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Spectrums  by EšrillŽ
Trying to answer my own set of challenges: 100 Prompts. A collection of various drabbles (from true drabble to triple drabble) spanning the Beginning to the First Age, told through various scenes and in the point of view of various characters; not chronologically. Ratings may vary. Enjoy! *"14. What Happens Now?": MEFAwards 2011 nominee.
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Fire1
Chapter  2: Pet1
Chapter  3: Transportation1
Chapter  4: Plants1
Chapter  5: Threats1
Chapter  6: Water1
Chapter  7: Wind1
Chapter  8: Hobby1
Chapter  9: Tradition1
Chapter 10: Earth1
Chapter 11: Breaking the Habit1
Chapter 12: Betrayal1
Chapter 13: Rebellion1
Chapter 14: What Happens Now?2
Chapter 15: Retaliation3
Chapter 16: Count Down3
Chapter 17: Celebration1
Chapter 18: Count Up1
Chapter 19: A Lion and a Mouse1
Chapter 20: Gems and Jewels2
Chapter 21: Stealing1
Chapter 22: A Race2
Chapter 23: Run and Run and Run1
Chapter 24: Filling in the Gaps2
Chapter 25: Documentation2
Chapter 26: Metal2
Chapter 27: Connecting the Dots2
Chapter 28: Waybread1
Chapter 29: Wayward2
Chapter 30: Crossing the Line1
Chapter 31: Leaves2
Chapter 32: Painting1
Chapter 33: Dreams and Fantacy1
Chapter 34: A Book1
Chapter 35: Let's Play a Game1
Chapter 36: Sunrise1
Chapter 37: Clouds1
Chapter 38: Sunset1
Chapter 39: Ship1

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