh!

Author Reply: Well - they have plenty of time to learn deviousness up to a very high level! And anyone related to Galadriel (and, come to that, Celebrian)- and trained by Glorfindel - has had a very good example of learning to manage situations!

I see Elrond as a much more straightforward character. In a devious kind of way.

DreamflowerReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/8/2005
*snerk* Those two! I just hope the High King is not *too* peeved with them for coming up with a clever solution! And so, is Legolas' daughter showing more than a passing interest in someone...?

Author Reply: Legolas's daughter is too young for that sort of thing just yet, she said primly. And so is Elladan's son, really. Eleniel and Elrin just get on well. At the moment.

The High King might be a little miffed - he thought he had them in a headlock and was putting one over on his son-in-law and grandson-in-law, while providing himself with representatives whose bloodlines made them acceptable both to him and Oropher. But E2 don't intend to return to his court until he has had time to calm down. Preferably after he has heard his daughter's opinion of his plans!

EllieReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/8/2005
Cute. Love the pompous display as you so aptly called it.

Author Reply: E2 can do style when they have to. And they have plenty of practice in donning their position with their robes. They would just rather not! I would like to see them all performing as the representatives of their houses.

Thank you.

LiannaReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/8/2005
Hmmm. Elrin acting in a quasi-adult capacity. And the first person he goes to see when he arrives at Legolas's house is Eleniel. Bodkin, are you up to something? And are THEY up to something?

Author Reply: They are far too young to be up to anything! (Although, come to think of it, Elrin was showing some interest in ellyth in one of the Elflings tales.) They're just friends. He would probably have looked for Galenthil first - but he's off out being a Wood Elf. . . . . . OK? (Innocent whistling.) Nothing is going on that their adars would find suspicious.

Poor Elrin is getting close enough to adulthood - (don't they grow up quickly?) - to get landed with some of these types of task now. He probably finds it quite exciting in an embarrassing sort of way. Just let him wait a few thousand years and I'm sure he'll change his mind!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 78 on 12/8/2005
This really draws the contrast between the twins' heritage and Legolas's. Wood elves were just a people apart. But what complications this can make for Elladan and Elrohir.

I enjoy hearing Legolas causually refer to 'my daughter.'

Author Reply: It's a good thing E2 are older and wilier than they seem. (They've learned wily from a golden-haired expert.) Their heritage is so complicated it took me an evening with a family tree and a calculator to try to work out exactly how closely who was related to which.

Legolas's ancestry has its own complications, I think, but there's not a lot of social manoeuvring involved in it.

Yes, it's lovely doing things like that to them. 'My wife' is quite fun, too. Although, as far as Legolas is concerned, 'my adar-in-law' is far less pleasant to his ears!

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