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Ancestress  by Dreamflower
This is to be a set of 300 word fixed-length ficlets, exploring one possible pre-history for the race of hobbits. (The Prologue is a good deal longer than 300 words.)
Status: In Progress
Chapter Prologue: Prologue: Behind the Rumour11
Chapter  1: A Meeting on Tol Eressėa11
Chapter  2: Tea with Grandmother10
Chapter  3: The Tookish Inquisition 12
Chapter  4: The Wizard's Confession, part 115
Chapter  5: The Wizard's Confession, part 28
Chapter  6: Chip the Glasses and Smash the Plates!10
Chapter  7: Putting Off the Widow's Weeds11
Chapter  8: Where Mercy, Love and Pity Dwell12
Chapter  9: Adamanta Calls Again8
Chapter 10: A Walk in the Garden11
Chapter 11: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?11
Chapter 12: Home Cooking12
Chapter 13: And So It Begins...8
Chapter 14: Encounter Among the Trees (part 1)10
Chapter 15: Encounter Among the Trees (part 2)9
Chapter 16: Secrecy8
Chapter 17: Troubling Questions10
Chapter 18: Memory10
Chapter 19: Time Out10
Chapter 20: Gandalf Considers9
Chapter 21: Frodo Takes a Walk10
Chapter 22: A Logical Conclusion9
Chapter 23: Origin of the Species9
Chapter 24: The Truth Shall Set You Free10
Chapter 25: On the Sea-strand, (part one)5
Chapter 26: On the Sea-strand (part two)8
Chapter 27: An Eye-opener and No Mistake9
Chapter 28: In the Beginning7
Chapter 29: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained6
Chapter 30: Mark’d I Where the Bolt of Cupid Fell 5
Chapter 31: An Invitation5
Chapter 32: Over Hill, Over Dale5
Chapter 33: An Introduction5
Chapter 34: A Mother is a Mother Still6
Chapter 35: Luncheon Conversation (part 1) 4
Chapter 36: Luncheon Conversation (part 2)2
Chapter 37: Adamanta's Children: Briar Rose6
Chapter 38: Adamanta's Children: Raz4
Chapter 39: Adamanta's Children: Addie5
Chapter 40: Adamanta's Children: Kali and Ban 5
Chapter 41: Adamanta's Children: Buttercup 4
Chapter 42: Adamanta's Children: Būk6
Chapter 43: Adamanta's Children: Aster and Rowan 3
Chapter 44: Adamanta's Children: Bildad4
Chapter 45: Adamanta's Children: Beryl 4
Chapter 46: Adamanta's Children: Maura4
Chapter 47: Understanding2
Chapter 48: Life By the Sea2
Chapter 49: Adamanta's Announcement1
Chapter 50: Hole is Where the Heart Is4
Chapter 51: Hole Sweet Hole4
Chapter 52: Good Things Come to Those Who Bait4
Chapter 53: Lunch at Adamanta's Hole4
Chapter 54: A Lesson for Adamanta, (part 1)4
Chapter 55: A Lesson for Adamanta, (part 2)5
Chapter 56: Early Memories4
Chapter 57: The Voice of the Ring4
Chapter 58: The Strength of Love5
Chapter 59: Watched Over 3
Chapter 60: The Upward Path3
Chapter 61: The Sketchbook, part 15
Chapter 62: The Sketchbook, part 2 6
Chapter 63: A Drop of Fancy in the Blood6
Chapter 64: Conversations About the Past, (part 1)5
Chapter 65: Conversations About the Past, (part 2)2
Chapter 66: Conversations About the Present, (part 1)2
Chapter 67: Conversations About the Present, (part 2)1
Chapter 68: Conversations About the Future, (part 1)3
Chapter 69: Conversations About the Future, (part 2)5
Chapter 70: The Burglar Steals Away7
Chapter 71: The Funeral6
Chapter 72: Mourning: Frodo3
Chapter 73: Mourning: Gandalf3
Chapter 74: Mourning: Adamanta6
Chapter 75: Mourning: Elrond7
Chapter 76: There is a Time7
Chapter 77: Returning Home6
Chapter 78: The Tower4
Chapter 79: Across the Sundering Sea, part 16

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