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At the End of His Rope  by Lindelea
In the seventh year of Thain Peregrin I, an overturned coach is the least of his problems... Sequel to "Down and Out" and "FirstBorn" (Complete and revised. This story contains my all-time favourite, of any chapter in any story I have written: Chapter 39, "Celebration") [Formatting problems are being dealt with as alert reader Miriel lets me know what she finds! Thanks, Miriel! Corrected footnote in "In Dreams" to reflect proper reference. Updated author's notes.]
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: The Problem4
Chapter  2: Special Delivery4
Chapter  3: Getting Acquainted3
Chapter  4: Campfire Tales4
Chapter  5: More Guests Arrive at the Party3
Chapter  6: Farmhouse Hospitality3
Chapter  7: Morning After3
Chapter  8: Playing the Part3
Chapter  9: Consultation3
Chapter 10: Waiting2
Chapter 11: Changes2
Chapter 12: Whispers3
Chapter 13: Naming Day4
Chapter 14: Tremors4
Chapter 15: Halting Steps3
Chapter 16: A Raft of Letters3
Chapter 17: Making Plans3
Chapter 18: Signs of Life2
Chapter 19: Tying a Knot3
Chapter 20: Thain of the Shire3
Chapter 21: The Steward and the Mayor3
Chapter 22: Like Old Times2
Chapter 23: Heart to Heart Talk3
Chapter 24: Picnic by the Spring3
Chapter 25: Idle Talk3
Chapter 26: The Mayor Steps In4
Chapter 27: Visit to Bag End2
Chapter 28: Postponement3
Chapter 29: Farewell2
Chapter 30: Departure2
Chapter 31: Journey to Gondor2
Chapter 32: New Year's Celebration2
Chapter 33: Spring Picnic2
Chapter 34: Farewell to Gondor3
Chapter 35: Unraveling2
Chapter 36: Out of Rope2
Chapter 37: The Proof is in...2
Chapter 38: ...the Tasting of the Pudding2
Chapter 39: Celebration2
Chapter 40: Miracles2
Chapter 41: Restoration1
Chapter 42: One Steward to Another2
Chapter 43: A Trail to Lake Evendim4
Chapter 44: A Hobbit Tale2
Chapter 45: Another Sip in the Cup2
Chapter 46: The Hobbit Giant2
Chapter 47: Return from Lake Evendim2
Chapter 48: In Memoriam2
Chapter 49: Eastfarthing Pony Races2
Chapter 50: Examination2
Chapter 51: In Dreams3
Chapter 52: Five-Hobbit Consultation2
Chapter 53: Mouthful of Bitterness1
Chapter 54: Sleeping Tight2
Chapter 55: Chickens in the Pot2
Chapter 56: Ruffled Feathers3
Chapter 57: Bedside Chat2
Chapter 58: To Beg Aid of the King2
Chapter 59: To Sleep, Perchance3
Chapter 60: Red Arrow for the Riddermark3
Chapter 61: Dark Days3
Chapter 62: Conundrum2
Chapter 63: All the King's Horses and All the King's Men3
Chapter 64: The Hands of the King2
Chapter 65: A Sip of Royal Tea2
Chapter 66: A Dose of Reality2
Chapter 67: Object Lesson2
Chapter 68: Hobbit Hospitality2
Chapter 69: Remembering Day3
Chapter 70: Where the Shadows Lie2
Chapter 71: Showers of Joy2
Chapter 72: Odds and Ends2
Chapter 73: Revelations1
Chapter 74: Yuletide Preparations at the Gamgees'2
Chapter 75: A Debt to Be Paid3
Chapter 76: Tall Ships2
Chapter 77: Ghosts of the Past2
Chapter 78: Sails in the Mist2
Chapter 79: Healer's Eyes2
Chapter 80: Bread and Breakfast2
Chapter 81: Greeting the Thain2
Chapter 82: Yule Celebrations2
Chapter 83: All that Glitters2
Chapter 84: As Useless as Gold1
Chapter 85: "All this Way for Nothing"2
Chapter 86: Bywords2
Chapter 87: Payment in Full4
Chapter 88: Wolf Trap2
Chapter 89: Back in Time for Tea2
Chapter 90: Remembering Love4
Chapter 91: Naming Names2
Chapter 92: Fighting the Darkness2
Chapter 93: Another Naming Day4
Chapter 94: Fireworks2
Chapter 95: Healed2
Chapter 96: Epilogue10
Chapter Author's Notes: Note to readers: 8/15/032

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