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Spectrums  by Eärillë

Genre: Action

Rating: PG-13

Warning: related to war and thoughts of vengeance

Summary: Curufinwë Jr. ruminated before the Union of Maedhros struck forth.


Curufinwë stood ahead of his troops, scowling darkly. Before him spread the charred wasteland which had once been called ‘green’. Today, the forces of Fëanáro’s sons would rout out Moringotto’s, and they would reclaim their inheritance: the silmarili.

They would not be sneered and spat by those puny, thankless Moriquendi again. He would make sure they paid just as heavily as Moringotto. The glory of this battle would be the first slap to them, followed by many more. Yes, there would be more… He would make sure of that. No slight hurled at the sons of Fëanáro would go unanswered.

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