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Spectrums  by Eärillė

Genre: Adventure

Rating: G

Summary: The youngest sons of Curufinwė Fėanįro thought of something never desired before against their father…


Ambarussa stared daringly at each other, identical faces scrunched up in consternation.

They did not want to follow their father to Formenos, to exile. (Such a horrid word!) Ammė was not going with them.

They could not stay with Ammė, said she, for fear of incurring Atto’s wrath. But they could stay with the Foamriders in Alqualondė. (She once told them that Anammė Mķriel was a Foamrider herself, and bade them not to tell anyone.)

Nighttime. A perfect chance to slip out, not going with Atto. They could visit Ammė if they stayed with the Foamriders.

Ambarussa, sons of Nerdanel.


Ammė: Mum/Mummy
Anammė: Grandmum
Atto: Dad/Daddy

Notes: Ambarussa is initially the name of both youngest sons of Fėanor and Nerdanel: Amras and Amrod. The last line was inspired by the Shibboleth of Fėanor, in which he claimed to be “the son of Mķriel Žerindė, not the son of Finwė” (loosely quoted).

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