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My Sword Weeps - Book Two - 'My Sword' Series  by Agape4Gondor
Gondor and its Steward are rocked by the death of Denethor and others. A journey is started from two ends of Middle-earth to try to help Faramir. Takes place in the year TA 2989. AU. replica uhren There WILL be a sequel. Look for 'My Sword Reigns' in the near future! And many, many thanks for your support and comments! 2008 MEFA's - First Place in Genres: Drama: Featuring Boromir or Faramir.
Status: Complete
Chapter  1: Gandalf's Ill news4
Chapter  2: Friends of Gondor3
Chapter  3: An Elvish Reunion of Sorts2
Chapter  4: Sorrow Untold3
Chapter  5: Brothers United2
Chapter  6: Wizards and Such3
Chapter  7: Dreams Abound4
Chapter  8: In The Wizard's Den3
Chapter  9: 'Twould Seem Folly5
Chapter 10: Lies and Deceit3
Chapter 11: A Fell Darkness3
Chapter 12: Trials4
Chapter 13: Beasts in the Night1
Chapter 14: Songs to Heal the Heart1
Chapter 15: A Prince's Fury2
Chapter 16: Difficult Decisions1
Chapter 17: Ripples1
Chapter 18: Rohirric Remedy2
Chapter 19: Ice and Snow2
Chapter 20: Ally or Enemy1
Chapter 21: Spies2
Chapter 22: Suspended3
Chapter 23: Danger Lies Ahead2
Chapter 24: Trust Repaired2
Chapter 25: Risks Taken2
Chapter 26: Division and Doggerel3
Chapter 27: A New Ally2
Chapter 28: All Is Lost1
Chapter 29: Death Is Not So Bitter2
Chapter 30: Trapped1
Chapter 31: Hope Beyond Hope1
Chapter 32: Despair Most Deep1
Chapter 33: Help Too Late1
Chapter 34: Homesick2
Chapter 35: Action Begun1
Chapter 36: A Heated Exchange1
Chapter 37: Not Dead?1
Chapter 38: Treachery1
Chapter 39: Hope Is Kindled2
Chapter 40: War?2
Chapter 41: Healing and Horror3
Chapter 42: A Secret Revealed3
Chapter 43: The Battle2
Chapter 44: To The Rescue3
Chapter 45: In The Arms of Friends2
Chapter 46: Friends Reunited1
Chapter 47: There Is Comfort Here4
Chapter Epilogue 2: Epilogue4
Chapter Author's Notes: Cast of characters in order of appearance1
Chapter Author's Notes: Extensive Author's Notes0

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