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Lords of Gondor  by Linaewen
Boromir survives the attack upon Amon Hen and attempts the journey home to Gondor before war with Mordor breaks out. Third Place - MEFA 2007 Award Category: Genres: Alternate Universe: Incomplete
Status: In Progress
Chapter  1: Surrounded6
Chapter  2: Hands of a Healer10
Chapter  3: All for the Aid of Boromir3
Chapter  4: A Hard Parting6
Chapter  5: 'We Cannot Leave Him'5
Chapter  6: The Stain of Blood3
Chapter  7: 'Boromir Has Need of You'3
Chapter  8: The Burden of Fear5
Chapter  9: News By Water and Vision2
Chapter 10: Hill of the Eye of Númenor5
Chapter 11: Sleepless Nights2
Chapter 12: A Meeting on the Stair2
Chapter 13: Well Met5
Chapter 14: Done With Waiting3
Chapter 15: Parting Words4
Chapter 16: Nothing Left But Memories3
Chapter 17: Dreams of Battle and Loss4
Chapter 18: He Will Not Return4
Chapter 19: Conquering Despair4
Chapter 20: Returning Strength2
Chapter 21: 'Look After Them'3
Chapter 22: Counsel Both Wise and Stern2
Chapter 23: Broken, Yet No Longer Useless2
Chapter 24: Battles Brewing6
Chapter 25: Descent4
Chapter 26: Decision Made4
Chapter 27: Journey on the Water3
Chapter 28: Ambush4
Chapter 29: Farewell3
Chapter 30: Honoring the Dead2
Chapter 31: Fire on the Mountain4
Chapter 32: Darkness Approaches4
Chapter 33: Calm Before the Storm5
Chapter 34: Remembering Boromir4
Chapter 35: That Way Lies Hope4
Chapter 36: Fateful Folly5
Chapter 37: The Darkness Closes In3
Chapter 38: What Have You Done?3
Chapter 39: A Chance Meeting4
Chapter 40: Widening Rift4
Chapter 41: Memories of Boromir3
Chapter 42: Unexpected News3
Chapter 43: Assailing Doubts5
Chapter 44: Rekindling Hope5
Chapter 45: Harsh Words3
Chapter 46: A Proper Welcome1
Chapter 47: Battles Won and Lost2
Chapter 48: Hope Stronger Than Despair2
Chapter 49: Revelations4
Chapter 50: Roads Converging2
Chapter 51: A Meeting of Allies3
Chapter 52: Reunion3
Chapter 53: All Is Lost3
Chapter 54: Time Grows Short3
Chapter 55: 'Do Not Lose Heart'3
Chapter 56: Breaking Through Despair3
Chapter 57: Wind from the Sea6
Chapter 58: Horns from the North6
Chapter 59: Hope is a Choice7

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