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GamgeeFest's Keepsakes  by GamgeeFest

Merry and Frodo talk about the Red Book. A short vignette.

Deconstructing the Red Book

“Are you sure about this, Merry?”

“I told you I was. I think it’s important to the story.”

“But Merry…”

“No, Frodo, I have to insist that I get my way in this. The reader must have no knowledge of the truth going in or it will ruin the element of surprise. They must be able to experience that startling revelation in the same way that the Witch King did. Don’t you see that it will give that moment a much fuller impact, more emotion?”

“I do. But I also see that it will make you look daft.”

“A consequence for which I am fully prepared to handle. No one should know that Dernhelm is Éowyn until the battle of the Pelennor and the only way for that to happen is if, in the story, *I* don’t know.”

“Even though you did know.”

“It’s for the best.”

“This is supposed to be a truthful account, Merry. At least let me put a footnote or a…”


“But I…”

“No. Don’t make me scowl at you Frodo, you know I’m not very good at that.”

“Very well. If that is what you wish, I will do it.”

“Thank you. Is this what you have written so far?”

“No, there’s more, drafts and revisions and such. This is just what I’ve put into the Red Book so far. Why? What’s wrong?”

“This phrase right here, describing the dragon firework at Bilbo's Party. What exactly is an express train?”

“I don’t know. That was Sam’s conception. There’s really nothing in Middle-earth that’s as fast as a dragon, so he said to just make something up that sounds like it would be fast. I guess it’s supposed to be some sort of fast-traveling merchant convoy, like the Quick Post.”

“So much for your truthful account. You’re not even on page six and you’re already making things up. Wouldn’t ‘like a runaway horse’ be a better metaphor?”

“Why are you here again?”

“Rose says dinner is almost ready. And Pippin wants to talk to you.”

“Why? Does he want me to rewrite his stealing of the Palantír? Maybe he thinks that scene would be better taking place back at Meduseld.”

“Now you’re the one being daft.”


GF 2/25/07

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