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Voices of Middle-Earth  by Armariel
Poems, songs and dramatic monologues from the viewpoints of various LotR characters. NEW: "Luthien's Song"
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Upon Meeting Arwen (Aragorn)6
Chapter  2: If This Be a Dream (Arwen)2
Chapter  3: My Star (Arwen)2
Chapter  4: Falling Leaves (Arwen)2
Chapter  5: The Gardener Speaks (Sam)5
Chapter  6: The Bridge (Sam)4
Chapter  7: In the Tower (Frodo)6
Chapter  8: White Gem (Frodo)2
Chapter  9: Eowyn's Wedding (Eowyn)5
Chapter 10: Brego (Brego)2
Chapter 11: Boromir Speaks (Boromir)5
Chapter 12: Farewell Lullaby (Frodo)4
Chapter 13: The Witch King (Witch King)4
Chapter 14: Last Night in Mordor (Sam)4
Chapter 15: Outcast (Grima)3
Chapter 16: Shieldmaiden (Eowyn)5
Chapter 17: A Morning of Pale Spring (Faramir)5
Chapter 18: Wings (Frodo)3
Chapter 19: Elegy for Boromir (Aragorn)3
Chapter 20: Haven (Aragorn)5
Chapter 21: Faramir's Awakening (Faramir)4
Chapter 22: Shieldmother (Eowyn)3
Chapter 23: Questions (Sam)5
Chapter 24: Answers (Frodo)10
Chapter 25: Beauty (Faramir)3
Chapter 26: To Be Alone (Galadriel)4
Chapter 28: White....... (Gandalf)3
Chapter 29: Discovery (Legolas)4
Chapter 30: Three Haiku (Boromir)5
Chapter 31: Orphan Eyes (Theoden)3
Chapter 32: Elrond's Farewell (Elrond)6
Chapter 33: How Do I Tell Him? (Frodo)6
Chapter 34: Please Come Back....(Pippin)3
Chapter 35: Shadowfax (Gandalf)2
Chapter 36: Left Behind (Merry)2
Chapter 37: Peace...or, Frodo's Prayer (Frodo)2
Chapter 38: Side By Side (Gimli)3
Chapter 39: Faramir's Lament (Faramir)1
Chapter 40: To the One Far Away (Sam)4
Chapter 41: White are the Stars (Frodo)3
Chapter 42: My Treasure (Sam)5
Chapter 43: Somewhere a Ship (Frodo)2
Chapter 44: Fireworks (Bilbo)4
Chapter 45: Tryst (Arwen)2
Chapter 46: Pendant (Gimli)2
Chapter 46: Rosie's Song (Rosie)1
Chapter 47: Luthien's Song1

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