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Agape's Attempts  by Agape4Gondor
Whispered attempts at drabbles, tribbles, quadrables, etc. in - all kinds of characters from LOTR have captured my fancy. I've decided to put them here for your *crosses fingers in hope* pleasure! My blessings to you. Ch. 77 - a birthday gift for Linaewen.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Dead - A Drabble (Pippin)9
Chapter  2: Late - A Drabble (young Denethor)8
Chapter  3: Hide And Seek - A Drabble (Boromir/Faramir)9
Chapter  4: Amidst the Flowers - A Drabble (Arwen)6
Chapter  5: Oliphants and String - A Tribble (Gollum/Smeagol)7
Chapter  6: Not Forgotten - A Double Drabble (Imrahil)4
Chapter  7: Only A Mountain - A Drabble (Frodo)4
Chapter  8: Ent-Draught - A Drabble (Treebeard)5
Chapter  9: Of Airs and Heirs - A Drabble (Beregond)7
Chapter 10: A Lost Comrade - A Quadrabble (Boromir/Faramir/Denethor)6
Chapter 11: The High Warden's New Clothes - A bit more than a drabble (Boromir/Faramir)6
Chapter 12: On The Stairs of Moria - A Double Drable (movie verse) (Boromir on the steps in Moria)5
Chapter 13: Choices - A Double Drabble (Thorongil)5
Chapter 14: Fatty's Anguish - A Double Drabble (Fatty Bolger)3
Chapter 15: Boromir on Feanor - A Double Drabble (Boromir/Faramir)5
Chapter 16: No Money for Extras - A Drabble (young Sam)5
Chapter 17: Crossroads Village - A Tribble (Legolas/Aragorn)5
Chapter 18: Taters - A Quadrabble (Sam in Minas Tirith)4
Chapter 19: There Was A Hobbit - A Drabble (Boromir/Haldir)4
Chapter 20: Solemn Remembrance - A Double Drabble (Denethor)3
Chapter 21: Suspicious Sam - 3 Drabbles (Sam/various)2
Chapter 22: Boromir's Lament - A Drabble (Boromir) movie verse4
Chapter 23: Yearning - A Drabble (Legolas)4
Chapter 24: Sarn Gebir - A Quadrabble (Boromir/The Fellowship)3
Chapter 25: Fey Were His Thoughts - A Tribble (Boromir/The Fellowship)5
Chapter 26: Frodo at the Battle of Bywater - A Drabble (Frodo)5
Chapter 27: Fallen - An AU Drabble (Theoden/Theodred)2
Chapter 28: The Lady and the Servant - A Drabble (Galadriel/Sam/Frodo)3
Chapter 29: Filaments - A Drabble (Legolas)2
Chapter 30: The Pit - A Tribble (Boromir/Aragorn)2
Chapter 31: Helcaraxë – A Quintdrabble (Finrod/Galadriel)3
Chapter 32: Disquiet - A Tribble (Denethor)3
Chapter 33: Frodo and the Ugly Chair - A Quadrabble and a Half (The Fellowship)2
Chapter 34: The Green Parrot, Fourth Circle, Minas Tirith - A Tribble (Frodo/Sam/Merry/Pippin)3
Chapter 35: Tharbad - A Quadrabble (The Fellowship/Galadriel)2
Chapter 36: Future Site - A Tribble and a Half (Legolas/The Fellowship Minus One)2
Chapter 37: Gimli's Grief - A Tribble (Boromir/Gimli)5
Chapter 38: Boromir's Undoing - A Double Drabble (Gandalf/Boromir/Frodo)3
Chapter 39: Not Forsaken - A Drabble (Boromir/Gimli)3
Chapter 40: Where Is Home? - A Double Drabble (Finduilas)2
Chapter 41: Arwen's Woe - A Drabble (Arwen)2
Chapter 42: Behind Enemy Lines - A Drabble (Aragorn)3
Chapter 43: Rescue Unwanted (movie verse) - A Drabble (Gimli/Legolas)3
Chapter 44: The Portrait - A Double Drabble (Boromir/Faramir)3
Chapter 45: Boromir's Birthday - A Quintdrabble4
Chapter 46: Lords of the Dance - A Quintdrabble (Boromir/Faramir/Denethor)2
Chapter 47: A Lesson Learned - A Thousand Words Moment (Boromir/The Fellowship)3
Chapter 48: Summoned - A Quintdrabble (Faramir)2
Chapter 49: Too Late, It Seems - A Thousand Word Moment (Legolas/Gimli)1
Chapter 50: The Valar Guild (Boromir/Faramir/OC)1
Chapter 51: Dinledhwen - Two Tribbles (Legolas/OC)1
Chapter 52: Rembrandt - A Drabble (Boromir/Faramir)1
Chapter 53: Dragonflies - A Tribble (Boromir/Faramir/Denethor)2
Chapter 54: Finduilas - A Drabble1
Chapter 55: The Promise - a Quintdrabble (Denethor)2
Chapter 56: Farewell - A Thousand Word Moment (Boromir/Faramir)5
Chapter 57: The Fellowship Set Out3
Chapter 58: Trust - A Drabble (Boromir/Faramir)4
Chapter 59: The Esquire - 500 words (OC/Denethor)4
Chapter 60: Opportunity (Hurin/Boromir/Frodo) AU3
Chapter 61: A Gift (Faramir)5
Chapter 62: Unrelenting Peace (Faramir)6
Chapter 63: A Master's Friends (A triple drabble)5
Chapter 64: Never Ask A Hobbit Home To Tea (Hobbits)2
Chapter 65: A Gift for All Hallows Eve (Elrohir/Elladan/Estel)10
Chapter 66: Rumors - 500 words (Elrohir)6
Chapter 67: Estrangement - A Double Drabble (Denethor/Faramir)4
Chapter 68: A Horn of Special Magnificence (Vorondil)4
Chapter 69: Plain and Simple (Sam)7
Chapter 70: A Musing and a Lament (Theodred)3
Chapter 71: The Master's Friends (a tribble?) (Beorn's beasts)2
Chapter 72: Quickbeam (500 words) (Faramir/Quickbeam)6
Chapter 73: Lament of an Istari - A Drabble (Gandalf)3
Chapter 74: Friendship - Four Drabbles (Boromir and Theodred)3
Chapter 75: Praises Flow As Water (The Valar)3
Chapter 76: Let It Go6
Chapter 77: The Vanishing Point4

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