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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin

The Paradise of Elves – Part 12: Making Whoopee

‘You had better not let them catch you!’

Elrohir’s voice made him jump nearly as much as Elladan’s prod in the back.

‘Valar! Do not do that!’  Legolas snapped, turning back to the pliant elleth in his arms and smiling at her apologetically as he reluctantly released his hold on her.

‘We would not have disturbed you at your – pleasures,’ Elladan laughed wickedly, raising his eyebrows in a chillingly accurate imitation of his adar, ‘but we are sure you would rather be captured by us.’ 

His dark-haired wife moved to a position beside the maiden and whispered in her ear, causing her to blush furiously and raise her hands to her hair in a vain attempt to return it to the ordered style she had worn earlier, only to have her friend remove the pins and swiftly arrange the chestnut waves loose over her shoulders before draping a casual arm around her waist. 

The blonde on Elrohir’s arm tucked her spare hand into Legolas’s elbow and leaned towards him as if in the middle of a conversation, as a party of older elves made their way through the trees towards them, bowing rather stiffly to the fair-haired prince and his companions.  Their penetrating eyes took in the members of the party, looking for any suggestion of impropriety which they could report to her parents, visibly disappointed when they failed to find any.

Legolas returned the salutation courteously, greeting his betrothed’s cousins as if he were pleased to see them, and watching them pass on to the lawns beyond the wood, before returning to look into the dancing green eyes before him.

‘That was too close,’ he agreed.

She laughed and drew him near enough for a last kiss before leaving for safety in the company of his friends’ wives.

Elladan gazed speculatively after them.  ‘They have done that before,’ he said.  ‘Maybe not to aid each other, but they are clearly experienced in evading capture by suspicious relatives.’

‘Bear that in mind, my young friend,’ Elrohir wagged his finger at Legolas.  ‘Ellyth may not spend much time fighting orcs, but they are highly skilled at dancing with dangers you do not even recognise.’

‘They spotted and defused that peril at a hundred paces,’ Elladan agreed.  ‘Not only did they know exactly what you were up to, my friend, and where, but they were also on guard against interruption. Without a word spoken between them!  At times, my brother, they frighten me.’

‘At least they all seem disposed to be good friends,’ Elrohir said with relief.  ‘I was concerned for a while, because their experience is so very different.  If they like each other, it will make our lives considerably easier.’

‘Especially for you,’ Elladan informed Legolas.  ‘Even if they hated each other, they are stuck with Elrohir and I being twins, but if they disliked your bride or she loathed them – we could whistle goodbye to many opportunities for us to get together.’

The friends began to stroll through the stand of trees towards the gardens.  ‘Have you been able to come to some agreement about where you will reside?’  Elrohir asked.

‘Thankfully, that, at least, has not been a problem,’ Legolas sighed.  ‘It appears that a bride is supposed to join her husband – although I have been informed that they will expect visits that are regular, prolonged and, preferably, solitary.  Every other arrangement, however, seems to require extensive discussion and delicate negotiation.  I am attempting to reconcile my adar to every imposed Noldor tradition by reminding him that we end up taking the prize.’

‘He sees her as a prize?’

‘Oh yes – what you said proved correct, my friends.  Watching me mend brought them into immediate partnership, as they agreed on my obstinacy and combined forces to compel me to follow the healer’s orders.  Thranduil may be able to stand against the forces of the Dark Lord, but he has no resources to help him resist the appeal of beautiful ellyth.  By the time I was permitted to stand, he was colluding in our plans to force her parents’ hand.’ 

The twins grinned.  ‘You cannot go far wrong if you follow our advice,’ Elladan bragged.

‘Although. . . .’ began Elrohir.

‘I can think of many occasions. . . .’ Legolas started simultaneously.

‘Were we not right?’ Elladan ignored them.

‘Yes, my friend,’ Legolas surrendered.  ‘This time.’


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