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GamgeeFest's Keepsakes  by GamgeeFest

As I was getting my fic journal at LJ ready, I came across a few fics that I posted on LJ that never got posted here. I'll post the others over the next few days.

All Things Considered

25 Halimath 1418 SR











“Cooking gear?”


“Change of clothes?”




“In case we get bored.”

“There isn’t much hope of us getting bored. We’re running for our lives.”

“Bilbo was bored loads of times during his Adventure. Oh! Handkerchiefs?”

“Check. Should we really take books? They’re heavy and they’ll be tossed about and damaged. You know how Frodo gets about his books. Besides, Bilbo was with a bunch of dwarves. We’ll have each other.”

“I suppose. Pipeweed?”





“Ale? Pippin, we don’t need ale. What are we going to do with ale?”

“If those chaps in the black cloaks come by again, maybe we could interest them in some brew. Get them drunk and take off as soon as they nod off.”

“I don’t think so, Pip.”

“Oh. All right then. Hair brushes?”


“Curry combs?”






“We need soap, Merry! We need to clean the pots and bathe!”

“I know. I was only teasing you. Check on the soap.”

“What are you two doing back here?”

“Frodo! Erm, nothing. Just making sure you have all you need to be snug and comfortable here at Crickhollow. Were you looking for something?”

“You two. Fatty says dinner is ready.”

“We’ll be right out.”

“So we tell him now. Right?”

“Everything’s present and accounted for. He can’t possibly say no to us now. We tell him.”

“I feel sick. … I hope Fatty made bread pudding.”

“You baffle me, Pip.”

“You’re baffled?”


“Check. That’s everything then.”

“So it is. Come on. Let’s eat.”

GF 7/19/09

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