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A Shire Sketchbook  by Baggins Babe
As I'm feeding more plot bunnies than can be put into the longer stories I've created a place where I can put the shorter tales of our favourite hobbits. Some stories will be set in my usual AU while others may be closer to canon. Chapter 39. On a summer morning Frodo and Sam discover a most unexpected visitor in the garden at Bag End. Chapter 40. Sometimes the best place to hide is the most obvious........
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: A Mishap in the Kitchen9
Chapter  2: For Eyes To See..........13
Chapter  3: A Silly Moment7
Chapter  4: Trust a Brandybuck and a Took!9
Chapter  5: The Perfect Place12
Chapter  6: While the Sun Shines11
Chapter  7: The Peril Within8
Chapter  8: A Yule Gift for the King12
Chapter  9: The Musings of a Dwarf9
Chapter 10: A Shire Yule7
Chapter 11: King Eomer's Gift13
Chapter 12: When All Other Lights Go Out9
Chapter 13: A Rainy Day12
Chapter 14: Creatures out of Legend7
Chapter 15: The Greatest Trial of All10
Chapter 16: Spring at Brandy Hall7
Chapter 17: Treasured Memories9
Chapter 18: A Special Day in the Shire8
Chapter 19: I Could If I Wanted To!10
Chapter 20: Treasures Received9
Chapter 21: Always Room for Another11
Chapter 22: Rufus Considers13
Chapter 23: A Chip Off the Old Block11
Chapter 24: Keeping His Dignity13
Chapter 25: With Love From Rose12
Chapter 26: The Baggins Birthday12
Chapter 27: A Glimpse of the Shire10
Chapter 28: A Song for Gandalf14
Chapter 29: Fright Night Tales8
Chapter 30: Yule Morning7
Chapter 31: A Yule Surprise7
Chapter 32: Hidden Treasure7
Chapter 33: Garden Guardian8
Chapter 34: The Bag End Fairy9
Chapter 35: Joyful Innocence7
Chapter 36: It's Only a Game..........7
Chapter 37: No Place Like Home6
Chapter 38: A Visit for Yule7
Chapter 39: An Unexpected Visitor8
Chapter 40: In Plain Sight7

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