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Reflections from the Paradise of Elves  by Bodkin

The Paradise of Elves – Foreword: Reunion


The powerful hug between the Woodland King and his son had extended to a length that was leaving them both short of air, but neither could be persuaded to release one whom he had had little expectation of meeting again.

‘Which one will give in first, do you think?’ One dark eyebrow lifted in a fair face that was the image of his twin’s. ‘Or do you think they will keep the stranglehold going until they both faint and fall in the water?’

Elrohir reluctantly loosened his grasp on his mother and kissed her gently before turning to look. ‘Oh, Legolas will let Thranduil win.  He has known how to manage him for centuries.’

‘Perhaps we should have got him to give us lessons. We have always had difficulty getting round his adar, even these last years. So unlike our relationship with our own dear parents.’

Elrond exchanged a playfully resigned look with his wife, while Elladan laughed and embraced him. ‘Excuse us for one moment, adar, naneth.  We must just go and greet our old partner in crime.’

The two approached from either side, jabbing sharp fingers into his ribs so that Legolas released his grip on his father and gasped.  ‘Not very wary these days, Thranduilion,’ Elladan jibed. ‘Have you gone soft?’

‘It is good to see you, Legolas,’ Elrohir added. He clasped both father and son affectionately. ‘We have missed your ugly face.’

‘You are both orc bait,’ Legolas replied easily. ‘Just you wait.’

‘I do not know how you can have failed to notice, my friend,’ Elladan teased.  ‘No need for orc bait. No orcs!’

The three friends exchanged looks that made Thranduil groan and glance towards Elrond. ‘Even without them,’ Elrohir remarked, ‘I am sure we will find something to amuse us if we try.  After all, we always do.’



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