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GamgeeFest's Keepsakes  by GamgeeFest
A collection of drabbles, vignettes, poems and other short stories.
#56 - First Bloom - Ficlet from the POV of the replicas hublot Mallorn in the Shire.
#57 - The Benefits of Pepper - Frodo takes care of an injured Sam.
#58 - The Promise - Frodo and Rose discuss Sam.
#59 - A Meeting of Conspirators - Merry and Sam in the Conspiracy.

Replica Watches
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Samwise: Gardener, Warrior, Father7
Chapter  2: Looking After8
Chapter  3: Parth Galen14
Chapter  4: A Matter of Pervinca7
Chapter  5: The Healer's Apprentice6
Chapter  6: If I Were a Dark Lord14
Chapter  7: The Story of a Garden, by Frodo Baggins7
Chapter  8: In the Garden10
Chapter  9: A Quest Song6
Chapter 10: In a Flash7
Chapter 11: Motherhood7
Chapter 12: The Master of Bag End11
Chapter 13: By Any Other Name12
Chapter 14: The Pippin8
Chapter 15: Limericks4
Chapter 16: A Valiant Deed9
Chapter 17: My Greatest Adventure6
Chapter 18: Reflections10
Chapter 19: Tolman Gamgee's First Adventure16
Chapter 20: The Birthday - Minas Tirith7
Chapter 21: The Birthday - Hobbiton4
Chapter 22: Nine10
Chapter 23: The Rose8
Chapter 24: Deconstructing the Red Book20
Chapter 25: Deconstructing the Red Book, Part II13
Chapter 26: A Fool's Hope10
Chapter 27: Most Beautiful10
Chapter 28: Bed of Roses3
Chapter 29: The Twelve Days of Yule9
Chapter 30: Sam's Hat9
Chapter 31: The Proposal11
Chapter 32: A Close Call9
Chapter 33: Presents for Gandalf9
Chapter 34: Sums with Sam12
Chapter 35: New Beginnings8
Chapter 36: Lily Gamgee9
Chapter 37: A Night in the Wilds10
Chapter 38: Deck the Halls with Bows and Holi9
Chapter 39: Flights of Fancy12
Chapter 40: Tit for Tat7
Chapter 41: Selfless10
Chapter 42: A Very Important Question5
Chapter 43: All Things Considered4
Chapter 44: Rosie's Day Off3
Chapter 45: Deconstructing the Red Book, Part III5
Chapter 46: Forgiven2
Chapter 47: For Eyes to See That Can6
Chapter 48: Folly in the Woods4
Chapter 49: After Cormallen6
Chapter 50: In the Shadow of Arda6
Chapter 51: In Times Old and New3
Chapter 52: A Day of Rest7
Chapter 53: My Rose6
Chapter 54: A Simple Misunderstanding2
Chapter 55: A Night at the Ball3
Chapter 56: First Bloom2
Chapter 57: The Benefits of Pepper4
Chapter 58: The Promise4
Chapter 59: A Meeting of Conspirators3

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