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A New Reckoning  by Dreamflower
The Travellers have returned, the Shire has been scoured; Spring is in the air--what else happened next? *COMPLETE!*
Status: Complete
Chapter Prologue: Prologue3
Chapter  1: Echoes of a Bad Time9
Chapter  2: Unexpected News8
Chapter  3: An Important Date8
Chapter  4: Back to Buckland5
Chapter  5: Four is Company7
Chapter  6: In the Still of the Night6
Chapter  7: A Joyful Reunion6
Chapter  8: Gifts 7
Chapter  9: What the Master Heard5
Chapter 10: Guests8
Chapter 11: Table Talk6
Chapter 12: Disturbing Memories6
Chapter 13: Invitation3
Chapter 14: A Lot to Think About5
Chapter 15: Luncheon with the Men5
Chapter 16: Proposals from the High King5
Chapter 17: Offer from the King of Rohan6
Chapter 18: Father-Son Conversation6
Chapter 19: A Little Bit of Fun5
Chapter 20: Departing Buckland6
Chapter 21: Crossing the Bridge 5
Chapter 22: Interlude at Whitfurrow3
Chapter 23: A Look in the Mirror6
Chapter 24: A Proper Journey5
Chapter 25: Bag End at Last7
Chapter 26: Invitations Tendered7
Chapter 27: A Grief Observed7
Chapter 28: Invitation Accepted7
Chapter 29: To Tuckborough11
Chapter 30: An Evening with Friends10
Chapter 31: Heart to Heart Talk8
Chapter 32: Journey to the Convocation6
Chapter 33: Arrival at the Great Smials4
Chapter 34: Eglantine's Plan9
Chapter 35: The Word Spreads6
Chapter 36: The Mistress in Action5
Chapter 37: Love and Intrigue4
Chapter 38: The Morning of the Ball9
Chapter 39: Finery and Fancy Dress9
Chapter 40: A Matter of Precedence7
Chapter 41: The Ball Begins6
Chapter 42: Interlude on the Terrace6
Chapter 43: A Plot Gone Awry4
Chapter 44: The Ball Interrupted6
Chapter 45: The Search for Clues5
Chapter 46: A Dish Served Cold11
Chapter 47: Insult and Injury10
Chapter 48: Revelations11
Chapter 49: The Morning After13
Chapter 50: The Convocation Convenes5
Chapter 51: Regrouping6
Chapter 52: With Friends Like These7
Chapter 53: Dago's Decision6
Chapter 54: Two Problems Solved6
Chapter 55: A Bit of Comfort6
Chapter 56: An Urgent Errand for Merry and Pippin9
Chapter 57: Volunteers9
Chapter 58: An Errand Delayed10
Chapter 59: Closing the Convocation7
Chapter 60: Picnic in Pincup9
Chapter 61: Back in Bag End7
Chapter 62: Preparations8
Chapter 63: Meanwhile, Back in Tookland11
Chapter 64: The Embassy Grows8
Chapter 65: Duties of a Best Hobbit8
Chapter 66: One Day to Go7
Chapter 67: Here Comes the Bride8
Chapter 68: Well Wed9
Chapter 69: And the Bride Has Music7
Chapter 70: Dancing at the Wedding6
Chapter 71: Outward Bound6
Chapter 72: Farewells and a New Beginning20

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