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An Unexpected Adventure [IN HIATUS]  by KathyG
9-28-23: I have received word from Dreamflower's husband that she is in the hospital with a brain bleed, and that it's serious. He does not know how long she'll be in the hospital, or if she'll be able to sit at their computer when she returns home. But until she is able to work with me on our story once more, it is in hiatus. K.G.
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: 5
Chapter  1: A Whole New World5
Chapter  2: Be Our Guest4
Chapter  3: Make Me Look Good3
Chapter  4: Strangers Like Me3
Chapter  5: Try a Little Something New6
Chapter  6: Immortals3
Chapter  7: Part of That World4
Chapter  8: Jolly Holiday5
Chapter  9: Once Upon a Dream5
Chapter 10: I'll Make a Man Out of You4
Chapter 11: That's What Friends Are For4
Chapter 12: The Bare Necessities3
Chapter 13: Be Prepared2
Chapter 14: Following the Leader5
Chapter 15: Days in the Sun3
Chapter 16: When You Wish Upon a Star3
Chapter 17: Do You Want to Build a Snowman?3
Chapter 18: Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?3
Chapter 19: In the Darkness3
Chapter 20: Into the Woods3
Chapter 21: Reflection2
Chapter 22: I've Got a Dream3
Chapter 23: The Parent Trap5
Chapter 24: Two Worlds3
Chapter 25: Just Around the Riverbend3
Chapter 26: Breakaway3
Chapter 27: I See the Light4
Chapter 28: One Jump Ahead3
Chapter 29: Go the Distance3
Chapter 30: Trust in Me4
Chapter 31: A Step in the Right Direction4
Chapter 32: Wherever You Are3
Chapter 33: Forest of No Return2
Chapter 34: Never Give Up1
Chapter 35: Let's Get Together3
Chapter 36: Just One Mistake1
Chapter 37: Supergirl4
Chapter 38: Honor to Us All1
Chapter 39: Good Company2
Chapter 40: Everything is Honey1
Chapter 41: Out There1
Chapter 42: Hellfire, Part 12
Chapter 43: Hellfire, Part 21
Chapter 44: Hellfire, Part 32
Chapter 45: It's a Small World2
Chapter 46: We Got the Party3
Chapter 47: Look Through My Eyes1
Chapter 48: All in a Golden Afternoon1
Chapter 49: Endless Night1
Chapter 50: How Does a Moment Last Forever?2
Chapter 51: Share This Day3
Chapter 52: Goodbye, So Soon2
Chapter 53: How Far I'll Go2
Chapter 54: True Love's Kiss2
Chapter 55: Whistle While You Work1
Chapter 56: Shadowland1
Chapter 57: Nowhere to Go But Up5
Chapter 58: Give Me a Try2
Chapter 59: Seize the Day2
Chapter 60: Love Will Find the Way6
Chapter 61: One Last Hope, Part 17
Chapter 62: One Last Hope, Part 24
Chapter 63: Into the Unknown7
Chapter 64: The Right Side4
Chapter 65: Live to Rise3
Chapter 66: Just Keep Swimming2
Chapter 67: The Place Where Lost Things Go2
Chapter 68: Back to Life3
Chapter 69: The Journey2
Chapter 70: Someone's Waiting for You2
Chapter 71: So Close, Part 12
Chapter 72: So Close, Part 23
Chapter 73: Too Good to Be True2
Chapter 74: The World Will Know2
Chapter 75: Let Me Be Good to You3
Chapter 76: The Life I Lead2
Chapter 77: Fixer Upper2
Chapter 78: Miracles Happen (When You Believe)1
Chapter 79: From All of Us to All of You3
Chapter 80: On My Way2
Chapter 81: A Conversation3
Chapter 82: Sing the Day3
Chapter 83: Can't Do Nuthin' Right, Part 12
Chapter 84: Can't Do Nuthin' Right, Part 24
Chapter 85: Can't Do Nuthin' Right, Part 34
Chapter 86: My, What a Happy Day4
Chapter 87: Just Give Me a Chance4
Chapter 88: One More Time2
Chapter 89: Heigh-Ho! Heigh-Ho!2
Chapter 90: Almost There2
Chapter 91: I Just Can't Wait to Be King, Part 14
Chapter 92: I Just Can't Wait to Be King, Part 22
Chapter 93: I Just Can't Wait to Be King, Part 32
Chapter 94: You're Welcome3
Chapter 95: A Little Bit of Food3
Chapter 96: Family Reunion2
Chapter 97: The Next Right Thing7
Chapter 98: With a Smile and a Song3
Chapter 99: Someone New to Meet1
Chapter 100: What We Do2
Chapter 101: What a Night2
Chapter 102: I Seek the Truth2
Chapter 103: We're All in This Together3
Chapter 104: The Unbirthday Song, Part 12
Chapter 105: The Unbirthday Song, Part 22
Chapter 106: The Unbirthday Song, Part 32
Chapter 107: Show Yourself2
Chapter 108: Fun and Fancy Free2
Chapter Author's Notes: Word from KathyG5

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