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Okay, NOW Panic!  by Boz4PM
This is the sequel to 'Don't Panic!' in which Penny journeys with Arwen and Elrond south to Lothlorien, Edoras and Minas Tirith.

She thought Bree and Imladris were bad? She ain't seen nothing yet!

[Please note: this story is NOT a Mary-Sue and was posted here at the request of the site owner.]
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Chapter 60 is posted, and this fic is no longer a WIP. YAY!
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Dulce Et Decorum Est13
Chapter  2: Living In The Past5
Chapter  3: Under Starter's Orders8
Chapter  4: The Long and Winding Road6
Chapter  5: The 'Dorwinion Barrel' Escapade6
Chapter  6: Decisions and Canticles6
Chapter  7: She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain3
Chapter  8: To Orc Or Not To Orc4
Chapter  9: A Bridge Too Far4
Chapter 10: Love and Marriage3
Chapter 11: Stupid Is As Stupid Does3
Chapter 12: Lords, Ladies and Lies6
Chapter 13: Hitchcock Would Be Proud3
Chapter 14: I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me5
Chapter 15: Let's Call The Whole Thing Off4
Chapter 16: Rohan Ho!2
Chapter 17: My Kingdom For A Beer!7
Chapter 18: The Morning After9
Chapter 19: It Never Rains14
Chapter 20: I'm H.A.P.P.Y.6
Chapter 21: The Shield of Achilles8
Chapter 22: So It Begins10
Chapter 23: THE Wedding of The Age9
Chapter 24: Wine, Women and Song10
Chapter 25: Like Father Like Son?7
Chapter 26: Easier Said Than Done14
Chapter 27: Echoes6
Chapter 28: Life Goes On6
Chapter 29: A Cold Dish9
Chapter 30: The Madding Crowd8
Chapter 31: Of Course, You Realise This Means War13
Chapter 32: Repercussions14
Chapter 33: Fear and Loathing in Minas Tirith13
Chapter 34: Us And Them11
Chapter 35: The Tangling of the Web17
Chapter 36: Up A Certain Creek15
Chapter 37: Dead Man Walking13
Chapter 38: Persuasion15
Chapter 39: The Final Countdown14
Chapter 40: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?25
Chapter 41: In Some Corner Of A Foreign Field15
Chapter 42: Farewells and Feasting12
Chapter 43: Feasting and Farewells13
Chapter 44: No Man Is An Island18
Chapter 45: Down Deep15
Chapter 46: Those Who Wait12
Chapter 47: Dirty Linen11
Chapter 48: Follow The Yellow Brick Road15
Chapter 49: We're Off To See The Wizard14
Chapter 50: Que Sera Sera13
Chapter 51: Stop The World (I Wanna Get Off)17
Chapter 52: Oil on Troubled Waters13
Chapter 53: Hook, Line and Sinker12
Chapter 54: Drawing Lines13
Chapter 55: Pear Shaped14
Chapter 56: Home Again, Home Again, (Jiggety-jig)6
Chapter 57: Absence12
Chapter 58: Beating Round The Bush8
Chapter 59: So It Ends18
Chapter 60: Tying Up Loose Ends28

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