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Spectrums  by Eärillë

Genre: Tragedy

Rating: PG

Summary: What happened to Melian after Elu, the last of her incarnate family, was dead?


Melian jerked as if punched. There had been surprise, betrayal, rage, and then… nothing. She felt nothing through her bond. There was only emptiness. A black void.

Elu was dead. Her spouse, to whom she had dedicated her life and love in the recent star-turnings, had past west to Lord Námo’s keeping; reembodied only later (and it was even just a possibility) by the grace of Lord Námo and the mercy of Eru.

A chill, which had little to do with the slaughter happening in the treasury below, swept through her whole being like a tide of choking malice. She would scream, except that her throat could no longer work properly.

Her body became translucent, then transparent, following the command of her subconscious will. – Forsake this wreckage, like she had Almaren. Follow her spouse westward…

She returned to her natural form, and for a moment she was gripped by disorientation. Everything was so much different in the perception of a born spirit in natural form. No incarnate senses to ground her, literally and metaphysically… And no ties to anchor her to this war-torn land also. Luthien was dead. Elu was dead.

She fled. The burden was too much to bear.

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