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A Small and Passing Thing  by Lindelea
Sequel to "The Rebel". The Healing of the Shire. Comprising chapters taken from the latter pages of the Red Book. *** Writing finished. Now undergoing editing. Comments welcome and will be duly considered. ***
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue1
Chapter  1: Every Ruffian's Worst Nightmare1
Chapter  2: Mistress Lobelia Takes the Cake1
Chapter  3: Evil, Personified1
Chapter  4: A Little Fall of Rain3
Chapter  5: Pause1
Chapter  6: Picking Up the Pieces3
Chapter  7: One Step at a Time1
Chapter  8: Suitable for Hobbits3
Chapter  9: Of Pig Slops and Milk Toast1
Chapter 10: Well-Met at Waymeet1
Chapter 11: Ups and Downs3
Chapter 12: Taking Up the Fight0
Chapter 13: More than Fast Enough1
Chapter 14: Pouncing on Fredegar2
Chapter 15: Another Pause3
Chapter 16: Dreams of Home3
Chapter 17: Lancing the Boil4
Chapter 18: Of Gossip and Gardeners4
Chapter 19: Hide and Seek2
Chapter 20: Seeking a Stray Lamb1
Chapter 21: Sticks and Stones3
Chapter 22: Lost and Found1
Chapter 23: ...and Lost, Again3
Chapter 24: Back at the Great Smials1
Chapter 25: Midnight Snacks2
Chapter 26: This and That1
Chapter 27: Wakening Once More1
Chapter 28: The Well-Groomed Gaffer1
Chapter 29: Very Short Pause3
Chapter 30: So Much to be Done2
Chapter 31: The Lockholes, Revisited3
Chapter 32: Black Sheep Shorn2
Chapter 33: A Tisket, a Tasket1
Chapter 34: The End of the Chase5
Chapter 35: Seeing the Old Year Out3
Chapter 36: Sweeping Troubles Out3
Chapter 37: Standing Back-to-Back1
Chapter 38: Fond Farewell1
Chapter 39: Of People and Places2
Chapter 40: Thoughts of Home4
Chapter 41: Home is Where the Hobbit Is1
Chapter 42: Stuffed to the Gills2
Chapter 43: Return to Bywater1
Chapter 44: Tea with Mistress Lobelia3
Chapter 45: The Wizard's Curse3
Chapter 46: While Samwise was Away2
Chapter 47: Fighting the Darkness1
Chapter 48: Lobelia's Bequest3
Chapter 49: 'As Long as Life Shall Last'2
Chapter 50: Tiny, but not Insignificant Pause1
Chapter 51: 'No Time Like the Present'2
Chapter 52: 'When the Leaves are Gold'2
Chapter 53: Lease on Life1
Chapter 54: 'A Shadow of Old Troubles'4
Chapter 55: Echoes out of the Past2
Chapter 56: Thoughts of the Future3
Chapter 57: Changes and Plans5
Chapter 58: Nearly the Last Pause2
Chapter 59: A Visit to Bag End5
Chapter 60: The Very Next Morning2
Chapter 61: Of a Hot Summer's Day3
Chapter 62: Heart-to-Heart Talk4
Chapter 63: Breaking the News4
Chapter 64: Into the Darkness5
Chapter 65: Of a Birthday Remembrance1
Chapter 66: Laying Down the Fight4
Chapter 67: Errand of Mercy5
Chapter 68: Farewell Words7
Chapter 69: Epilogue4
Chapter 70: Pause, and Full Stop10
Chapter Author's Notes: Background Information / Story Progress/update 11/137

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