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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin 6 Review(s)
EllieReviewed Chapter: 46 on 12/8/2004
I like the banter back and forth about the ickiness of being in a cave and the teasing. How wonderful for them to find such a cool reminder of Gimli. The cavern sounds enchanting. Very nice...

Author Reply: It is a rather beautiful cavern. And once inside a cavern with some light and space, it's OK. It's confinement and the feeling of being trapped that Legolas doesn't care for. The twins, after all, knew what was at the other end of the passageway.

It is a good reminder of Gimli and the happy times they shared.

SharonBReviewed Chapter: 46 on 12/8/2004
Ah, sniffle. Yes I'm sure he would think of Gimli when he saw the wonders of the cave. LOL, he should be glad not to go caving with my husband and have to go through 1000 foot crawlways and such to get into a cave. Just a little squeeze area is not bad at all. He just must not like those tight squeezes getting in, after all Mirkwood was underground. Probably just not hard to get in though. ;-)

I had to laugh at the story of the twins telling Arwen on him and then her dragging him out on the dance floor all night long. Poor elf.

Author Reply: Don't. Caves are fine, but 1000 foot crawlways sound like torture. I often wonder who first thinks to go into a tiny hole in the ground, where you can't even turn round to get back. And why. And don't even start on the ones where you have to dive under water to get into the cave.

It's always two against one when the twins take on anyone else - but there's nothing vindictive about their sense of humour. The teasing is a Sign of Affection, right! Although Legolas is a lot younger, they understand each other pretty well - being the sons of Arda's powerful Elf Lords has given them a long history of things in common.

I think Legolas thinks of Gimli quite often. As they all think of those they have lost - not to dwell on loss, but to celebrate what they shared, really.

elliskaReviewed Chapter: 46 on 12/8/2004
I bet those twins were just merciless against Legolas...for thousands of years. Somehow I just loved picturing that teasing.

I am from Kentucky and I spent a good amount of time in caves there so I always feel for Legolas when people write these cave fics. Every year I went on the 'Wild Cave Tour' in Mammoth. It was different everytime and everytime there was at least one hole where we were all saying, 'Where? Where's the hole we're squeezing into? Don't see it.' It was insane but fun. Doubt Legolas would have liked it.

Pretty description of the waterfall. Reminds me of a few places I've seen.

The last line was so sad though. Of course he'd be reminded of the ones he's lost. Loved this one

Author Reply: Everything must provide reminders to elves, I should think. And relationships with mortals must leave scars - but I think they would learn to treasure what they had and hope they would cope with the loss.

I haven't been in that many caves - and none that you had to squeeze into. And I would never even consider those you had to dive to get into. Although I regret that I never went to France in the days when it was possible to go to Lascaux.

Men just seem to show affection through teasing - it's when they are unfailingly polite you know they can't stand someone. It is rather harder for Legolas to retaliate though - there's only one of him and he is quite a lot younger, but he is used to the twins teasing him.

Jay of LasgalenReviewed Chapter: 46 on 12/8/2004
The caves sound wonderful - how sad that Gimli did not live to see them. The twins clearly have no aversion to going in, but Legolas is not at all keen.

I wonder, is it canon that he dislikes caves? I write that myself, but apart from not wanting to enter Moria - and none of the others do either - the only other reference is his apparent reluctance to visit the caves of Helm's Deep. Rereading that, it sounds more like he is teasing Gimli, rather than voicing real reluctance.

Author Reply: I would have thought that, even if he didn't mind caves before, Moria would have put him off a bit. And the feeling of confinement probably wouldn't be appealing to someone who likes to be in the trees singing to the stars.

I'm not surprised your Legolas doesn't like caves after being squashed in one (what were the eyes? A foreshadowing? An illusion? Or something nasty in the caves?)

Legolas here - can cope with more open caves, I think, but doesn't like having to squeeze through low, tight clefts in the rock to reach them.

lwarrenReviewed Chapter: 46 on 12/8/2004
What a beautiful description of a cave designed with elves in mind! If only Legolas did not have to endure the close confines and pointy jabs of his best friends to get there! But Bodkin, that last line...I was so not expecting to cry over this one........

Lovely, though it must have reminded Legolas so much of the first trip into Aglarond with Gimli...the trip that left him virtually speechless afterwards.


Author Reply: Open caves are fine - it's the duck and squeeze bits that make you too aware of the weight of stone above your head that turn me against the idea of going underground. The last line, huh? (The next reflection carries on from this one, you know!)

When you live as long as elves, almost everything must remind you of something - do you think you would have to welcome that and relish the memories it brings?

And where would these friends be without the pointy jabs!

daw the minstrelReviewed Chapter: 46 on 12/8/2004
I have to admit I breathed a little hard at the idea of squeezing through a tight opening in the rock like that. I wouldn't want to do it, I'm afraid.

I hadn't even thought about the fact that Legolas might be missing Gimli. This was a nice reminder.

Author Reply: I don't much like the idea of tight places - big caves are OK, but when you see people squeezing through tiny little gaps and ducking underwater to get into them, I do tend to wonder who ever thought to go there in the first place.

They all have so many mortals to remember - who all meant so much in their lives and contributed to the elves they are now. (I wonder if there might be elflings named Gimli and Estel and Frodo one day. Or maybe elvish translations of the names.) They take out the memories and shine them sometimes, but they treasure them always in their hearts.

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